Conservative Senator DeMint to resign, head up think tank

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Quatermass wrote:

“…allow Washington politicians” to swell, not reduce, the deficit.”

And this move will allow this pitiful excuse for a “Senator” to swell his bank account.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Wet tea bag thrown in the heritage foundation trash can.

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Chazz wrote:

This is good –

I think it’s hight time the Republicans capitulate. They should give in and give Obama everything he wants – everything. If his “plan” (whatever that is) works then all is well. But….if it doesn’t…..then EVERYONE will go down together.

ALL “Americans” have forgotten what it’s like to TRULY “suffer.”

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majkmushrm wrote:

The Senate will be a better place.

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TeaPublican wrote:

This is fantastic! Now Jim DeMint can really go after those republicans who do not toe the line on our TeaPublican purity tests! He will watch how they vote…and if they go down the wrong path Mr. DeMint will have a Republican in waiting to run against them in the next primary election! Sen. DeMint’s departure means that Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will name a successor…and let’s all pray to God that she appoints herself! OMG that would be awesome! This self-appointment would show America that we TeaPublicans are determined to have women as our Republican leaders! And Sen. DeMint’s departure will help him get ready for a Presidential bid! Now he doesn’t have to take those tough votes like one coming up on the fiscal cliff! I bet we will now see him every single night on Fox News! This departure is just what Sen. DeMint, Nikki Haley and America needed…and it WILL pay off in the end! This is just another step in TeaPublicans taking back America in 2014 and 2016!

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Raelyn wrote:

good riddance. The Heritage Foundation is so mis-named, however the conservatives are good at hijacking misleading names, but we are through being fooled by their self-serving lying claims…

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AlkalineState wrote:

Today’s Headline:

“GOP’s Bohner Feels Squeeze, Plans to Cream DeMint.”

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RSaltyDog wrote:

DeMint is not conservative he is radical. Heritaqe Foundation is the Fox News of think tanks. They are not even a “think” tank but more of an 1850′s hate tank.

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BillDexter wrote:

AlkilineState that famous comment was that deficits don’t matter politically. Ross Perot was able to get the deficit on the radar of voters very briefly but Cheney simply observed that deficits do not matter politically. To think that you’re being cute to infer that he, and therefore we, do not think they matter in the real world is a little childish, don’t ya think?

flashrooster, go outside and look up. Do you see money falling from the sky? No? Me neither. Do I need to ‘back up’ the assertion that money doesn’t fall from the sky?

You constantly dribble on about ‘the rich’. You imply that ‘we’ should take more of their money, insinuating that everything will be fine once we do. The reason I don’t believe that is because the ‘working poor’ in our country no longer support themselves. Instead are publicly subsidized. This doesn’t mean they are lazy, it means that ‘labor’ has been rendered valueless because of immigration, and the ‘poverty level’ is always adjusted up to suit the bureaucracies that dole out the money. Until this scam is broken, flashrooster, no amount of ‘rich people’s ‘ money will be enough.

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jamkarat wrote:

Solid Republican or not, it may well make a difference in the Senate if they elect a moderate vs. a radical like DeMint.
I believe he is resigning because he sees the handwriting on the wall for the radical element of the Republicans, and he can still retain his ‘power/ego’ at Heritage.

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jcfl wrote:

do you think the huge pay increase and never having to run anymore had anything to do with his decision? looking out for #1. gotta love it

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flashrooster wrote:

DeMint: “This is an urgent time, because we saw in the last election we were not able to communicate conservative ideas that win elections.”

Geez, they threw everything at the wall and nothing stuck. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is with the actual message and not how you communicate that message. Sounds to me like the GOP is focused on coming up with more effective ways of deceiving the people, another weapons of mass destruction ploy. The focus is on getting people to vote for them by any means necessary. What happened to the battle of ideas? Republicans have such disdain for the average American citizen.

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Chazz wrote:


Looks like you scared flashrooster off this message board. That seems to happen a lot, especially when people are faced with logical, intelligent and non-party affiliated comments are made.

Your post was very well written – KUDOS. Ours would be a better country if more people could think and express themselves as well as you have.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Well Bill, I’ll take your word for it. But it’s not all bad for you guys in the republican party. You won Kentucky :)

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fromthecenter wrote:

So long minty…don’t let the teabag hit you in the A**. Maybe you can team up with grover and open a bait shop in few years.

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flashrooster wrote:

Chazz: “Looks like you scared flashrooster off this message board.”

Now where did that flashrooster go? Oh, there he is, right in front of you. No wonder you missed me. Republicans seems to have a tough time seeing that which is right in front of them.

DeMint isn’t the sharpest blade in the drawer. He makes for an interesting choice to lead the Heritage Foundation, a rightwing thinktank.

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pheebel_wimpe wrote:

So basically, he’s pulling a “Palin”.

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flashrooster wrote:

I don’t think the Senate was a suitable place for Jim DeMint. He’s always been about Jim DeMint, and not what it best for this country. Let him spend his days coming up with new ways to deceive the public into thinking that surrendering our sovereignty to a cadre of plutocrats is actually good for America.

BillDexter: The problem with the arguments you make, and many more like you, is that you make assertions without offering any facts to back them up. Over the last 30 years most Americans have been falling behind, all but the most wealthy, who have been increasing their wealth annually by double digits. This is the same time period during which we’ve employed the Republican’s economic theory of trickle-down and spend. It hasn’t worked for 98% of the country and it’s never going to work, regardless of how long we keep stuffing it down the throats of Americans.

And how is it that we’ve stayed the course so long with policies that only benefit the rich? It’s because during this same time period the rich have taken control of our government. You may be okay with that, but a growing number of Americans aren’t. You can criticize us all you want, calling us lazy socialists. That’s fine because we’re more interested in facts and reality, and no facts support your denigration of the American people. We’re a hard working bunch, but we demand fairness and pragmatic governing.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Heritage foundation. Now there’s a winning outfit. Relegated to being just another conservative consulting firm filled with fired contractors and professional election losers. Kind of like Newt’s think tank.

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Chazz wrote:


If I followed your “logic” everything I assume to be correct would therefore be correct. Sadly, you assumed that I am/was a Republican.

Here’s one thing – a fact – that’s right in front of you. (because you must have facts) If you look at the sequence of posts above (the most recent being the LAST in the list) you’ll note there are no words of your wisdom BEFORE Bill Dexter’s comment made at 1:13pm EST. Hummm…..must be some “tea bagger” vile repuglican, (did I miss any?) conspiracy.

Because I didn’t see any words of divine inspiration or post chock-full of inside information that support your conclusions that prompted Bill Dexter to address you, I made the decision (based on the fact that there was/is no post of yours predating Bills) that you took your ball and went away to either pontificate on another message stream or load up on talking points from the Chris Mathews website or on MSNBC. (Based on the content of your posts, where else would you get your “knowledge?”)

Clearly, like DeMint you aren’t the sharpest stick in the pile, tool in the shed, or tack in the wall because surely you would have noticed no post of your appears before Bill’s.

Speaking of your gift of righteous condemnation. I read your posts from time to time and I wonder, why does the rooster (I can call you “the Rooster, can’t I?) HATE “the repuglicans” so much?

It’s a real, palpable HATE…. why….?

I’m sure the answer to that is too deep for any scientist or even for a sage like you to break down with verifiable “facts.” Perhaps a “repuglican” or “tea bagger” has personally done you direct and personal harm…? If they have I’m truly sorry for you. If they haven’t…I’m still sorry.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Demint quits U.S. Senate, now heads “Office of Tea Party Thoughts.”

Small office, but good work if you can get it.

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RSaltyDog wrote:

SC the first to seceed and where the War between the states still lives. DeMint’s leaving is a war within the Republican Party. Will the Old GOP survive or will it become just the TEAParty. There is no middle ground. The results of this war within the GOP/TEA will have an impact on politics and government in general. IF the old GOP Remains there will continue to be a two party system. IF the new TEA remains then I think there will be a three party system of DEM, IND, TEA. I was a Republican for over 35+ years, now an Independent and I left because of the radical TEAParty. It was quite one thing for me to be fiscally conservative and quite another for me to vote for people who were radically right short of facist, religious zealots, etc. Personally, I would love the old GOP to take a stand but I have serious doubts.

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sylvan wrote:

Yea!! Another one bites the dust….

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CMEBARK wrote:

Money talks and bulls**t walks.

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Gigimoderate wrote:

I’m not winning so I’m leaving! You can find me at Faux news or the Heritage foundation!

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borisjimbo wrote:

Think tank? Try propaganda mill.

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BillDexter wrote:

flashrooster I agree with your observation that the Republicans have had nothing stick to the wall. Is it the message as opposed to how they deliver it? Yes. The message is that the capitalist economy that provides jobs and taxes should be kept alive. No matter how one says that it will not resonate with people who want to see it dead.

You and I could probably agree on quite a lot of policy – except for this one point. You want to chop down the tree right now to get all the fruit and I worry that if we do, we will have no fruit tomorrow. Seriously I wish you would follow up on your theory to explain how it works after you get the money and give it away. Where do ‘the rich’ have their money? In piles of cash in their bedrooms? No, in businesses. Stocks and bonds. Do you really think you can just start taking it with no consequences?

Chazz this message board has been edited today. I must say this has been happening a lot lately. AlkilineState, flashrooster and I have all had things deleted after they appeared.

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flashrooster wrote:

Chazz: “why does the rooster HATE “the repuglicans” so much? It’s a real, palpable HATE…. why….?”

Let me start by saying I don’t hate the people, I hate the party as an institution because of how they subvert our democratic principles and the adverse ramifications that result from their actions.

Why do I believe that the GOteaParty doesn’t respect our Republic and its people? I’ll give you a sample list of specifices:

1. They took us from what were very promising budget surpluses to record deficits beginning in 2001. Things were looking so good.
2. They conned us into an unnecessary war with Iraq that resulted in the deaths of 4,500 US soldiers, tens of thousands more suffering serious injury, 100,000+ dead Iraqi civilians, and will ultimately cost the US taxpayer well over a trillion dollars in lost revenue, not to mention our lost credibility in the world. It was a combination of building a case by cherry picking intelligence, fear and exaggeration, and flat out lies. I mean, mushroom clouds? Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks? It’s inexcusable and history will not be as forgiving as we’ve been.
3. Their willingness to force us to default on our debt obligations just to score political points, causing our credit rating to be lowered.
4. Their willingness to see taxes go up on 98% of American taxpayers–those who most need the tax breaks–in order to save the rich from having to pay an additional 4.6% in taxes, not that they pay the marginal tax rates anyway. And they’ll continue to protect enough tax loopholes so that the wealthy can continue to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
5. Instead of raising taxes to pay for our wars, like all past Presidents and Congresses did, Bush and the Republicans cut taxes, and paid for the wars with borrowed money. Unbelievable. And they’re still refusing to.
6. Their blocking of a UN treaty that would have given disabled people around the world a chance at making life a little bit easier for them. It’s law here, but the GOP managed to prevent the rest of the world’s disabled from the same protections.
7. When the GOP and Drug industry lobbyists were writing up Bush’s Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, they added a clause that made it illegal for Medicare officials to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs, a gift to the drug industry paid for by taxpayers. They want to cut people’s benefits, but won’t allow for ways of saving taxpayers’ money so we DON’T have to cut benefits.
8. The Republican healthcare system, the most expensive, inefficient, illogical, inhumane healthcare system in the entire developed world, a system they will fight tooth and nail to protect and keep just as it is, at the expense of the entire country, except for those reaping enormous profits from our system.
9. The Republicans refusal to recognize man’s contribution to global warming, making us the only developed country not to do so. They shun science like vampires shun sunlight. We used to be the leaders in science, and we were a much better country for it.
10. They prevented Democrats in Congress from passing a bill that would have ended tax breaks for companies who shipped jobs overseas and give tax breaks to companies who brought jobs back to the US.
11. Perhaps the most egregious action on their part is the way they’ve enabled a relatively small group of plutocrats to buy our government out from under us, to where our government is answering to the plutocrats rather than the American people. This is behind much of heinous things they do that hurt this country and its people.

That’s just a sampling of why I get so frustrated with today’s Republican Party. They weren’t always that way. I’d always been a moderate, and that hasn’t changed. It’s just that the Republicans have moved radically to the right beyond all logic, and they’ve brought the entire country along with them for a lot of that move. Fortunately, we’re seeing signs that a majority of people are getting fed up. So the bottom line is that I hate the Republican Party as an institution because they are threatening the country that I love.

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cautious123 wrote:

“think” is the last thing this conservative troll will do

Dec 06, 2012 7:33pm EST  --  Report as abuse
RynoM wrote:

Maybe he can take the Heritage Foundation to task for inventing – in the 1990s – what became RomneyCare and eventually ObamaCare.

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Chazz wrote:

Rooster –

I hesitate to write more, especially after reading through what you posted above (a couple of times.) I have a vision of you right now, beet-red faced with elevated blood pressure, out of breath and with that little dot of white spittle at the corner of your mouth….

I don’t want to send you over the edge.

Now that you laid it all out I’m sure any “tea bagger” or “repuglican” or even the most reviled George Bush the younger could go through your eleven points and debate you. I’ll leave it to them to do that….if they care because frankly I’ve seen and heard the same arguments over and over and over and over. Jeez, now I’m outta breath.

You know what – even though “both sides” have made their case countless times over, nothing has changed in this country – nothing. In fact, it’s actually gotten worse. On that I think you would agree. It would be interesting to hear how you’d change everything to make it right. It’d be interesting to hear what you think should be done – without resorting to finger pointing about what you perceive “the other side” ISN’T doing.

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to deliver….

I mentioned that things have changed in this country and that they’ve changed not for the better but for the worse. I’m gonna post a link to a good article that talks about that change – where we were when there was real promise and real excitement in this country and where we are today.

I hope you take some time to read it and consider it. If you don’t I hope others do…

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fromthecenter wrote:

Flashrooster you left out a few… Palin, Bachmann, Santorum. The earth is 6000 years old. Global warming is a myth. NRA. Self deportation. A ‘real’ rape. 47 percent. I am not a witch. Bartering chickens for healthcare. Birthers. I could go on….

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TheNewWorld wrote:

I wholy despise politicians that resign during their term they were elected for reasons of personal gain. Him and Palin are two peas in a pod.

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