Obama takes his case to people for "fiscal cliff" deal

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cranston wrote:

President Obama is coming to Michigan to visit a foreign company to make his case about his financial problems : Daimler AG owns the plant that Obama is going to. Daimler is a German multinational automotive corporation operating on American soil. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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cranston wrote:

President Obama is coming to Michigan to visit a foreign company to make his case about his financial problems : Daimler AG owns the plant that Obama is going to. Daimler is a German multinational automotive corporation operating on American soil. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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cranston wrote:

President Obama is coming to Michigan to visit a foreign company to make his case about his financial problems : Daimler AG owns the plant that Obama is going to. Daimler is a German multinational automotive corporation operating on American soil. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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americanguy wrote:

Let’s see how happy working class Republicans are when their taxes increase by $2,000 a year and more. I wonder if they will still be fighting for tax welfare for the wealthy. I always wondered how working people could cheer and support taking their money and giving it to those who need it the least-the wealthy.
If it takes going off the “fiscal cliff” ( I hate those stupid nicknames the media gives everything) to destroy the Republican party and their puppet actions for the wealthy, it will be worth it.

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morbas wrote:

Honorable POTUS Obama, the USA House of Representatives has a 7/8th disapproval rating. They no longer represent their constituents, delegate the vote to teh Citizens. Set up a popular vote for your proposal/bill. Include an official convention vote the House of Representatives, do they represent constituents or not. List a few options such as two year noncontiguous term limits. Elimination of congressional districts (with a mobile constituent base, territorial domain is obsolete). Elimination of electoral college (establish popular vote for federal positions). Term limit SCOTUS 20 years. Centralized National progressive Income Taxation (no other taxation allowed, rates set by the FED to maintain monetary supply and value).

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Rich_F wrote:

real wage growth has been negative for the past 22 months. that’s right negative once you factor in inflation. don’t let the quantity of jobs paint a distorted picture especially since obamacare has moved the chains of what is considered full time to encourage more workers with the same hours.

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Rich_F wrote:

morbas, the “honorable” POTUS garnered just more than half the popular vote. you think he has some kind of royal decree? we have 3 co-equal branches of government for a reason, so ridiculous ideas like yours never see the light of day. your reasoning has so many holes it in it makes swiss cheese look like a brick.

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bobber1956 wrote:


Michigan just became a right to work state. With out the unions obama has no power there. So the only people left for him to BS there are aliens, legal or illegal, it dosen’t matter to him. He is trying to convince the workers to raise taxes on their employer…yeah that will keep them here and not go back to Germany.

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victor672 wrote:

Instead of staying in D.C., acting Presidential, negotiating as would a businessman, he runs off to union-country and makes campaign appearances and does photo-ops. The DNC needs to pay for the pricey trips. Totally unnecessary. The country is broke and he does this.

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run to the liberal democrat unions, they will hold your hand!

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neillevine3 wrote:

Obama not offering numbers. Who is he trying to befuddle?

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neillevine3 wrote:

Obama not offering numbers. Who is he trying to befuddle?

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USARealist wrote:

Morbas reminds me of the Germans clamoring for an autocratic leader during the final days of the Wiemar Republic. We all know how that turned out.

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ForLoveofUSA wrote:

Our government was created was created with 3 equal branches of authority – not just the president. The purpose of this type of government (which has stood to be the strongest) was meant to protect the liberty and freedom for each and every American – all with our differing views. If our Constitution is held firm, we will never have to worry about falling into the hands of a dictator.

We American’s need to unite and stick together and not all the government to divide us. It is more important to ‘check thr facts’ of what is really going and respond accordingl, rather than to ‘re-act’ to what we current believe as individuals.

It’s important for us to share the facts that we know with one another so that we can be informed properly.

Here’s my contributing factor:

If Obama (bless his heart) raises taxes on the top 2% of wealthy American’s (the job creator’s), then many average American’s will loose their jobs. Hostess (Tweenkie) has already announced that they will have to go bankrupt. How can they pay the increased government tax (39.6%), pay for worker’s comp insurance, pay for medical premiums, pay their portion of unemployment insurance, pay liability insurance on the buildings, as well as utility bills and other expenses, too, and stay afloat? If the top 2% of wealthier American’s are taxed, 18,000.00 people will loise their jobs from Hostess alone. What about the other companies in the USA? Why do you think that congress is resisting this so fiercly – they don’t want American’s to loose their jobs?

Congress was given the Constitutional Authority to hold the purse strings in the Country. They were given the Constitutional Authority to ‘create’ the budget for the United States of America – not the President (whomever he may be at the time).

Let’s unite, stick together, and share what we know with each other – sharing actual
facts and avoiding criticisms of one another – it isn’t worth it. We Americans (each and every one of us) are ‘above’ that. Aren’t we?

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victor672 wrote:

You can see from his face how he considers himself a “star” and a celebrity.

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SchWI wrote:

That horrible company employing Americans! Down with them! Grow up kids, the idea of an “American Made” automobile is a fantsy that is long dead. If it were not for the tariffs and regulations negotiated by unions and owners, not a single car would be made in this country. So get over yourselves, chances are your favorite “American” product is owned by a large multi-national conglomerate. That world has evolved and so should your thinking.

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Kinnison wrote:

Of course “President Obama takes his case to people for fiscal cliff deal”. Barak Obama is a one-trick pony. The only thing the guy is good at is making campaign speeches, which he does very well. Unfortunately this two-term president is now constrained to stay in the White House and work with the Republican leadership in the House to hammer out a compromise deal on the debt and the budget, which he is not good at, and is, in fact, very uncomfortable with, as he does not compromise well. That is, however, his job, and it is past time that he starts doing it. The POTUS needs to get off the podium, off the teleprompter, out of his campaign comfort zone, and begin to do the serious business of leading and running the nation.

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otticu812 wrote:

I thought the elections are over. Why is the President still campaigning?

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ugg wrote:

Going over the fiscal cliff is probably the best bet. This way we finalize some of the tax problems with the too wealth to use common sense, then we can direct our attention to putting a stop to the tax benefits to oil companies and the likes which they have had for years and never needed. The 16 Trillion debt we owe– of which 10 Trillion represents 2 wars for 12 years and the remaining 6 Trillion represents the money Obama used to save the economy form going into a deep depression. As far a Social Security and Medicare goes, these two needs to be set aside until we get our economic growth going again by first improving our infrastructures while putting these type of jobs in high gear. As we do this each step forward will be easier and impress everyone with the speed at which our economy is growing. If John Boehner cannot see this he is still being lead around by the nose by Mitch McConnell. Instead of making Obama a one term President, I believe we need to make Mitch McConnell a last term Congressman.

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Sijinz wrote:

@ ForLoveofUSA

“How can they pay the increased government tax (39.6%), pay for worker’s comp insurance, pay for medical premiums, pay their portion of unemployment insurance, pay liability insurance on the buildings, as well as utility bills and other expenses, too, and stay afloat?”
Curious… is’t the 39.6% tax on the profit, after all these expenses???

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stlucifer666 wrote:

This is Obama “Americans you know the rich should be taxed” the problem with Obama supporters is Obama want’s to give this money to 3rd world countries and not to Americans.

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ugg wrote:

Governor Rich Snider knows what is right, fair and good for our economic growth, but he is going for the RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS MONEY LAW anyway.
We all know captive customers are not treated fair this is why we have laws protecting customers. Workers are not much different. Fair treatment for captive workers are pretty much the same, labor contracts for worker, protected through UNION OVERSIGHT is the most sensible way to operate a system of fair working conditions for workers. This also benefits companies, some companies are not smart enough to know this.
Union Dues is a cheap price to pay for fair treatment to workers, and it is included in everyone’s fair pay and working conditions.
I believe Gov. Rick Snider will experience the same fate Governor Walker experienced in Wisconsin, but if that is what it takes for everyone to have a meeting of minds, so be it.
Life would be better for all of us, if everyone played fair in work and play without being ridiculous.
We cannot blame this on cheap China labor this is just American Greed which has been growing ever since Universities have been telling efficiency experts how to squeeze blood out of every turnip.
Incidentally—the worker in most cases has been the turnip. Do we need laws guiding the activities of EFFICIENCY EXPERTS so they do not destroy our economy by destroying labor?

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yubamary wrote:

Morbas, what about the Senate!. And Fortheloveofthe USA you are so correct. Anyway, I hope they do go over the so called “Fiscal Cliff”. It’s about time. The President is out campaigning when he should be sitting in Washington working. Clinton at least was a workaholic this President is a campaignaholic(new word.
It’s easy to go out and tell the people I’m working for you, give your aides instructions and fly away. Where is the real leadership. If the “Congress” gives in to his 2/3 vote to raise the Debt Limit we are
scr@@@d. It’s called a limit for a reason but in our US it seems to be a joke. I know when I’m broke I’m broke and I can’t spend anything. Wish I could just go on spending with no recourse and no end.

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WFH wrote:

Unfortunately for Obama, we hire people to represent us in government. They are called congressmen and senators. Those are the people he needs to be talking to, not campaigning. “The Great Campaigner”

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GLS4Freedom wrote:

The problem here is not DNC or the RNC it is the president or lack thereof. If we had a leader that understood basic financial responsibility, we would not be in this mess to begin with. You cannot just raise taxes, raise taxes, and raise taxes. You have to cut the spending. He has no budget, no end cuts, no limits and when he is confronted with facts he turns it all into a mudslinging match. I think a teenager with a American Express card would have more responsibility when it comes to spending than he does. Where is his plan, where are his cuts, where is the balance here. Where is his fair share. Put on your big boy pants and take some responsibility for what you are doing to this county and at least pretend to be a leader. Please………..

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flashrooster wrote:

Kinnison: Obama is merely doing what he has to do. There is so much misinformation being floated about regarding, well, everything, Obama realized how important the court of public opinion is and he’s using his bully pulpit to garner the support he’ll need to draw his line in the sand regarding these tax cuts.

The excuses the Republicans are still giving simply aren’t true. There’s no evidence to suggest that raising marginal tax rates on wealthy Americans will cost jobs or damage the economy. The Republicans are lying about that and Obama wants to make sure the American people understand the truth. This is part of leading and running the country. It wouldn’t be necessary if the Republicans would stop being obstructionists. They’re only doing it because they’re afraid of Grover Norquist, afraid that he’ll finance a candidate to run against them in the next primary. That’s not a good reason to avoid doing the right thing for our nation. You complain about Obama, but you’re forgetting the Congress has leadership responsibilities as well, and they haven’t done squat since the Republicans took over the House.

One last point. Republicans are conveniently forgetting that the Bush tax cuts were never intended to be permanent. They were designed with a sunset provision causing them to expire at the end of 2010. These taxes were tried and the reasons given for these tax cuts, to create jobs, did not pan out. Obama is merely trying to carry out the intent of the original legislation, that the taxes were meant to be temporary.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Republicans, you lost. Get over it. Hey, tell us again how all the polls are wrong and Romney is really winning and only FoxNews and Rasmussen know the REAL truth.

Good times. You nutjobs have not gotten any smarter.

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morbas wrote:

Was once a very concervative GOP voter, and I am listening to a very familiar line of reasoning. Just want to know to whom I am talking to.
I am a Vietnam Volunteer, and after 25 years of fighting MS retired and disabled. So please proceed.

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JoeShea wrote:

Campaign ended a month ago. Time to actually do your job. The work is in Washington, not Hawaii (3 week vacation as country anguishes)

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For Love of USA, the facts you presented are incorrect. Hostess is going bankrupt. That is true, but it has absolutely nothing to do with raising taxes on the top 2%. Hostess is a company whose time has expired. Most people today limit the sweets allowed to their children. More and more people are becoming health conscious and opting for more nutrious snacks. That is why Hostess is going out of business; they lost market share and were unable to adjust to the new norms.

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What exactly is the DEBT LIMIT? It appears from the comments on this an other boards that most people seem to think that if Congress raises the debt limit it gives the President permission to spend and spend and spend some more. That has absoluely nothing to do with the debt limit. The debt is exactly what any debt is, ie money already spent.
The US Constitution says that the United States must pay it’s debts. So, it makes more sense for the President to automatically raise the debt ceiling when necessary than to allow Congress to hold the economy hostage if they don’t like how the current adinistration wants to spend money. Hostage taking was never the intent of the Constitution. If the Republicans in Cngress cause this great nation to default on its debt that would disrupt the economy of the entire world and assure Americas demise in the world.

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actnow wrote:

You won the election Mr. President. Now lead. Put some genuine entitlement reforms on the table in exchange for “taxes on the rich”. Past leaders referred to this concept as “compromise”. It’s the mark of genuine leadership, not arrogance.

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Sensibility wrote:

Earth to Obama: the fight is in Washington, not Detroit.

He won the election and he’s still campaigning. He campaigns well, indeed. Governing, not so much.

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ttime wrote:

hmmmm $2200 seems like a lot. There are are a couple options either pay $2200 now or continue to let the debt grow and pay 3000 maybe 4000 and maybe even 5000 depending on how long we wait. Or we could continue to put it off until our debt grows and our country becomes worthless. which may lead to invasion in the U.S. by other countries. If we dont stand up now then in years to come we may regret not taking $2200 option. 10 years from now we may beg for the $2200 option to come back. $2200 is a lot of money yet a small price to pay to secure the future of our, country, children, grandchildren and generations after.

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Looking at this smug SOB makes me sick. In the 60′s my Dad was a super in a foundary in a small town in Ohio. He and others were against the union. They kept calling our home and leaving threatening messages for Dad.
Good news is, there were fights and blockades in front of the plant and Dad and the non-union guys won. I’ve hated the union every since. They have lost their swag in this day and age and I hope Michigan votes them out. They have sucked the life out of workers for too long. And…for our Dear Leader to be up in Michigan sucking up to the union is because the Dems want their money and support. End of Story.

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SanPa wrote:

Wow … the Bush tax cuts added $ 1/2 trillion to the deficit each ane every year, and the President wants me to back something that will cut that amount. Let the Cliff happen.

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morbas wrote:

Honorable POTUS Obama,
This is a transition of momentous opportunity, exploit and advance representative fairness. Expose outdated nuances of constitutional convenience, as these have been exploited to thwart and deny a democratic representation universal fundamental ‘one man one vote’. The process of representation needs reform. The Federal IRS should share revenue with all three levels of government.
The importance of zero business taxation is in lowering the price of goods, thus monetary hoarders are assured of fair exchange. And poverty itself benefits with lowered costs. Thus income only taxation is favored, and a transparent indication of government efficiency.

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usagadfly wrote:

If the Democrats want to protect Medicare, all they need to do is to refuse to exempt current recipients of Medicare from the cuts. The screams would be most satisfying for Democrats — current recipients are 80% Republicans and very selfish ones at that. They would never accept cuts, unlike upcoming generations.

There is no doubt such a strategy would work well while costing Democrats very, very little. All benefit cuts should not favor existing beneficiaries more than those coming within the next 10 years.

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bates148 wrote:

Such poor leadership in this country. Two miles separate the White House and the Capitol and yet these buffoons only talk to each other once or twice a year. Now we have our president taking trips to Michigan, campaigning as if there is still an election. The message he wants to give us all is “we can solve this problem.” … Well golly gee willikers Mr Obama, how about you get back on your plane, stop wasting tax dollars by flying all over the country, and initiate some face-to-face meetings with the opposition. You think you can change the minds of the Republicans by talking to a bunch of union members? Show some leadership since the other side lacks any of it.

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paintcan wrote:

This country lives on a lush middle class and does even better when the lower income people have spare change. Otherwise – the economy will go into recession for a very long time – I never expect to see employment for the rest of my life.

Otherwise what else is there to eat up a household budget? The property taxes, the cost of school tuitions, gas for long commutes, maybe a new car (when the bontemps roullet), some clothes for work, food and medicines and for the real media addicts, a cable bill if they haven’t learned to watch the cheaper fair of online freebees. All those less discretionary purchases are leveraged to the max by the potential financial empire builders who try to extend that cash flow anyway they can to purchase other major, basic consumption goods industries. So the slower the economy gets – the slower it keeps getting – until all that leveraged cash flow seizes up and starts to stall. That’s the future here. One could almost call it economic congestive heart failure. The country’s over 200 years old. It’s starting to show its age.

This country can’t ignore that most of the world can work if it has the facilities and does so for a lot less per hour. It can’t afford to follow them or it will collapse nearly overnight.

The upper tier of so called “job creators” – the 1% or2%, (where did that extra 1% come form suddenly) whatever – aren’t really the creators of jobs. They are only the investors in anything they can make money at, at nearly any low rate of return now.

This country is ruined and would blow it brains out except that it thinks that by going aggressive and attempting a later day imperial world takeover in the name of democracy it will forestall it’s own collapse so long as it can swoop in after the bombings and keep its own domestic contractors busy with other government’s and it’s own tax money. Its aggression is frustrated by the fact that it doesn’t have enormous numbers of cheap young bodies for cannon fodder but does have a huge population of old retirees who could out live Methuselah with the highest costing medical “billing industry” in the world. It’s the older retirees who need the investment in anything that still pays a dividend so they can pay for their food, medicine and their property taxes. That used to be called a Catch-22.

I’m not an optimist, or a romantic and think Cassandra was only being sensible. I do not envy the younger generation. They will have to work very hard or take any number of drugs to ignore the fact that they have been enslaved by their own social and economic system. And there aren’t enough of them to save their lives.

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flashrooster wrote:

Rich_F: Perhaps you can show us that a majority of Americans are with the Republicans on this tax issue. Do you have such evidence? It seems to me that Obama’s victory, the Democrats gaining seats in both the Senate and the House, winning a popular vote in the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, with polls showing that a majority of people agree that taxes should go up on the rich, not to mention a fact that you seem to have forgotten, and that’s that these Bush taxes were never meant to be permanent. They were intended to expire at the end of 2010. So even the former Republican President and Congress agree that the taxes should go up. Not to mention that it’s simple common sense.

Now, what evidence to you have to support your assertion that a majority of people think taxes should not go up on the rich?

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flashrooster wrote:

bates148: What would you have Obama do? At the end of 2010 Obama agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts because the Republicans were holding the cuts on the Middle Class hostage in order to keep the cuts for the top 2%. Obama agree to a TWO YEAR extension, plus a 13 month extension of unemployment compensation for the unemployed and a one year payroll tax cut. Two years is up. He stuck to his end of the bargain.

In addition, when he was running for reelection he promised Americans that he’d allow the Bush tax cuts to expire on the rich. The American people agree with him and they reelected him. The American people have a right to get what they voted for. Obama was reelected and the American people expect him to do as he said he’d do. Okay, so now it’s time for the Republicans to show us whether or not they have the integrity to stick to their agreement. So far it looks like they don’t. The Republicans seem to fail at every opportunity.

So what would you have Obama do? He’s done everything possible to do the right thing and the Republicans have done nothing, nothing but obstruct, all because they’re afraid that Grover Norquist will run someone against them during the next primaries if they raise taxes on the rich. That’s unacceptable in this country, and the Republicans are going to continue paying for their disregard for the wishes of the American people.

So Obama is taking his case to the people he represents. What is wrong with that? And yet Republicans are doing nothing constructive, playing the same game they played 2 years ago. Well, it’s time for them to grow up and start doing their job, and to keep their word. Obama has done more than his part. I seems to me that you’ll criticize Obama no matter what he does. You just want to attack him because you hate him. And that’s pretty sorry, and doesn’t speak well for you.

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bates148 wrote:

@flashrooster I understand that you feel very passionate about Mr Obama. That’s a good thing, he is a good man and I do not hate him.

But truth be told, he is not an effective leader. America has reelected him to lead our country and yet, despite only being down the street, he has only sat down and talked to Republican leadership a handful of times during his tenure. It’s not like the Republicans are declining his invitations, he just hardly sends them. Folks like yourself are quick to forget how left Mr Obama is. He was a far left Senator when he campaigned in 2008. He has never been a centrist, like Clinton.

You insist the American people should get what they voted for. That they agreed with his promise to expire the Bush tax cuts. Yet, you defend him for “taking the case to the people he represents.” If the people voted for him, then his case has already been presented and according to your argument, accepted. Why should he waste valuable time talking to unions in Michigan? He should be in D.C. inviting the opposition to sit around a round table so they can work face-to-face, and end this mess. That’s what I would have Mr Obama do.

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flashrooster wrote:

bates148: You probably don’t even realize what’s going on with you and your attitude toward Obama, but you’re so use to criticizing him that your mind automatically does it whenever you read anything about him. I’m mean, there’s really nothing wrong with Obama taking it to the people. Why not save your criticism for when he really does something you disagree with, something that makes a difference? Do you really not think they’re talking? It’s not helping if Bohner and Obama are sitting in a room staring each other down. Obama told Bohner 2 years ago that he’d go along with extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy for 2 years, but that’s it. Bohner knew this. Obama kept his part of the bargain. He extended the tax cuts for an additional 2 years. One way or another they’re going up. Until Bohner agrees with that part of these budget talks, there is no reason for them to meet. So don’t criticize Obama for not sitting around in the White House waiting to hear from Bohner. And don’t think Bohner is waiting for an invitation from Obama. He has an open invitation. That should be obvious. The ball is in Bohner’s court. There’s really nothing more Obama can do until the Republicans grow up and agree to start governing. They knew 2 years ago this was coming. What’s wrong with them?

And it’s not Obama who’s lacking leadership. It’s the Republican leadership. Again, this is obvious. If the Republicans have agreed among themselves to oppose everything Obama tries to do, there’s really little Obama can do. He’s tried negotiating with them. He’s capitulated to them. And he stands up to them. But his power is limited. He can’t force them to work with him. He can’t go into their minds and make them think differently. The Republicans are playing a very dangerous political game by opposing everything Obama does hoping it will win them political points. They’ve been so intransigent for so long, this unAmerican political game they’re playing is backfiring on them, but it’s like they don’t know how to stop. Again, I ask you, what would you have Obama do differently to persuade Republicans to work with him? You didn’t answer that in you post.

And you couldn’t be more wrong about Obama being far to the left. By any standard he is a moderate. But you’ve been blinded by the propaganda. That’s too bad. Obamacare? That’s a Republican plan. Richard Nixon proposed a similar plan. Was Nixon a lefty too? Stimulus spending? Both parties have been doing it for years. He’s not taking over any industries, so he’s not a socialist. You call him far to the left not because that’s how he governs, but because it makes it easier for you to hate him. Unfortunately, the facts don’t back you up on that.

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Abulafiah wrote:

bates148 wrote:
“Why should he waste valuable time talking to unions in Michigan? He should be in D.C. inviting the opposition to sit around a round table so they can work face-to-face, and end this mess. That’s what I would have Mr Obama do.”

Why should he waste valuable time talking to Republicans?

We all know what Republicans will say. They will say “No!” It is all they ever say, and I don’t see any good reason for Obama to waste his time listening to it.

If Republicans ever think of something more useful to say, they know how to get in touch with the President.

I understand how you Republicans get hissy because nobody is listening to you, but seriously – what do you expect? If you want to be listened to, say something worth listening to. In the meantime, of course President Obama – the winner of the election – is selling his position to the population who elected him. That is called ‘politics’.

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libertyville wrote:

His economic policies during the first term weren’t bad enough, so now the president wants to take us over the fiscal cliff and the fools out there believe him that it would be a good thing.

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AlkalineState wrote:

“GOP Pounds Sand, Looks to NASCAR base for guidance.”

Good luck with that brain trust :)

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