Manufacturing contracts to weakest in three years

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Crash866 wrote:

How about that…anyone and I mean anyone surprised by this …more stimulus please…how do you think the next 4 will go…Cool Hand Luke…”this is the way he wants it….well he gets it”..tick tock…you voted for it…

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Crash866 wrote:

“The other, which is a little more realistic is that since May the index has been very close to 50 and I think what we are seeing is that manufacturing has stalled and has yet to recover.”

4 years has yet to recover but we get 4 more years…good choice folks..

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Stickystones wrote:

I’m just totally shocked by this news! You mean manufacturing has stalled and really never recovered from the last recession, geez you’d thought things were just humming along with the re-election of the President. As the Warden said to Cool Hand Luke ‘what we have here, is a failure to communicate’. But it is by design, not by accident.

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totherepublic wrote:

It is getting harder and harder to cover for a failed administration. The lies are just now coming to light. To think they have four more years…by March 2013 we will not even recognize this country any longer. obama will have the 3rd world social disaster he worked so hard to have (I still believe it was his plan all along-no one can screw up this bad by accident) and you dems worked so hard to give him.

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America America America. QE has been an economic Viagra so long that it no longer gets a productivity rise. Hope the side effects don’t result in permanent impotence that may now be retiring America’s economic head.

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Realismist wrote:

The most anti-business administration ever is just re-elected for another 4 years and Reuters is shocked to find manufacturing in the US is still stalled….

More regulations, taxes and anti-business agenda please.

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Crash866 wrote:

Nice!! Just like I said…Cool Hand Luke….
…”this is the way he wants it….well he gets it”.
Hope you all like the change you voted for…twice…

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TexasFreedom wrote:

And this surprises who, exactly? Get ready for a whole lot of contracting. 51% of the country just voted for contraction.

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elfenstar wrote:

Maybe if the republicans would actually offer up a plan instead of the useless bs on no tax increase we wouldn’t be here now. remember, it was the republicans who, after agreement last year, threw in a stupid pipeline which, in the end, setup the fiscal cliff hoping the president would not be re-elected. haha, now all you republican morons are the REAL cause of this. you like taking credit for anything good, now swallow your pill because you because YOU are the cause of this.

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Crash866 wrote:

Where oh where are the lemmings today?????????

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AverageJoe wrote:

As a small manufacturing business owner ( 50+ employees) i find it interesting that the media keeps saying this lack of manufacturing activity is because of the fiscal cliff. It is not. It is because between Obama care, tax increases and uncertainty we are holding on to what we got. I am running a lean shop and not investing in any equipment or new people because i don’t beleive there will be a return on my investment.

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ConradU812 wrote:

Wow, Bush and the Republicans’ small majority in the House must be masterminds! They’ve suceeding in demolishing America even with a majority of Democrats at the wheel and shoveling out stimulous money we don’t have…simply amazing. And Obama wants MORE taxes and spending?

I smell martial law coming…

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Bobo_9 wrote:

As another small buisness owner I also cannot afford the risk of expandiong my busienss – which I’d actually love to do – in light of the many Obama tax increases looming.
I love the way “elf” above blames the Republicans. Just as Obama & his team have done all along, the libs can only play the blame game, meanwhile we remain stuck with little or no job creation & with those same libs happy to hand out as many freebies as they can to the non-working class which has only served to suck dry any chance of creating jobs on a large scale as we need to get people back working.

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ConradU812 wrote:


You’re hittin’ that crack pipe too hard. What you just posted made absolutely NO sense….except to you and a few of your sycophantic buddies that are still giving it up for Obama.

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Rich_F wrote:

thank God we have Obama to steer us through these economic uncertainties for the next 4 years like the last 4. like his biggest priority right now is doing a roadshow to raise taxes on the “richest of the rich” in Senator Reid’s words which in one year will fund only 4 days of the budget. Oh and the other great proposal he floated like cutting $450 billion over 10 years which taken at face value would only reduce deficit spending for 3 months in a single year! now that’s leadership!

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yubamary wrote:

@elfenstar, You better re-read your information. What do want for the President to declare himself with absolute power? That’s what he wants and unfortuniately he will probably get in. All the DEMS have to do is keep blaming the Republicans. Can’t you see that they start at asking to raise taxes on people making 250K and next it will go down to 100K so on and so on. And if the President can raise the debt ceiling all he wants pretty soon they will declare that we all have to learn Chinese. All they have to do is get rid of loop-holes. But no just like the Health Care plan they can’t just fix what is broken and leave the rest alone.

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Crash866 wrote:

Thank goodness for Congress. If not it would be much worse.

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Crash866 wrote:

Obama has had four years. Don’t make excuses for him. The fiscal cliff issue has nothng to do with the ecomony he can’t improve and now…4 more years of this…

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Are you America haters done cheering bad news about our economy? If so then maybe those of us that still love our country can have a reasonable discussion to solve our issues.

My biggest recommendation is to overhaul our corporate tax code to benefit opening factories here, instead of what is not going on, giving an incentive to move jobs off shore.

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dkn111 wrote:

Your hero, Obama, is destroying the economy. What plan does he have other than to spend, spend, spend. Where is all of the money coming from? Why hasn’t there been a budget since Obama was first elected? Even when the Dems were in control they wouldn’t go for Obama’s budget… what does that say about his plans?

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Please excuse my bad grammar in last post, meant to say ‘what is going on’ not ‘what is not going on’.

Reuters, any chance on edit feature for our own posts?

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stambo2001 wrote:

@usapragmatist YOU and your kool-aid drinkers OWN this 110%. Lick it up, does it taste good? It is YOU that hate everything traditional about america! YOU want to rewrite marriage! YOU want to normalize degenerate sex. YOU want to open the borders to illegal immigrants. YOU want to take from the successful to give to parasites! YOU want legislation forcing citizens to buy from and enrich private insurance companies. YOU want to give obama the right to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. YOU support obama waging war without going to congress. YOu support a president assassinating american citizens without trial. YOU support the genocide of the Palestinians. YOU support barry instigating China with his ‘asia pivot’. YOU support the assassination of foreign leaders. YOU support the Federal Reserve printing money from air to artificially inflate the stock market. YOU backed all of these things by re-electing obama.

But we’re all RACISTS, right?!?

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Crash866 wrote:

Are you America haters done cheering bad news about our economy?
You got it wrong. The commentors here don’t hate America. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Obama said over 4 years ago he would “fundemantally transform America”. Your first reaction is to attack not to understand to or try to comprehend what you have read that you disagree with.

And no one’s cheering. Again quite the opposite. People are just saying that Obama’s adminstration has not done a good job with the econonmy. The are just expressing their frustration with Obama after reading this article. He is the president who is currently respnosible for this bad economy but I am guessing you disagree with those facts.

Only thing I agree with is the spell check but that ain’t gonna happen any time soon…

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

A total economic melt down is preferable to living in an ever increasingly intollerant right wing country. The GOPers lost because they hate freedom (heck, they just hate). They want to shove their right wing ideology down the throats of every human. Just as nutty as the islamic fanatics if you ask me. So don’t even try to convince me that the right is for fiscal responsibility, I know better. Whine all you want about Obama, we didn’t elect him to fix the economy, but rather to stop the fanatics from impossing their crazy belief system on us all.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@stambo, I disagree, traditional America is a willingness to change and adapt to new situations and to accept people for who they are and to integrate new cultures into our own, not force them to obey our ‘traditional rules’. THAT is traditional America, and that is what makes America different then most countries historically.

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totherepublic wrote:


America has it’s own culture stupid. And by all the power vested by God to those with guns we will keep it too. That is what made it number one. All these other cultures are the divided minotries obama is conning because they have little education and will believe anything a black person tells them-ouch the truth hurts. And those under 25 that have not lived long enough to see a scam. Oh, and you. I am not sure where you fit in, but I am sure you would never really make a stand for it.

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valwayne wrote:

Folks its called a recession. Obama’s anti-business, anti-growth, anti-JOBS policies have continued to inflict terrible damage on our economy. Leading up to the election Obama pulled out all the stops with massive Government borrowing and spending, as well as trillions of funny money printed by the Federal Reserve to get him through the election without the American people knowing how much damage he’s done. Now the election is over. amd we are hitting the limit on what can be done with DEBT and wasted spending. All that Funny Money has created a bubble that gets bigger and bigger, but has to burst sooner or later. Folks, now that Obama has squeaked by and gotten reelected the insanity can’t continue and we are headed into recession. A recession that will be much worse because of what Obama did to get reelected. Get ready….its going to get really ugly.

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CharleneSusan wrote:

is anybody surprised by this? Obama and Biden were running around the country bragging about how many jobs they have created in manufacturing and how it was coming back. Their fans clapped in adoration. Obviously not a one of them checked the facts. Four more years is a long time for us to have to put up with tax and spend. if government spending worked, we would be humming along 5 trillion dollars later. instead we are still talking about the same stuff we were talking about in 2008. High unemployment and a slowing economy. Great news

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