China tells Vietnam to halt oil exploration in disputed waters

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XinJiPin wrote:

Chinese fishing boats to leave the area the Binh Minh 02 was working in, two Chinese ships numbered 16025 and 16028 ran up behind the Vietnamese ship, breaking off it seismic survey cable.

The location of the cable breakage was at 17.26 degree North latitude and 108.02 East longitude, 43 nautical miles southeast of Vietnam’s Con Co island and 20 nautical miles west of the median line between Vietnam and China.

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XinJiPin wrote:

PetroVietnam also requested that relevant agencies ask Chinese citizens to respect Vietnam’s sovereignty and not interfere with operations of Vietnamese ships, including seismic survey ships belonging to PetroVietnam.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

The area in this article is well within the Viet Nam’s EEZ. As defined by the Convention on the Law of the Sea, a convention China is a signatory of. The reason the waters are in ‘dispute’, is due to claims China has made within other nations EEZ’s and are outside International Law, the very law China is a signatory of.

The last time there was major hostilities near these waters, was China’s Invasion and Occupation of the Western Paracel Island’s during Viet Nams civil war.

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SeniorMoment wrote:

China is putting itself at risk of the ravages of war if its continues to act so arrogantly. The USA will side with China’s neighbors when it comes to maintain open shipping lanes in Asia and in defending its own allies in the Pacific Theater plus those nations viewed as innocents.

Only government owned oil companies will take much of a chance in exploring for oil and gas in disputed territories, because war insurance is not available, and only the largest global oil companies can even afford large scale drilling platform losses in Asian waters unless fully insured by one of the regional governments against loss from hostilities.

China is being pretty assertive for a nation with no significant navy and only one reconditioned and obsolete aircraft carrier. What seems to be at stake is national face saving rather than any sense of business common sense. I don’t see good outcomes for any of the parties with territorial disputes.

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WJL wrote:

Gee whiz All these CIA trolls hard at work. It is reasonable to stop exploitation activites is disputed waters. Vietnam has acknowledge this fact. The survey vessel belongs to America anyway and operates under the pretext of a Vietnam flag.

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Abulafiah wrote:


China claiming territory that legally belongs to another state does not make it ‘disputed’. It is only disputed if both states have a credible claim, and then it is settled by taking it to arbitration at the UN.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

“During and after the Vietnam war the United States made a further strategic blunder by treating the Communist regimes as separate nationalistic entities operating independently of a common Communist strategy. Having failed to recognize or understand the new long-range Communist strategy and the disinformation about splits between the Communist countries, the United States adopted a contradictory policy of fighting the Communists in Vietnam while providing trade and credits to the East European satellite regimes and moving into active détente with both the Soviet Union and Communist China. This contradictory policy of simultaneously fighting and having dealings with the Communists confused the American people and was the primary factor leading to the American defeat in Vietnam.” — KGB Defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception, September 1988, p. 66.

I would like to amend Golitsyn’s observation about why America lost the war in Vietnam: The majority of the troops American forces fought in the south were Chinese PLA troops attired in North Vietnamese uniforms. Those Chinese troops only fought in all-Chinese regiments.

This does not include the Chinese PLA troops assisting North Vietnam in the north proper, where 250,000 such troops assisted North Vietnam with engineering/logistical and anti-aircraft battery funtions.

This proves that the Sino/Soviet Split was a disinformation operation under the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” strategy that all Communist nations signed onto to defeat the West.

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Pterosaur wrote:

If Vietnam was smart, it should know that ambition is one thing and to achieve it is totally a different thing.

Cambodia and Laos are keen to take back their land grabbed by Vietnam during the period between 75-90.

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Pterosaur wrote:


the US will call anyone “Ally” if it leases its land to the US for a military base, but the next day, the US will “free” its people and chop off the heads of its leaders.

That’s how “freedom of the People” works.

And fyi, Vietnam may be a tool for the US to contain China. So it’s the “Natural” Ally as of now.

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XinJiPin wrote:

Chinese fishing boats always violate Philippines and Vietnam’s territories, particularly waters near Vietnam’s Spratly Islands and Paracel Island. Chinese fishermen are often equipped with weapons to fight when their violations found.

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XinJiPin wrote:

China is globally isolated and its aggression will be punished. There will be a war between China and the rest of the world.

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Spacetime wrote:

Viet and philie will have to pay back for the weaponless Chinese fishmen they killed in the last decades. They will understand tha invading China is their stupidist action they made ever.

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Abulafiah wrote:


The stupidest thing ever? No. The stupidest thing ever is China, a country that generates only 34% of its GDP from domestic consumption, actively alienating all the countries it relies on to generate income.

To put a perspective on this, the USA generates 71% of its GDP from domestic consumption, and the EU 58%.

Think about this… 66% of China’s income comes from other countries. What do *you* think will happen to China when those other countries lose patience with China’s expansion agenda and stop giving their money to you?

Don’t kid yourself that China is so special the rest of us can’t exist without it. Intel chose Vietnam over China. GM chose Thailand over China. Google got fed up of China and left. Apple have just announced that they are moving production back to the USA days.

China’s days are numbered. You are in decline now.

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I, representing for those who live in Hainan province, announces that Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam. If China wants them to belong to China, it means China belongs to Vietnam.

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Four Chinese government ships sailed into the territorial waters of disputed islands controlled by Tokyo in the East China Sea on Friday, Japan’s coastguard said.
The maritime surveillance vessels entered the 12-nautical-mile zone around Kubashima, one of the islands in the chain called the Senkakus by Japan and the Diaoyus by China, shortly before 1:00 pm (0400 GMT).
Chinese vessels have been spotted in and around the territorial waters almost every day for the last two months.


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All comments in this article come from two sides, one from Chinese and one from different countries. Hence, we can realize that you, Chinese men, have no friends and no countries are on your side due to your wrongdoing against Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, India, Taiwan, and so on. What a shame on you!

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Anon83 wrote:

China should respect sovereignty of other nations. Plain and simple, a bully and if this is not resolved peacefully soon, can be the start of another World War /sigh. It had already agreed and signed with the international laws set within the United Nations, and yet does not honor it.

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bates148 wrote:

@Abulafiah One thing is for certain. Your post was the “stupidest” post I’ve ever read on China.

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