Republicans say, "No way" to ceding debt limit power

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LelioRisen wrote:

Brilliant strategy guys. Hold the country hostage each year. That’s one way to guarantee you will maintain your marginalized status.

Ever stop to consider that there is a reason why Americans hold the Republican Congress in such historically low esteem?


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Steve71 wrote:

Republican negotiation: Do it our way, or we’ll hold our breath until we turn blue. Or the nation does.
Romney/Ryan made the election about choice. The voters chose the other guy. Republican brinksmanship and hostage-taking has got to stop.

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MJB58 wrote:

Why don’t we stop paying the Congress and Senate and threaten all federal employees that work in or for these entities with a 50% cut in pay and write them IOU’s. It’s strange how we never go after one of the biggest costs of our goevernment…Employee pay and Benefits. Corporations threaten all employees with cuts but Federal workers are held in a protective bubble by themselves.

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Pathetic politics, this is just like filibuster rules; each party flip-flops depending on who is in control. You can bet if we ever have another republican president they’ll ALL want this (and the democrats won’t)! ITS TIME TO RECOGNIZE THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND MOVE PAST POLITICS AS USUAL !! I believe the country wants a president to have the power to complete his mission, it was the republicans to debate during the election, and they lost.

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sgreco1970 wrote:

As usual, the Republicans refuse to do the job. I’m tired of their woe-is-me victimization and absurdist sense of morality. Let’s toss these clowns out in 2014.

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Give a mouse a cookie ……

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MrScott wrote:

Congress’s job is to set the budget, the president’s job is to sign the checks (or not). Can’t blame Congress for not wanting to surrender it’s power.

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imacracker wrote:

No hostage taking is necessary. The House can simply continue to negotiate ongoing government operations, and prepare a bill that both authorizes and directs the President to pay the debt payments for the coming month on time, and to compute and submit a bill to Congress for the amount due the next month.

The Democrat Senate and Democrat President can do with it what they will.

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imacracker wrote:

No hostage taking is necessary. The House can simply continue to negotiate ongoing government operations, and prepare a bill that both authorizes and directs the President to pay the debt payments for the coming month on time, and to compute and submit a bill to Congress for the amount due the next month.

The Democrat Senate and Democrat President can do with it what they will.

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anonomouser wrote:

The failed politics and debt control will eventually catch up with the US government. And it doesn’t matter which party is in control; the US debt will exceed $20 trillion well within a decade. In light of this, continuing the debt ceiling arguments is absolutely senseless.

Once again, Obama and his team are trying to do something that makes sense, and the republicans are fighting it as if they were retarded children.

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USA4 wrote:

An irresponsible spendthrift like President Obama can not be allowed to take on more debt at will. He is already doing tremendous damage to this generation, but it would be a moral outrage to allow him to destroy future generations by burdening them with debt they can never hope to pay off (and, unlike domestic policy which seems to be tell the lenders “too bad” and don’t bother paying your mortgage, etc., the lenders to the U.S. Government – e.g. China- will not tolerate that sort of silliness).

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Excellent! Finally Congress found a spine! Why give more power to a big spending President who has nothing on the table to solve either the debt cliff or the deficit cliff.

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Why isn’t the Constitution good enough for the President? Why does he want more power. Goodness, even a Democrat should see the folly.

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kevin2ia wrote:

I wouldn’t give BO the change to buy a newspaper, let alone the money of the US. Talk about being way over your head…..

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actnow wrote:

The debt limit must be tied to the fiscal cliff issue because if it is not, President Obama and his allies will absolutely refuse to control spending, and ultimately, undermine the very entitlements they have sworn to protect. It is a pity that this must be done, but there is no other way when dealing with a president and senate who have absolutely on remorse in bankrupting our nation for political gain.

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Gigimoderate wrote:

I agree stop paying congress and the senate. But the part about government workers, they have suffered the most with layoffs since 2009 with over 550,000 job cuts and the ones left were on pay freezes. This is the reason unemployment has remained so high!

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travelerbg wrote:

1) This, like Faux wants people to believe, does not give Obama a blank check.
2) The purse strings are still held by Congress. The debt ceiling would just become automatic and we wouldn’t have to deal with a fiscal hostage crisis each year.
3) Holding the country hostage onnly creates economic uncertainty like what we saw in 2011 which resulted in the Tea Party downgrade.

And 4) If the roles were reversed here, the Republicans would be all for it.

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Cleveland2012 wrote:

What no one is saying is that the time is perfect for China to make her move and seize that huge oil reserve off of Vietnam. Our sketchy occupation of Afghanistan, a huge debt, and forced cuts in our military, all add up to an opportunity for China. While the US hands out weapons in places like Libya, where those weapons are eventually used against us, that second topic no one wants to bring up, China is winning. Do not be surprised if we see China play her hand well, indeed, and reach out to grab some of that loot for keeps.

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:

The Debt Limit is America’s “line of credit” just like the limit each credit card company places on individuals. So yeah, that money is “already spent” and yeah, we “owe” it. Our politicians are all “hooked” on spending, not unlike the clueless person that hollers as the police take them away: “I can’t be out of money, there are still checks in my checkbook”!

The debt limit was proposed and adopted originally as a good faith way to wean the country from spending more than it took in in revenue. So because our country is today exhibiting less and less self-restraint with regard to overall spending, our current president wants to give himself and his successors a “blank check”. They want to make it the “law of the land” that if Washington spends it, the taxpayer must pay and they want to make Congress utterly toothless in terms of EVER stopping ever-increasing spending.

The moment Congress and/or the President does ANYTHING serious about reducing federal deficits and the public debt, increases in the debt limit become irrelevant as our “ship of state” gets back on a rational fiscal course. Because neither party has any intention of implementing genuine debt reduction, spending reduction or reducing anything other than perhaps (temporarily) the RATE of growth (and expense) of our government, all this wailing and hand-wringing is “much ado about nothing”. Watch not what they SAY, but what they DO!

Those rocks clearly ahead on our present course are the fiscal shoals that will soon rip out our bottom if SOMEONE doesn’t get their head out of their (oops) the sand and open their eyes and CHANGE COURSE before it’s too late!

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SeniorMoment wrote:

The debt limit is nothing more than the difference between what Congress raises in taxes and fees and what it spends. What the debt limit law is in fact is an attempt to change the immutable laws of mathematics by act of Congress. Because of the multiple included pet projects of lawmakers all the debt limit as must pass legislation does is increase federal spending for purposes that cannot be justified as in the national interest.

Obama should take unilateral action right now to eliminate the debt limit law as an unconstitutional measure or change all Defense Spending to put it under the Civil War provision of the President’s authority to borrow as needed for the military without prior approval from Congress.

Every since I have started voting I have had an extremely low opinion of the way Congress uses the debt ceiling in defiance of basic arithmetic to add pork to federal spending.

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AZreb wrote:

BOTH parties should fight this power grab by the administration. No ONE person should have the power to raise the national debt. To Democrats – what if you were to lose the next presidential election? You sure wouldn’t want a Republican president to have this power, would you?

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sidevalve56 wrote:

Both parties are at fault…both parties have their own agendas, both parties have forgotten the role of their position…No be naieve to think that only one party is to blame for our situation…washington is broken and failing the people.

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Tuscar wrote:

Reuters used to have informed posters who at least remotely understood what they were talking about. At least have a basic understanding of what the debt ceiling is before posting, people like USA4 and actnow just muddy the water with their lack of understanding of economics.

We need adults in government, not the petty squabbling children we currently have. Both sides need to get over the political posturing and actually try to address issues.

As far as the Debt Ceiling goes, it should never be a hostage, because using it as such is cutting off your nose to spite your face. To begin paying down the debt, you need to expand the economy, (that is how governments pay off debts), to expand the economy we need jobs to power the American machine (not from companies like Walmart, Papa Johns, and Denny’s, from companies like Costco). The way recovery has been achieved in the past is by spending money (stimulus), in this case on infrastructure and education, which will increase the deficit in the short term, but will decrease it in the long term. The alternative, as proposed by the Republican congress, is austerity, freeze spending and try to pay down the debt, this is what Europe tried, and every country they attempted it had a contraction in their economy which just led to more issues…

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