Merkel reaffirms support for Israel after U.N. vote

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Brazilian1 wrote:


I just did not like the explanation the article is giving for Germany’s support of Israel, as if the guilty for the past were the only reason for it. It seems you are trying to prove Israel has Germany’s support but actually it does not deserve it.

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legaleye wrote:

Where was all the anti-unilateralist when Kosovo declared independence? If Kosovo Albanians have a right to declare independence based on Genocide, 3000 deaths on all sides during an insurgence by the terrorist group KLA, then why not the Palestinians’? How many Palestinians’ have been killed during occupation? Is it >3000…is it Genocide? The ICC will be busy indeed! The KOSOVO CURSE will haunt the west through blowback that exposes its double standards and Hypocrisy. Sorry Israel, you are the main victim of the western dilution of what constitutes Genocide! It reduces any ethnic conflict to a case of genocide. It betrays the memory of the suffering of victims during the Holocaust! The KOSOVO CURSE is alive and well on its way to opening the floodgates. ICC you need to start thinking about expanding your waiting room.

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AndersonW wrote:

@ Brazilian1
Germany’s support for Israel has always been out of guilt. The official German stance has always been to support Israel “even when Israel is wrong” due to Germany’s history of genocide against European Jews. Angela Merkel herself has said that. It’s no secret in Germany !

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jrpardinas wrote:

What Israel and the USA are doing to the Palestinians is slow-motion ethnic cleansing. Nobody anywhere is deceived about that fact.

German support for Israel doesn’t put Germany in the right any more then when it supported the Nazis. An injustice is an injustice, is an injustice…

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TheUSofA wrote:


No point addressing Brazilian1 who has actually quoted the bible in posts, specifically related to the Rapture.

Evangelicals in Brazil are actually growing in number. Remember Pastor Hagee here in the US?

You can read more about “Christian Zionism” here or just google it:


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Germany continues to be on the wrong side of history again, nazi Germany was wrong and now the new affirmation of support for Israel. Too late Angela the sale for human integrity ended 3 days ago, don’t make a fool of yourself again, the whole world has spoken in favor for humanity overwhelmingly.

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amos033 wrote:

This News only Proves the Bible to be True:
“I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.” Joel 3:2
Is this not marvelous before our very eyes? Repent for the Day of the LORD is near.

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pbgd wrote:

She abstained from the vote, and the “affirmed” her support afterwards.
By sitting on the fence time and again on major international questions, the Germans make only new enemies, while alienating their former friends. That is no way to run a country.

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Merkel says that we “recognize our special responsibility to Israel” and that is absolutely correct! But assisting this Israeli government to isolate itself still further among the democratic nations of the world, does the Israeli state and the Israeli people, no favors.

All it does is to encourage it towards a war that is now inevitable after Netanyahu’s irresponsible and vicious proclamation that illegally authorizes 3000 more Israeli citizens to leave their homes and settle upon Occupied Palestinian territory.

Angela Merkel is an astute politician and stateswoman and she was absolutely correct in abstaining from voting against the UN resolution this week. She would have done a far greater service to the world, and to her political integrity by voting for it!

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Logical123 wrote:

Germany has become another servant of Israel. After stupid Canada and gutless U.S., Germany is the most spineless government in the World.

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Logical123 wrote:

Germany has become another servant of Israel. After stupid Canada and gutless U.S., Germany is the most spineless government in the World.

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bobber1956 wrote:

This is going to boil down to islam vs everyone else. That is what islam wants. They (islam) obviously have the UN and we need to kick them out of the US. The latest figure is 90 guns per 100 people in the US…bring it on. As long as there is a US there will be an Israel. Get it yet? No, then burn in the ashes of jihad or wake up!

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cautious123 wrote:

She has already screwed the Europeans with her fiscal austerity demands. She is Israel’s mouthpiece in Europe, as America is over here.

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