After meeting Obama, governors urge resolution of fiscal impasse

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alienzed wrote:

Rich people getting richer doesn’t help the economy, it just supports the false notion that the economy does well when the rich do well.
The ‘job creators’ won’t hire more employees if taxes go down; that concept is flawed to it’s core. The rich got rich precisely by squeezing their businesses and short changing their employees as much as they possibly could, by denying benefits, cutting hours, etc…
What grows the economy are people with money to buy material things, as sad as that is. More buying power means the job creators will NEED to hire more workers, otherwise they would be losing out on profit, which is all that matters to them. If you want to help the economy, make it harder for the rich to get even richer and they’ll actually HAVE to invest in their business for competitive reasons… Capitalism was never about hoarding cash, it was about efficiency and innovation through competition and there’s no competition when companies get legal monopolies (patents, copyrights) or when the middle class are too poor to buy anything anyway.

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IfOnlyYouKnew wrote:

I own a small business and if the government would offer a creative tax break such as, all business don’t have to match payroll taxes on the first five employees we would hire two additional fulltime employees. This would equate to additional payers instead of takers.

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