Special Report: How foreign firms tried to sell spy gear to Iran

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StigTW wrote:

To be blunt this is a bit of a non-issue when major western countries are intercepting all the time & on a much larger scale. It would appear that only a handful of small countries around the world are afforded such privacy and freedom these days.

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BidnisMan wrote:

StigTW – it might seem like a non-issue, until the regime uses it to secure their own political survival. And don’t pretend that any nation in the World is immune from the moral hazards of power – from Watergate to the USSR surveillance state to many other examples that continue today – if the voting public allow unrestricted surveillence in their country eventually they will suffer as a nation and as individuals because of it. It is also an issue as companies in countries the USA does business with, like MTN, are simply ignoring sanctions meaning that the sanctions are not working. If the sanctions are not working Iran will may build the bomb. If they build the bomb they may one day detonate it. If they one day detonate it they may detonate it near you. Everything that happens in the World affects us all andit is naive to pretend otherwise.

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TruthMonitor wrote:

Given that Reuters is not even allowed to operate in Iran, perhaps it would serve its cause by elaborating on the nature of its “investigation.” Who is this Saleh Hamid? How did Reuters get in touch with him? How can the reader know this guy exists and if his story ios true? Which documents has Reuters seen pertaining to Huawei or other companies? How can the reader verify the authenticity of those documents?

One would be hard pressed to find a western news agency that hounds Iran more than Reuters. Fortunately, the discerning reader can separate the factual wheat from the propaganda chaff.

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Hman1 wrote:

Dear Steve,
May I suggest you write about this as well.

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xcanada2 wrote:


I certainly agree with you on the corrosive effects of spying on one’s own citizens. It is particularly pertinent to Americans, these days. The rest of your comment is shear speculation: Yes, Iran MAY make the bomb, but so might anyone else. The questions are whether they want to, and if they did, what difference it would make. They say they are in principle against such a monstrous weapon, unlike us. But even if that were to change, they have clearly proved themselves careful players in the world, and completely unlikely to risk their annihilation. Moreover, if they do acquire a nuclear weapon, or even capability to construct one (which they may already have), it would appear to create additional stability in the ME. Rather than them (their mullahs, or whatever) being crazy, it seems that it is our 0.01% who is drunk with power, and our Zionists who are crazy. And we are the ones actually with the bombs. So, I’d say, get real (and I don’t mean power-crazed, amoral neocon realist).

If you are going to worry about every remotely possible bad happening in the world, you’d pretty well be frozen with fear. This seems to be the state that our bosses in the US have got us into. One fizzled shoe bomb in an airliner, and 3/4 billion people take their shoes off in American every year, for twelve years now, and counting. Let’s say that takes 5 extra minutes of passenger time per flight, worth say $50/hour: the shoe removal and refit operation costs $3B in passenger time, per year, not to mention costs of the US Dept. of Homeland Security industry, at least doubling this number The $3B is enough to fully feed 1.25 million people in the US, and could be used to pretty will wipe out US child malnutrition (3 million suffering per year, leading to illness, higher levels of aggression, hyperactivity and anxiety, and affecting learning ability).

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KyleDexter wrote:

@xcanada2, you are 100% on the mark!

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Willad2012 wrote:

I would sell them something similiar but it would be a casing full of pinball machine parts

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