Productivity fastest in two years, labor costs subdued

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Uhhh, unless productivity can buy cars and groceries, we are in for a depression. But, of course, the machines won’t feel it.

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acman2k11 wrote:

Being that most people are scared to death of losing there job and working faster and that there are less people working and that those that are working are working at a pay level that is low it makes since.

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texas100 wrote:

Productivity growth is great for companies, not so good for labor.. Companies will not hire until consumer spending increases consistently, and consumers are waiting for the trip over the fiscal cliff.. Catch 22…

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MJGSimple wrote:

urownexperience – I don’t think you understand what productivity growth means. Wikipedia has a great page on Productivity, but the long and short of it is that as productivity increases real incomes and profits should also rise. If you are able to make more with the same amount of resources (i.e. are more productive) then your return is greater. Unfortunately, in today’s economy most of the realized increase is funnelled into profits and very little of it is devoted to wages. In fact, wages are decreasing. But that’s a different discussion.

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