Father of slain Florida teen steps into "Stand Your Ground" battle

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RayIvey wrote:

His son, an unarmed black teenager whose story has parallels with that of Trayvon Martin, another Florida teenager shot and killed by a man arguing self-defense, was gunned down on November 23 by a white man.
Why does the news always tell the race when the accused is white, but when it’s the other way around they never mention color. Reverse discrimination. Also they always try to make the person guilty before there is even a trail, Stand your ground if someone is beating your head into the side walk and if a shotgun get’s pointed toward your head !

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EddyNubine wrote:

Eddy Nubine Jr. started the R.I.P Jordan Davis, message the page and I guarantee I’ll message you back saying ”Yes eddy nubine jr made the page”. I know I’m only 17 but I would love to help in anyway I can!

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