Wood stoves, extreme cold blight air at Alaska's "North Pole"

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SayAgainAgain wrote:

“As long as it’s cold and the air is still, we have a particulate problem,” said Jim McCormick, a technician with the borough’s Air Quality Division.”

The people of Fairbanks and North Pole are victims of dishonest air quality management. Even when the air is not still, they still have a particulate problem. And with the price of inhalers rising rapidly, many people will also experience financial problems.

Thinking that more efficient wood stoves will solve the problem is a delusion. The problem comes from burning wood as a heat source in a densely crowded urban setting, no matter how efficient the stoves are.

If everyone in Fairbanks and North Pole burned natural gas or used electricity to heat their homes, air pollution in Fairbanks would be a non issue. But experience shows that will not happen anytime soon.

Best thing is for Fairbanks and North Pole to be declared a kill zone and those who value their health and their lives should leave immediately.

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