Marijuana goes legal in Washington state amid mixed messages

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JohnKimbrough wrote:

Since people have been using both tobacco and alcohol for so long, one wonders what is the problem or has been the problem with the use of marijuana????….They can all be overused and abused and harm a person in various ways and also harm others……We all have our addictions and needs……It is up to our own mindfulness and the grace of God to make changes for the best in our lives……

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Jose3 wrote:

Legalization restores the rule of law that was broken with the “drug war exception” in Justic Scalia’s minority opinion when the Supreme Court shredded the Constitution.

The war on drugs is becoming the equivalent of Hitler’s war on the Jews. It won’t be long until we get to 4 million dead and far more lives ruined.

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bobber1956 wrote:

FYI The weirdoes that turned out at the Space Needle are NOT representative of most WA residents that smoke pot…we are just folks and actually prefer a low profile life style. You know, laid-back.

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Doc62 wrote:

Jose3, I agree with you on Justice Scalia’s conservative views. I voted for President Obama 2x’s in the hope his liberal modern views would change the war on pot. Well, he is raising women’s, GLBT’s and minority’s status(long overdue). Next, hopefully is decriminalization of pot. I would not go as far as to equate weed persecution with the genocide of Six Million innocent Jews.
I’m comfortable with that! -Joe Biden

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bobber1956 wrote:

Jose3 and Doc62
Those weirdoes-they are the libs that give the rest of us a bad name. We conservatives are the laid-back, low profile pot smokers in WA. We are also the one that contributed MOST of the funding for the camaign to legalize it-just so you know. Ignorant idiots spouting crap about some thing you know nothing about…yup, dumocrats.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Good for Washington.

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