Apple to return some Mac production to U.S. in 2013

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StillUK wrote:

Apple have been under pressure for some time to allow all their manufacturing done outside of the US. This is nothing but a political move. Why not just move the whole thing back to the US? Because it’s still far far cheaper to manufacture their products in China. Only one line of Macs will be produced in the US and it probably won’t be a flagship model, this hardly changes anything.

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blah77 wrote:

Given the retail price of Macs, yeah, they can afford to make it here. This is more of a symbolic gesture considering desktop sales only make up a tiny fraction of Apple’s over all bottom line. The production of Apple’s real moneymakers (iPhone/iPad/Macbook) will continue to stay overseas. If and when manufacturing in China gets too expensive, there’s always Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

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wthcares wrote:

StillUK and bla77, you clowns are Apple haters, can never see good in anything they do. How many Samsung products are manufactured in the US?

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AlkalineState wrote:

Apple eyes Washington State as production site…. for apples. “What, you thought we were going to let you hillbillies touch the good stuff? America can produce the mascotts.”

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StillUK wrote:

@wthcares. That’s not the point. Samsung aren’t an American company.! For the record I own 4 Apple products so no I’m not an Apple hater, I’m a realist.

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blah77 wrote:

wthcares: Stating the reality behind corporate manufacturing and supply chain has nothing to do with being an Apple-fan or Apple-hater. Can you dispute the facts I stated? Way to make leaps in assumption and knee-jerk reactions.

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Mainspring44 wrote:

Apple constructed an entire factory to assemble components into the first Macintosh with all of 128K of memory. 1983. But components became predominantly made in east Asia, thus the shift to assembly there – where cheaper labor for every component maker kept them there, too. As reported in this Reuters story, Austin TX is now among Apple’s major component sources.

If the goal is making stuff up: maybe the ghost of Steve Jobs landed at Roswell and spoke with a Hopi chief. No telling which variety of apple they collaborated on growing in the desert to harvest bigger, juicier ones than from Washington state. Maybe Bill Gates knows.

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