Analysis: China diners say more than economy hurting Yum's KFC

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americanguy wrote:

I swear, KFC original recipe chicken is the best on the planet. Kind of makes you look forward to attending someone’s house when someone dies. We call KFC “funeral food” because several people always bring a bucket of KFC with biscuits and gravy when someone dies.
The Colonel knew how to dress up a yard bird, no doubt about it.
Having eaten much Chinese food (even in China), I can see why they don’t like KFC that much. Chinese food is not good at all, and they are not used to something with taste. Without MSG, no one could even eat Chinese food and that includes the Chinese.

Dec 05, 2012 4:25pm EST  --  Report as abuse
DetroitNative wrote:

“MTV is to music, what KFC is to chicken” – Lewis Black.

Dec 05, 2012 4:49pm EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

KFC is okay, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass when you’re on the go. The little styrofoam plate and a glop of side schidt falling off each direction makes it a poor substitute for a hamburger and fries.

Dec 05, 2012 5:39pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SD5150 wrote:

Americanguy, maybe if everyone you know didn’t eat KFC so much, you wouldn’t be attending so many funerals….

“Chinese food is not good at all” Wow, exaggerated blanket statement much?

Dec 05, 2012 7:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Anthonykovic wrote:

KFC is everywhere in China. No doubt its arrival was part of China’s “catching up” with the developed world. Now that Chinese have tasted KFC they are able, like many Americans, to see it for what it really is: very ordinary, grease-laden food.

Dec 05, 2012 7:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Ras-Mitat wrote:

Undercooked and oily chicken has that effect.

KFC has slowly gone down the drain, thanks to lousy quality control.

Way to kill a once successful brand!

Dec 05, 2012 9:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
StillUK wrote:

@Americanguy, You display exquisite taste in food. You do know that KFC uses MSG and quite a lot of it right? And the breeding factories pretty much drug the chickens up until they get big and fat. Not to mention the chickens are soaked up in grease when they are cooked. Nice!

Dec 06, 2012 4:42am EST  --  Report as abuse
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