Los Angeles port strike triggers fears, lobbying by businesses

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morbas wrote:

Two years of aristocratic refusual to have a contract, shows management greed for profit over human rights, shows the intent of Aristocratics to maintian slave wages. In 2013 with the democrats in super majority of California, they must corral the aristocrats. Or California will lead the way to a national banana republic.

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california and their unions. not only hurting the state, but the country.

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aaronburro wrote:

Slave wages? 100k a year, base, with almost 70k in benefits is “slave wages”? Man, I’d love to be that kind of “slave”

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victor672 wrote:

Greedy union workers who care only for their own pockets at the expense of everyone else.

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Curmudgeon43 wrote:

Wait until the shortages of stuff start hitting the stores.

Then you’ll see the power that the unions have to drive the economy further into the tank…

Which is exactly what they are doing.

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Zaichik wrote:

Just let them “Hostess” themselves. The Unions have apparently not noticed that other ports are actively competing for the LB/LA business.

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jaroca wrote:

Vic and Curm,

I don’t hear you bitching about the excessive wages and bennies given to upper management while they make choices to outsource jobs. Why is that?

I bet you opposed the idea of “Occupy Wall St.”, too.

If someone wants to take away your work or drastically reduce your EARNED wages and benefits what would you do?

Go happily into work each day and say “thank you sirs, may I have another?” dose of your crap???

I don’t think so.

Notice, again, how industry “associations” get together for their own benefit under the guise of national economy and well being while lobbying in their own interests.

Yet again, everyone is quick to badmouth a group of workers supporting each other.

Your are all greedy hippocrites when you cannot get your way. No negotiations….just give us our stuff.

I have a modest retirement and healthcare THANKS to my brothers and sisters of the working class. They helped me fight for and EARN it….nothing was given. The American dream was that we could do so.

You guys want to kill it and the working middle class.

Bad on you !!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!

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PoliticsUgh wrote:

@aaronburro, Where in the article does it state that the clerical workers are making $100,000.00 per year and $70,000.00 in benefits? It’s really not okay to make up your own story when responding in a comment. You know this to be true, how? The clerical workers are striking because they want their jobs to continue to have union representation after they retire. I don’t see a problem with that.and more power to them! Perhaps if management is afraid that the strike will create a hardship around the country then management should negotiate in good faith and not hoard all the money for themselves.

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As long as the associations are voluntary, I am all for labor seeking out its maximum gain. It is the ONLY combatant to corporate profits that force labor to compete for ever lower wages. The simple fact is that there would be no business without the laborers. As much as people love to consider the relationship as being between employer and employee, it is, in reality, between equal partners to achieve a result or product, regardless of where they reside in the hierarchy of the institution. As this article shows, every link in the chain is equal and seeks its fair value for its labor.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Where do I sign up for that slavery?

Dec 02, 2012 7:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
BillDexter wrote:

jaroca, PoliticsUgh, LysanderTucker, isn’t this where you call for true immigration reform to relieve the donward pressure on worker’s value in the American job market?

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rationalgordo wrote:


So you don’t understand that those billions of dollars of economic damage those workers are costing the US economy will probably cost people jobs that will probably end up surpassing the unions own membership. This is not about wages, benefits or layoffs, its about them forcing these ports to keep hiring a set number of their members even as the situation changes (like the Panama Canal Expansion Project). Not even about layoffs, but making them replace retirees with new union workers.

The difference between the union and the industry associations is how this union gets together for their own benefit and holds the whole west coast supply chain based economy hostage as opposed to asking for the US Gov to intervene to help end the standoff.

Innovation and productivity created those middle class jobs, not the working man and unions. But I guess villianizing business, upper management and the rich is an alternative to knowledge of business, finance and economics.


The real ONLY combatant to corporate profits is COMPETITION in the market place. It ends up maximizing the welfare of both producers and consumers. Collusion (monopolies, cartels and unions) leads to inefficiencies that benefit the few over the rest and leads to dead weight loss in the economy. Whether its cartels or unions, it results in less than efficient quantities of goods/labor at a higher price/wage and the end result is that total welfare suffers while the cartel/union members benefit not to mention while the rest of us have to pay higher prices and see our real wage fall. Hope you like stagflation, cronyism and unemployment.

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StigTW wrote:

The workers haven’t cost the economy anything. It’s the company they are working for that has failed to put in place a mutually agreed contract when the existing one expired. Keep in mind the company has had 2 years + already to work on another contract after the last one yet has failed miserably requiring a temporary extension of the old one. If strike is required to maintain or improve your lot in life so be it, go for it, the alternative is erosion of that quality because you did nothing.

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Quietman wrote:

The LB/LA dockworkers have a tradition of dragging their heels when it comes to modernizing. That is, in the past, they have resisted computerizing processes and eliminating obsolete jobs.

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CountryPride wrote:

Stupid Californians have already handed over their State to China and Mexico. The Unions have just been ignorant pawns of the globalists and foreign powers who have hijacked the US for their own means. Once Chinese billonaire Li Ka Shing finishes building the Punta Colonet port which is just south of California they will make it even easier for Made in China to strangle our markets quickly shipping Chinese garbage all over the US in Mexican trains and trucks, thanks NAFTA. Afterwards the LA port will be obsolete and the Union workers can fight for a job at Walmart where they can continue to help sell Chinese products and increase our already record breaking $295 billion 2011 trade deficit, you can’t find a good high paying job anymore because those all have to go to foreign immigrants and then the little money you get from your Walmart paycheck will get smaller and smaller from ever increasing taxes to take care of the exploding Illegal and anchor baby population. Take your country back from foreign powers and their supporters Americans it’s your future and your life at stake!

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Badxampl wrote:


@Aaronboro is accurate with his numbers. OCU workers current make $90K in wages and $75K in benefits for a total of $165K annually. The “greedy” maritime emplyers have offered all current workers a guaranteed package that increases that to $195K per year (to be a paper pusher). But that’s not good enough for the OCU. They demand that employers hire additional staff regardless of whether there is work to do or not! They also demand that the employers call in temporary help on the first day of any regular worker’s absence. None of the full time workers are to be expected to do anything extra to take up the slack when one of their coworkers is out sick, goes to see their kids’ school play, or takes some of their 12 weeks per year of vacation time.

People need to do a little bit of research and not treat a single story as gospel. This article only scratches the surface of the situation. It says nothing about the fact that the 2.5 year impasse is a result of the OCU’s complete intransiegence. They have not changed their demands or position, despite employers offering additional wages and benefits. They are not bargaining in good faith. They haven’t had a raise in four years because they refuse to bargain. Additionally, there are rules to be followed – set forth with union approval – when a union wishes to call a strike. The OCU has followed none of the rules and this is their second “illegal” strike. Federal mediators and authorities have ordered them back to work while negotiations continue but they have refused. I’m sorry, but these are thug tactics. They are holding a gun to the heads of everyone who ships through LA/LGB to benefit fewer people than would fit in a movie theatre. Disgusting.

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Chuckfr8 wrote:

Show me a slave making $195K
and i will show you an aristocrat….

Dec 03, 2012 5:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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