Hungary PM condemns far-right, promises to protect Jews

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boreal wrote:

The problem in Hungary is not that someone there is a devotee of the god fearing Jewish religion, or that exotic Harikrishna follower and each prays every day to his respective god. The problem is that for their negligible proportion too many Jews are in the parliament (who may have sworn allegiance to another foreign power, or at least easily convinced to serve 2 masters) and are in key national decision making positions, squeezing Hungarians where it hurts. To bring insult to injury, some hold dual Israeli-Hungarian citizenship which they try to deny at any cost, hiding behind that virtual firewall of liberty, racism, fascism, neo Nazism, and anti-Semitism that unjustly muffles any criticism.

Historically Hungarians have a rather bitter aftertaste in their mouth after terribly suffering from previous bloody Hungarian pinko crypto communist dictatorships. Notably: Béla Kun; (A.K.A. Béla Kohn), Mátyás Rákosi; (A.K.A. Manó Roth) regimes and their heirs and not the least that dreaded ÁVH secret terror police organization whose leadership ranks were filled again overwhelmingly with Jews who were eager to supply Hungarian manpower to the Stalin era gulags.

As a footnote, would the Israeli Knesset turn blind eyes towards a couple of their distinguished members if it turned out they were secretly nurturing dual Iranian-Israeli citizenships, were educated in a Tehran university on Iranian scholarship and take a trip once in a while to Tehran on Ayatollahs’ all expenses paid vacation?

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