Netflix says it won't raise prices after Disney deal

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AlkalineState wrote:

2016? Netflix is getting pretty half-assed. Their digital content is so hit-and-miss, I seldom bother any more. I dropped my account.

Dec 05, 2012 3:43pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Gandolf wrote:

The fluidity of the English language is beautiful to behold and how people interpret it in in the way they want to hear is amazing.

Your headline is misleading at best and inaccurate in fact, but then you are just parroting what everyone else is saying without critical analysis.

Sarandos is no way made a firm commitment not to raise the price. He did not say, ” we will not change the prize under any circumstances”.

He said, as you quote. “We are not contemplating increasing the $8-per-month subscription fee for unlimited online viewing.”

This only means that at the present time they are contemplating. The word implies no promise or commitment. It applies only to the here and now. Tomorrow or next week, etc. they could change their mind and glibly say, ” we never said we might not change our mind as circumstances might change.

Dec 06, 2012 10:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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