Russia slams Hague court for freeing Croatian generals

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NeilMcGowan wrote:

Haradinaj is a murderous thug warlord who should be in PRISON or better still in front of a firing squad.

The idea that this sack of scum is in charge of a so-called ‘country’ just demonstrates that “Kosovo” is an illegal scumhole established by the yanks as the base for “Camp Bondsteel”.

Dec 05, 2012 11:04pm EST  --  Report as abuse
FelixRock wrote:

The only reason why Russia is upset is because they have to support their Orthodox bretheren who are all upset… and why are the Serbs upset? Because Gotovina destroyed their attempt to create a Greater Serbia. The only bad thong was that he wasn’t allowed to continue further into Bosnia and destroy the Republika Srpska which was created on rape, murder, torture, ethnic cleansing and acts of genocide.

Let us also mention that no high ranking JNA official was indicted because the ICTY compromised with Serbia so what have they got to complain about. Serbs criminals still walk around in Vukovar free because Croatia agreed to an armastice that means they would not be prosecuted. They did this to end to war. If they really wanted all Serbs out as some in Serbia (including their vile leadership) think, then the firs they would get rid of are those Serbs from Vukovar who levelled the city and then went on a murder, rape and torture spree after it was captured.

Dec 06, 2012 7:05pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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