Hamas complains to Egypt after Israeli army kills Gazan

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JamVee wrote:

It is obvious that the Palestinian’s intent, in approaching the fence, was to provoke violence from the Israeli troops so they could exploit the resultant media attention. As much as I support many of the Palestinian’s efforts, there are too many that are stupid and do more harm than good.

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AZreb wrote:

Wondered how long it would be before there were more killings and woundings on the border. Didn’t take long – seems like the Israelis are just looking for any excuse and, of course, their excuses will be accepted by the US.

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Brazilian1 wrote:


Islamist Hamas remains hostile to the Jewish state but has on at least one occasion sent police to evacuate such protests since the ceasefire, saying it sought both to shore up the truce and prevent Palestinian casualties.

Hey, Hamas, why don’t you try to protect your civillians this way everytime? It is your job, you are paid to do it, right?

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Doc62 wrote:

JamVee/Brazilian1 have intelligent observations & kind hearts for the Palestinian non militants.
Azreb(ACKMED) is an obvious terrorist. The internet bring in all types. My advise to you is stick your keister into the fence and join the other stupid martyrs?

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americanguy wrote:

More Israeli murders.
It is obvious Israel is the real problem in the conflict.
The world needs to put sanctions on Israel until they quilt stealing land and murdering Palestinians.
Millions of gentiles died defeating Hitler, I think it is time for the world to get over some strange “guilt trip” over what Hitler did to Jews 70 years ago, and quit letting Israel run wild like a spoiled child immune from punishment.

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mils54 wrote:

I get the impression the common Palistinian is extremly uneducated and poor as dirt, Maybe three clicks above a chimpanzee, I don’t say this as an insult but the way they are portrayed, and by their behavior (aggressive and violent). 90% of The very religious suffer from extreme ignorance and poverty in every country of the world IMHO, Religion keeps humans from thinking about how poor and simple they really are!, Kind of mind control….Scary stuff.

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mils54 wrote:

Americangoy…..Any more guilt than the 10 million non jewish people killed?.

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StigTW wrote:

Vandalize a fence and apparently kneecapping by automatic rifle is an acceptable response? Shameful.

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boreal wrote:

Collective punishment or “Price Tag”, with the thousands of additional new settlement housing being built on stolen land by Israel because the world overwhelmingly voted in favor of Palestine. Except of course a handful of countries drunk on Zionist cool aid and/or being bought/threatened from which 4: the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau has the grand total population of 209 371, less than a metropolitan suburb!

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jvkfai wrote:

Why the f___ are we backing a nation that continues to expand their borders at the expense of it’s neibors and then we bitch when china does it. We don’t owe Isreal anaything and they shouldn’t take it for granted that we will back them no matter what.

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SemperFi1969 wrote:

Am I the only white Anglo-Saxon Protestant in the United States who is tired of the United States supporting Israel no matter what they do, including killing Palestinian children? I am tired of Israel stealing U.S. secrets, tired of the United States giving billions of dollars in aid to Israel, tired of Israel doing whatever it wants because too many other people are afraid they may be called anti-Semitic if they say enough is enough. The U.S. can force a settlement on Israel and that is what we should do. As far as the U.N. vote to recognize Palestine as a state, I think this is a positive step forward. I must ask why is the U.S. afraid Palestine will now join the I.C.C. and bring criminal complaints against Israel? Because the U.S. knows Israel violates the international war crimes laws. Recall that Amnesty International detailed Israeli war crimes, which included the deaths of over 350 children, in Israel’s 2006 war in Lebanon. Also, there is the matter of 2,000 civilians murdered by Israel in Lebanon in September 1982 which is well documented by the United Nations. Given Israel’s well-known ethnic cleansing of Palestine when over 500 Arab villages were destroyed in 1948 alone, it seems to me the United States could and should, regardless of how much Israel wants to scream anti-Semitism, compel Israel to recognize Palestine as a separate nation and pay war reparations to all parties for their destructive and criminal behavior.

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KaosHiker wrote:

So what was the reason for approaching and vandalizing the fence in the first place. Give Me a legitimate reason for that. If they were not just trying to provoke a response by violating anothers countries border. What were they doing there.

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paintcan wrote:

@kaoshiker – I can give you a good reason – The fence is illegal! And both sides will argue about it until they blow each other away or make life so difficult for each other they collapse from exhaustion.

Both sides are right and both sides are wrong and neither will ever likely get a definitive or final solution until the solution is worthless and out of date. Both sides like the fight more than they want the solution now. Both sides know they don’t have much wiggle room. “God” must be having migraines now – if it isn’t all a divine set-up?

Some people in these comments think it is sensible to present an indigenous population with only one option: “accept us Gaza and get out of our way West Bank”. But the Gazans or the West Bank Palestinians don’t seem to be eager to join hundreds of thousands or refugees worldwide. Where will they go? And it’s amazing how many people think it is legitimate for fading powers full of comfortable outsiders to divvy up world territories for their own comfort and convenience. That’s how this issue was started to begin with.

People seem to forget that not one Israeli over 60 year ago actually had to leave Europe after the Nazi’s were defeated and not all Jews did. They could have stayed put in Europe, as distasteful as that may have been. The Palestinians didn’t quite have that option. I always wonder if the Jews of Israel were so used to the ghetto life of Europe that they can’t quite imagine life without it? 1500 plus years of very sectarian living in Europe may be more definitive of a “people’s” psyche than may be imagined?

All I ever see in the state of Israel is an exercise in spreading the effects of an atrocity even further so that bastard, Adolf Hitler, could continue to make mischief and murder in the world.

It’s a pity – in 60 years I learned a little about fair treatment and respect for human life only to see the lessons made ridiculous by the same state that so hypocritically preached the message to the Goyem. In fact – to take those lessons to heart is to be accused of being a bleeding heart liberal by the more idiotic, narrow-minded and gut selfish of the goyem. They got me – I’m not even Jewish and I know what that word means and have tended to resent it, actually.

But Israel – you loose the battle if the effort you want the rest of the world to make in your defense doesn’t translate into values they must live with in their own worlds. It is far easier actually to see the Paleatinian situation with sympathy now that it is to see yours. The role of “victim” is so stale and out of date it makes anachronisms out of believers in that point of view.

I suppose being a Goy is slightly less obnoxious sounding than being accused of being an “infidel”. They both have a lot to learn about how to refer to the abutters of the abutters – so to speak.

When push comes to shove – none of the rest of the world really has to listen to a word either says because you aren’t that important in the great scheme, or shame of things. And the Chinese and Indians probably know that. The birthrate of either of those behemoths is more than capable of filling any “thinning in the ranks”.

The Chinese could even make counterfeit “Jews” if they thought the value system was worth the bother. There are so many Muslims in the world they probably wouldn’t want to penetrate the market.

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johnnyboone wrote:

The right wing government and policies of Israel are crimminal! The leaders of Israel are war crimminals and must be prosecuted. The Israeli people’s support of these war crimminals, well I just don’t understand it. I also don’t understand how the U.S. political process is so biased toward right wing Israel. I guess it is the same way U.S. supported right wing juntas in South America.

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DHites wrote:

It’s amazing, the Israel/Palestine border is exactly what many Americans want to do with the US/Mexico border. A FENCE to keep the other side out and soldiers to prevent ‘illegals’ from crossing that fence. Why is it ‘good’ for us to do it, but ‘bad’ if someone else does it? How many Mexican’s have been killed recently at the border? And just think, Mexico isn’t firing rockets at us, they are simply trying to find a job to earn money.

Hypocrites ….

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chaetoons wrote:

The recent Egyptian-mediated agreement between Israel and Palestine allowed the Palestinians access to their farming and fishing areas. That Israel broke that agreement by their seizure of the 9 fishermen, shooting others and killing the one is reprehensible and the Israelis involved should be punished by law.

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JackVigdor wrote:

AZreb, quit being ingenuous. What do you think would happen when Hamas sent people to barge at the border? That the Islraei soldiers wouldnletnthem through? If Hamas was really interested in peace, they would not be sending groups of young men to confront soldiers. Had one orntwomfarmers just gone out to work their farms, this wouldn’t have happened. But then again, Hamas uses the strategy of sending people to take Israeli bullets in order to rile up others.

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JackVigdor wrote:

The ethnicity Palestinian is an invention. 60 years ago, when someone used the term “Palestinian” it referred to a Jew who was born in the Land of Israel. The so called Palestinians are not even Arabs. They are the descendants of Jews who remained in Israel after the Romans exiled the upper classes when they conquered and occupied Israel from that period of 70 to 135 CE. These people then were forced to convert to Islam in about 700 CE after the Arabs invaded the Land of Israel. The true invaders and occupies were the Romans and then the Muslim Arabs who stole the Jewish ancestry from those so called Palestinians. It is high time the 1300 year tyranny of Islam be stopped and that Islamic occupation of the Palestinian soul be lifted and that these return to Judaism.

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HairBrainman wrote:

Another human life lost to protect an illegal fence. What an embarrassment to the few countries that still support these Zionist pigs!
I hope we see the day when the stolen land is returned and the displaced
Palestinians can return. Viva 194.

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paintcan wrote:

@JackVigdor- Israel made its career on arguments like yours. What on earth does ethnicity have to do with the basic human need for respect for their human rights? If the Arab world learns anything about respect for human rights it isn’t likely they are learning it from the Israelis but from their participation in the UN.

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thebeorn wrote:

This is a complicated problem buteven so I find little sympathy for palestinians who are foolish enough to attack the border barehanded

This is a complicated problem but even so I find little sympathy for Palestinians who are foolish enough to attack the border barehanded while Hamas and the Israelis armies are firing rockets and bombing each other. Americans comments here that are supporting the Palestinian position would find their time better spent arguing against their own governments actions against the Arab world. 12 years ago a small faction attack the usa and they are still using this to justify their actions all over the Muslim world. Hypocrisy on a whole other level. Of course they are a super power so I guess its OK.

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