Rivals clash as Mursi's deputy seeks end to Egypt crisis

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

The President has left the Palace. Anything like Elvis has left the building?

Looks like that country is headed for a Civil War.

Wow, invading Iraq was such a good idea, the whole of the middle east is on fire. What A-hole thought this was a good idea, oh, that’s right…

President Cheney.

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TenMegaton wrote:

So is this one pinhead thanks to your Omama and company.

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TenMegaton wrote:

I got your standards right here.

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trevorh wrote:

I hope the debacle from the Middle East uprising makes people realize that direct Democracy is a deeply flaw idea. At least in the current state.

I think only when the general population reaches the new level, when most people become self-aware about themselves, then democracy might have some remote chance.

Currently, most people have not become self-aware. When problem comes, they always blame others and never blame themselves.

I myself blame others people a lot for my failures, it’s kind of a natural flaw in human. But after that, when I calm myself down, looking at all the facts, I also blame myself. In many cases, I wanted to take back the whole blame I made on others, “Me from the past, such an idiot.”

I don’t think the people in the Middle East is anywhere near self-aware capability, coupled with the thoughtless reproductive behavior. I’m incapable of seeing any way out for them.

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

You win the “blame on Bush” of the year award. This is a major foreign policy failure of Obama and you can link it directly to the Gulf War! Oh, the amazing liberal delusion.

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BioStudies wrote:

It’s kinda funny to see Mursi chased out of his palace lol.

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JohJac wrote:

@Foxdrake @Lowell – what makes you guys think the US is behind everything? You sound like a bunch conspirationalists ;)

However, the so called “Arab spring” is indeed hugely misunderstood. Anyone remembering Iran’79 could smell from miles apart it would turn ito an islamist spring.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

It hasn’t turned into an Islamist anything yet. The forces of secularism are struggling against the Islamists. It’s about a 50/50 split. That’s why I see CIVIL WAR.

As for Bush…it IS his fault. He was the worst president ever. He single-handed-ly managed to destroy both American AND the Middle East; all for the rich. That said, Obama hasn’t been must better, staying the course. Still better than Romney and I think the majority of America agrees with me.

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JohJac wrote:

QFox – I agree one could probably blame Bush for a lot of things, but the “Arab spring”? I believe that was rather triggered by world wide high food prices.

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Elibrachy wrote:

with a corruption index of 32, no wonder why the regime is confident to to win any poll

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libertyville wrote:

The Arab Spring seems to have jumped right into Arab Winter without the benefit of any promising summer. Dictators have this ability to believe they are the only true messiahs even as they forcefully subjugate their nations.

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Doc62 wrote:

Foxdrake is correct about the Iraq conflict. JohJac is also correct about the world’s economic issues. “Arab Springs” is Spain, Greece and Occupy WS here demonstrate that.
Don’t let the sore loser Racists get to you. I here they are blaming the American Revolution on Aunt Jamima. No wonder we are downgraded to #22 in the world’s education level. President Obama is trying hard to fix it. Good luck with that.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:


You mean the Iraq war that got BI-PARTISAN support from congress?

Funny how Iraq is one of the few countries not caught up in the whole “Arab Spring”. Funny how Obama is fully supporting the Islamists in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria, yet he couldn’t be bothered to support the secular uprising in Iran a couple years back.

Nope, I guess it isn’t important to him if it doesn’t help the muslims.

You liberals are truly nuts. I’m talking pants on the head, padded cell, drooling uncontrolably, CRAZY.

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accbar wrote:

The promise of democracy is a short road, but a euphoric one for those given a brief choice in their future. Our founders saw this siren song played from Athens on. The political result is always a short step to a one man one vote once tyranny. That is why we are living in a republic, where limits are put on power by the people. But our enemy, call it Satan, or original sin for argument sake, wants division and power. Those that hear this foe will kill for a lie.
Those that march in the enemy’s columns are recognized historically: religious orthodox who damn others in law, Stalinists, Maoists, Kmer rouge, who in toto represent significant outliers of the progressive movement. For progressives have a vision to organize and to make people perfect, in their warped image of utopia.
Those who hate God, and His freedom are puppets to this other purpose. They are taught with your money, brothers and sisters, in our schools, to see themselves as part of the progressive tide. Before their critical thinking skills have developed, we throw our children into the arms of those that have been trained to despise them.
Yet as they are assimilated into the robotic legions, they will not be spared when tyranny comes.
There is a soft tyranny of socialism that can morph quickly into a lethal beast. Venezuela might be used as an example, but I am sure each of us can think of others.
With that, I direct your own critical thinking to Jesus the Christ.

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jkingo wrote:

While I’m not in favor of Islamist extremists murdering innocent infidels, if the Shia choose to murder all the Sunni, and vice-versa, well, the world just might be a safer place.

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Islamists do not accept democracy. Their participation in elections proves nothing. No nation in the ME will be able to claim it is a democracy until there has been a peaceful handover of power between rival political groups. We have yet to see that, anywhere.

Tunisia, Libya, Egypt … all are headed for their own “civil” wars between secularists and Islamists, and it does not take much to see that it is part of a larger war that involves us all: the war between Islamists and the rest of the world. What a bunch of arrogant pigs – to claim that their belief in their religion for some reason gives then a reason to govern. They really foul the earth.

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ChangeWhat wrote:


Simple post that I would have to agree with, that may be the only way the middle east will see peace. The Shia/Sunni war has been going on since the great days of the Battle of Siffin after 632ad, the year mohammed died.

The great religion of pieces is still at work today and the western world thinks they can instill democracy into the mindset of savages that cannot coexist with their own brothers.

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yubamary wrote:

I don’t believe there will ever be a true DEmocracy in the Middle East. ChangeWhat is correct. This is a way of life with these people. They will always fight each other and perhaps that is good, because if they came together they would then start on everyone else. We have seen a little of it just imagine the whole bunch of them.

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CaptPhil wrote:

Don’t think for a moment that the Muslim in Washington isn’t watching what is unfolding on the streets of Cairo. Coming to Main Street near you soon !

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hellfang wrote:

I’m an Egyptian, and I came on to Reuters to read some insightful comments about our situation from abroad. Instead, I got a whole bunch of moronic comments!

“So is this one pinhead thanks to your Omama and company.”
“direct Democracy is a deeply flaw idea. ”
” This is a way of life with these people. ”
“I don’t think the people in the Middle East is anywhere near self-aware capability, coupled with the thoughtless reproductive behavior. I’m incapable of seeing any way out for them.”

Thanks for your insightful comments :(

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hugbear281 wrote:

As I said on the days of the so-called Arab Spring, I announced that Obama and his administration was installing the Muslim Brotherhood into Libya, Tunesia and Egypt among other countries…hence this so-called Democratic govt is now a Dictatorship by Morsi’s actions….ata boy Obama YOU MUST BE SMILING NOW..HUH…just as you planned…what else do you have under your covert agenda….Take over ISRAEL….of course you do! Now Egypt’s Prez is declaring himself as Tyranical Iranian style Dictator…and OBAMA’s administration is SILENT as a Mouse…..in total APPROVAL of Egypt….Wake up America…Obama’s Mission Accomplished to install MANY IRANS IN MIDEAST! iMPEACHMEN IS IN ORDER!

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hugbear281 wrote:

As I said on the days of the so-called Arab Spring, I announced that Obama and his administration was installing the Muslim Brotherhood into Libya, Tunesia and Egypt among other countries…hence this so-called Democratic govt is now a Dictatorship by Morsi’s actions….ata boy Obama YOU MUST BE SMILING NOW..HUH…just as you planned…what else do you have under your covert agenda….Take over ISRAEL….of course you do! Now Egypt’s Prez is declaring himself as Tyranical Iranian style Dictator…and OBAMA’s administration is SILENT as a Mouse…..in total APPROVAL of Egypt….Wake up America…Obama’s Mission Accomplished

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ChangeWhat wrote:


Sorry you did not receive the information you wished to read. Unfortunately if you take a step back and look at history and then look at the current state of the middle east you will notice there hasn’t been much change when it comes to savagery.

If your peoples would learn how to tolerate each other without bloodshed, if you would embrace civilization and freedom for your people as a whole then i’m sure you would be seeing different types of comments.

Unfortunately politics has become war and the islamic religion has not progressed with the times. It is still dark ages mentality in the 21st century, it will never work. If you want the middle east to change then the countries that make up the middle east including Israel need become a region as a whole, with respect for others, women included, freedoms, and then you will have the building blocks of democracy and freedom. Until then things will never change.

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semboflorin wrote:

@Hellfang: You will not find insightful comments on any of the major news websites about Egypt. Americans only care about the soapbox they are standing on. They could care less about who does what where unless they can spin it into their own rhetoric. I often come to the comments section for my own ammusement because I know I am going to see. Americans really do believe that their politicians (past and present) are the reasons for anything that happens to the world. They can draw correlation from anything they imagine and just love to spout it in news comment sections. Surprisingly they really believe they are being listened to and that the garbage they post is making some sort of difference. Local news websites in Europe and the Middle East have much more interesting, educated and objective comments. Of course you may have to understand the local language but to most people outside of USA this isn’t usually much of a problem. Very few Americans are capable of properly speaking their own language much less learning a foreign language. For people like myself who are born and live in the USA, all we can get is “liberals” and “conservatives” spouting nonsense at each other and self-righteous morons posting religious drivel that is no different from any other religious extremist. Come to the comments sections of major world news websites only for the amusement of watching us Americans make complete fools of ourselves.

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MPA wrote:

The Brotherhood showed and the libs and secularist wet their pants and ran home. LOL! That was absolutely hilarious.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Please, for the sake of argument, tell me how Iraq is related to Egypt. How was Saddam Hussein ignoring UN resolution after UN resolution not a reason to take him out of power? Did you support Clinton when he bombed Iraq over their WMD programs and lack of cooperation with the UN resolutions? If so why do you blame Bush for doing the exact same thing? WMDs was reason #4 on a list of about 6 reasons to remove Hussein from power. If Hussein had cooperated with the UN, he would still be in power today. That is why all of Congress and the Senate, and the US population supported the removal of Hussein from power.

And it has nothing to do with Egypt, or Libya. You may be able to make a case for Syria, but that is doubtful as well.

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KaosHiker wrote:

@ ChangeWhat. Well written.
I have met many arabs from all countries. Individually they are very nice, respectful people.
But in groups they quickly assume a mob mentality swept up by their intolerance of others. even those that are considered moderate are too afraid of the extremist to publically disagree.
In all fairness this is a human trait. Not exclusive to Arabs.
But the Islamic religion filled with very strict rules and very very severe punishment for the smallest offenses. Makes even the most moderate think twice before going against the clerics and mullahs.
If they stand up to these fanatics, They dont just risk their own life. They also risk the lives of their children,and pretty much anyone else they may possibly care about.
How do we fix that.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Democracy is not a good form of government. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Democracy is a very low form of government that is only as successful as the current majority allows it to be. That is why the US had Iraq draft a resolution. We helped rebuild Japan into one of the greatest nations in the world, the same with Germany. It didn’t happen over night. It took decades. With Germany it took over 50 years. Iraq now is better than Iraq 10 years ago, and better than Iraq 30 years ago. They are doing much better than anyone thought. Sorry that the TV culture in America has given us all ADD and a lack of patience.

When you remove a dictator everything that was bottled up has to resolve itself. Give Egypt some time. The same goes for Iraq and Libya. Thirty years from now we may see that the removal of Hussein, and the Arab Spring brought about real change in the region. We also might see it turn into another Iran or maybe a Pakistan. But we wont know for decades.

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Nurgle wrote:

Yea Dogma!
Ever the effective thought process…

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Changes2000 wrote:

Morsy shows his true color and people has lost confidence on him. Morsy must resigns otherwise Egyptian can kiss their newly hard earned freedom and democracy goodbye. Good luck and god bless Egypt.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:


“Please, for the sake of argument, tell me how Iraq is related to Egypt.”

Well, it’s really not my job to give you a history lesson. Moreover, anything I say will not really be accepted by you but as an academic exercise, here goes.

1) On 911 the United States was attacked by Muslim Extreme-ists.

2) The United States Intelligence Services (if you can call them that) where fully aware. In fact, intelligence services all over the world had picked up the chatter, from Japan to Jordan from Russia to the UK.

3) Condoleezza Rice presented a memo to George Bush and President Chaney that “Al Queda” was determine to attack the US; and even though it wasn’t memorialized in a “paper trail” – the Chaney administration knew fully what was happening and 1) either let it happen or 2) had a hand in it.

4) Using 911 as a casus belli they had a middling invasion of Afghanistan but committed the bulk of US assets to attacking Iraq.

5) Knowing the link between Al Queda and Saddam Hussein was NON-EXISTENT; they had Collin Powell lie to the United Nations (weapons of mass destruction BS) – when they KNEW he had none.

6) The invasion of Iraq backfired in their collective faces as the Country of Iraq split into 3 zones (Sunni, Shite and Kurd). Civil War followed and the US couldn’t really do anything about it, until they forgave the former members of Saddam’s government and rolled them into the process (Awakening).

7) The US left Iraq but still has a massive presence there and the country could fall into a second civil war at any moment because the Shites want it all the Kurds want out and the Sunni are screwed.

8) The invasion of Iraq has massive consequences for the region from displacement of peoples (into Jordan and Syria – who are no revolting) to Arab peoples seeing just how weak and feckless their governments are.

9) Invading Iraq and quagmire in Afghanistan (which could have been won if Iraq never happened) has bleed America dry of Money. This along with massive corruption domestically helped precipitate the US financial collapse which in turn spread around the world.

10) As economies collapsed (some through NO fault of their own – Spain) aid from America and the EU dried up to middle-eastern countries who used the subsidies to placate the masses.

11) Faced with recession, rising costs of wheat, oil, gas … no jobs and no prospects – Revolution started in Tunis, spread to Egypt, Libya, Syria and now possibly Jordan.

Like a series of dominoes, George Bush, F-ED as all. He was the Anti-Christ and now we may all go to hell.

As for Obama, trying the best he can, but it’s a heck of a mess and there’s only so much he can do, which isn’t all that much.

Still, better than Romney. He was the other SON of Satan.

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KaosHiker wrote:

@ Foxdrake_360.
Where do you get your info pal.
Saddam Hussein used Chemical Weapons or WMDs as You call them.
He used them on entire villages of kurdish people.Killed thousands.
We know that. it is documented photographed fact.
Just because We did not find the stockpile that was transfered to Syria before We got there. Does not mean He never had them.
Saddam Hussein was the guy offering monetary rewards to the families of suicide bombers.
How is that not supporting terrorism.
You have been duped by leftist propaganda.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


1. This is not a link between Egypt and Iraq.

2. No one knew exactly what was going to happen on 9-11-1. No intelligence agency on the planet. This doesn’t relate Iraq to Egypt.

3. We knew Al Queda planned on attacking the US from back in the Clinton days. Guess what, they still plan on attacking the US. Saying that Cheney and Bush was in on it shows your ridiculous mentality. Still this doesn’t relate Iraq to Egypt.

4. This doesn’t relate Iraq to Egypt.

5. Iraq had WMDs. We found them, look up wikileaks… Also, WMDS was not the reason we went into Iraq. We went into Iraq because Saddam refused to abide by a score of UN resolutions. We asked him to step down or we would go to war. He didn’t step down, we removed him. Still, this doesn’t relate Iraq to Egypt.

6. Iraq unfolded as we knew it would unfold. Sunni vs Shia. Kurds will stick to themselves. That is why we didn’t remove Hussein after the Gulf War. This was not a surprise to anyone. Still, this doesn’t relate Iraq to Egypt.

7. We don’t have a huge presence there. Obama asked for us to be able to leave troops there, and we were denied. The civil war already happened. Every thing is relatively stable now. As much as a sunni/shi’ite nation seems capable of right now. Still, this doesn’t relate Iraq to Egypt.

8. Syria is the closest you can get at, however Syria is not Egypt, and Syria has had uprisings before. Same as Jordan.

9. The Iraq war cost $1 trillion. It didn’t collapse the economy, it played no role in the economic troubles now. Throw Afghanistan in, and you get $2 trillion. It still is not the reason of the world’s economic woes as you suggest. Obama has $5 trillion of deficit spending in 4 years, so by your logic is 250% more responsible for the world’s economic problems than Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. And yet again, this has nothing to do with Egypt.

10) We still send billions of dollars to Egypt and everyone else. None of that economic support stopped, it has only increased over the last 12 years. It is a matter of public record, go educate yourself.

11) This isn’t the first recession in that part of the world. And yet again it does not relate Iraq to Egypt.

You can blame Bush and Iraq for all the worlds problems. You are obviously dellusional and don’t live in reality. Again, $2 trillion for war on terror, vs $5 trillion in deficit spending by the great Obama. And you think Bush was the Anti-Christ…

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jkingo wrote:

Wow, way to sock it to Foxdrake. You can tell he learned history in front of a TV stuck on Current. Probably his high school history teachers showed Michael Moore videos when they weren’t coloring rain forest books. “Academic exercise” indeed. I weep for this once great country. Now I understand what semboflorin meant in his anti-American diatribe.

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Soli1969 wrote:

I cannot believe what is happening in my lovely country. They want to change it to islamist Afganestan like country what a shame? One thing they should remember that Egyptian will never been rulled by any invadors like the brotherhood? Unbelivable ?????

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ConstFundie wrote:

Sure, two cases of almost, possibly imaginably, sort-of, credible WMD’s were found in Iraq. Rumors of residue on a rocket sometimes testing similar to WWI era mustard and some barrels of something that sort of tested like a blistering agent. Probably Saddams pool acid. Was it simply that no one bothered to tell then President Bush about the deadly wmds before he publicly admitted to finding no WMDs? Or was it a secret he generously decided in the end to keep as to not scare us, after ranting about WMDs in Iraq for years, and resting the justification of the war on it?

A wonderful Country Bush (er Cheney) created (er bought), regular bombings, and corruption throughout, and Americans still paying for friendship. Iraqi leaders have learned well from watching many tens of billions of American taxes disappear to fraud and contractors. Contractors that Bush (er Cheney) hired because ‘They know how to get the job done efficiently’. The war in Iraq was a great decision…for running up the US deficit for a big pay off to Mercenaries, Saudi Arabia and Oil contractors, and Defense contractors and their live weapon testing on living humans.

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Darktania wrote:

@Foxdrake It blows my mind at how reality escapes you liberals. You cant honestly believe that nonsense spewing out of your noggin.

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Irishs wrote:

Google the financing of the arab spring and you will see american, jewish and european money. The continuing destabilization of the middle east is in progress. The hands of the amoral west are all over it.Just like Libya, Syria the blatant intervention in sovereign nations continue.

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Irishs wrote:

Google the financing of the arab spring and you will see american, jewish and european money. The continuing destabilization of the middle east is in progress. The hands of the amoral west are all over it.Just like Libya, Syria the blatant intervention in sovereign nations continue.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

@KaosHiker, @TheNewWorld, @Darktania

If you’re so right? Like Iraq HAD weapons of mass destruction (it’s MORE than firmly established that Saddam Hussein DESTROYED them prior to getting invaded – Boy, I bet he sure regretted that – it was probably the only thing KEEPING the US of A OUT of Iraq), way is EVERYTHING turning against you?

Why do the American people BELIEVE 911 was a inside job?
Why do the vote for Obama and against REPUBLICANS twice!
Why is the Middle East collapsing?
Why, Why, Why, WHY!

I’ll tell you why… because YOU’RE WRONG.



This is NOT liberal or conservative (I’m progressive BTW).

It’s just SMART vs. DUMB. (you’re dumb)
It’s just TRUTH vs. LIES. (you’re mouthing lies)
It’s just REALITY vs FANTASY. (you’re in Regan-land)

The US is corrupt.
The Empire is collapsing.
The RICH are controlling you.
The WARS were predicated on lies.

…and now the situation may spin out of control, if it hasn’t already.

They will be real LUCKY Syria does unleash it’s Chemical Weapons.

Maybe, just maybe a global world war can be avoided, if we aren’t in one already.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

Oh, and let me also add…

I’m not the problem. You are.

I’m highly educated. You’re not.

You weep for the future, I weep for the past. Because it’s you and your ignorance that got us in this mess.

The Demographics have shifted.

White EDUCATED Americans voted over-whelming-ly for Obama.

The BOVINE SCAT of OLD, is over.

When you’re generation finally dies out, we can finally move FORWARD!

Dec 08, 2012 9:16pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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