"Fiscal cliff" would hit New Yorkers with $43 billion taxes: NY Comptroller

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xcanada2 wrote:

Sounds like we know where some of the tax avoiders come from. $43B is a good start.

After all, the banks got several $T from us.

Dec 05, 2012 11:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse

You gotta pay more payroll and other taxes if you want to retire healthy and half-or-quarter wealthy, and have good enough roads, airports, rails and bridges to transport essential goods and services. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before the drop dead date hits — when China calls in its chits and America, as the television advertisement says, works for them.
So, pay now or have no future later.

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susette wrote:

Well, yes, the payroll tax increase woul hurt the working and businesses; but the comptroller would be flush with money and this is the same money going to different places now. New York will not benefit as much as their payout would reflect.

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morbas wrote:

An alternate does exist, Nationalized Income Tax margin-ed above poverty. This would eliminate all other forms of taxation, the offending transaction taxation included. Want to retire the budget deficit use three surtax levels: 0-20K money 0 tax, 20k-200K money 30% tax, 200K-up money 90% tax. The present 2012 income tax rate is less for under 250K income level, is close to 80% at $1M. Compare this to 1960′s top rate of 91.5% at $400K, not so radical is it. Look at this, revenue $8Trillion enough to pay for USA Federal+State+Municipality lumped together. I would say, finding our way as Christians to not tax the poorest provides economic relief.
Write your representatives and mandate they represent the 99% Christians not the 1% aristocracy.

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OutfieldDan wrote:

So what? I’m ready to go over this stupid cliff. The fearmongers are just representing special (actually selfish) interests. Our biggest problem is all the debt we have, and if negotiations fail, spending cuts and tax increases are a very good thing. It will get more of the 47% back to paying taxes. Everyone should have some skin in the game.

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