Mexico's Pena Nieto takes power vowing to end violence

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DeanMJackson wrote:

In August 2012, Mexico’s President-elect, Enrique Pena Nieto, called for the “internationalization” of the “drug wars” in Mexico, suggesting the creation of a multinational military force to combat the “drug cartels”. Of course, the creation of the proposed multinational military force will prove ineffective as the “drug wars” worsen and spread throughout Mexico, “necessitating” Mexico to call on her then new “democratic” ally, China, for assistance.

The “drug cartels” were created by Mexico City to provide the pretext for requesting “assistance” from abroad in fighting them, specifically the “assistance” of China after the fraudulent collapse of the Chinese Communist government. When the Beijing government falls, also watch for the peaceful reunification with Taiwan; Taiwan will then be stymied from not rejoining the mainland.

For those who are not clued-in to who controls Mexico, Mexico has been run by Communists since the 1934 elections. Both major political parties there (PRI and PAN) play the “good cop/bad cop” routine in order to (1) give the appearance of electoral competition; and (2) co-opt legitimate opposition. In other words, PAN was created by the PRI in 1938.

Now you know why the United States could never overthrow the PRI between 1934 – 2000, just as the United States couldn’t overthrow the Cuban government after Castro’s rise to power: Both nations were Communist, where attempts to bribe government officials are immediately reported to the government, thereby thwarting any chance of coups.

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