Insight: Tortured, detained and ordered out: a migrant's tale in Greece

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Eric93 wrote:

A sad situation but this is the sort of thing that will continue as refugees flood Greece (which can’t even feed its own people) and other border states, and the dumb Dublin Treaty forces ‘unfunded liabilities’ (like the cost of running refugee centers) on these governments. The best thing Greece can do is to disengage from the Schengen Treaty in addition to leave the Euro zone.

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OmarMinyawi wrote:


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Macedonian wrote:

Ask about the treatment of the Macedonian minority in Greece

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Ras-Mitat wrote:

NO BAIL-OUT FOR GREECE…Let them rot with the racists they voted in office.

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JeffreyV wrote:

@Macedonian, You must be referring to the Slavic “Macedonians”, with whom all the Greeks are outraged by. Normal Macedonians are not a minority in Greece, Thessaloniki, Veria, Serres, Drama and the other ten or so regions are home to roughly 2.5 million Greeks, I would hardly call that a minority.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Excellent article.

In must be remembered that any country on the receiving end of substantial immigration is profoundly affected by it.

Two economic effects are very pronounced:
1. It drives down the wage rates of labor for the existing population.
2. It drives up rents for the existing population.

Immigration into Greece, or the United States, or any country, drives down the wage rates of those already there. How could it be otherwise? Are we to believe that the law of supply and demand has been rescinded by nature?

The result is that many in the existing population are thrown from middle class into poverty.

Wealthy people don’t see any problem with that. But for those millions of middle class humans whose careers and families are destroyed, one can’t blame them for being angry and ready to revolt. And one shouldn’t be surprised if they turn to violence, as the American military often does.

The plain fact is that the incoming immigrants require a place to live. They rent an apartment. This pronounced additional demand for apartments, on top of existing housing shortages, sharply drives up rents for the existing population.

It’s clear that an immigration flow brings pronounced economic harm and stress to a country’s existing poor and middle class.

The next question is this: Who benefits from immigration?

It’s obvious, of course. Employers gain because their cost of wages is sharply reduced. So employers in any country almost always clamor for more immigration. This is the same everywhere. The wealthy always clamor for immigration and sing its praises. Who could expect them to do otherwise?

And apartment owners and land speculators benefit from immigration because rents are driven up.

As high as the immigration to Greece is, it is even higher into the United States. That’s why American wages are going down, down and down. And that’s why American apartment rents are skyrocketing, accelerating faster now than any time in American history.

Immigration has profound winners and losers.

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Macedonian wrote:

The Greek Macedonia was ocupied by Greece in 1913 , Macedonia was split between Greece ,Bulgaria and Serbia. Since then only the part that Sebia took gained its independence the other two parts remained in Bulgaria and Greece where the Macedonians still live and can’t declare as Macedonians and are especially bad treated in Greece where genocide took place during the civil war in Greece . The greek army did ethnic cleansing of the area and populated it with greeks from other parts of Greece. The ancient Macedonians did not speak Greek

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GregMitchell wrote:

Reuters, thousands of crimes per year are committed by immigrants in Greece against the nation’s native population. When was the last time you headlined a news story about one of these crimes? Never is the correct answer.

The same corporate globalists and investment speculators that ruined Greece are now attempting to spread lies about the country to ward off any attempt by its populace to seek “nationalist solutions”. Reuters, just like CNN, Fox News, BBC, you’re an irrelevant tabloid which is about to find itself firmly planted on the wrong side of history.

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EthicsIntl wrote:


I was attacked with knives in a NYC shopping mall last Christmas by two Illegal Mexicans & luckily an off-duty NYPD officer grabbed them. No news media wanted my story.
Not all, but most illegal immigrants represent the worst of their countries citizens.

And yes, illegal immigration is very profitable for the greedy & unethical business operators, which hurts the native population as much as the illegals.

When economic deterioration comes to the point where you can’t feed your own children violence & irrational behavior toward illegal foreigners is to be expected.

The Greek people need to overthrow their crony & corrupt government and go after the likes of Goldman Sachs & EU elites that got them into the EU & Euro Ponzi Scheme in the first place.

Unfortunately its an ugly world we live in today, owned & controlled by the elite, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Freedoom4all wrote:

Sad how humanities cycles appear to never end. Golden Dawn party sounds a lot like Brown Shirts. The only hope that ensues is for those intelligent enough to counter the ignorant who are so narrow. Hopefully there always will be enough strong humanitarians to counter those foolish nationalist racist dolts. All who know it cherish it….freedom.

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scythe wrote:

(quote) “undocumented immigrants who toil in the black labor market…”

wasn’t that the story of hispanics and mexicans sweating for their white masters in america?

and the dranonian racial profiling in arizona?

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Delkomo wrote:

The scars on the back of the Sudanese guy are older than the pyramids. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of medicine could tell you that there is not even one chance in a million that these could have been made in August. At least not in this year’s one…

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numa wrote:

This article is totally one sided. Nowhere is mentioned the fact that a country with a population of 11 million is “invaded” the last few years by waves of massive illegal immigration, 1.5 mil people strong (to get an idea imagine the US flooded suddenly with 35 millions of Latino illegals). All this in the midst of Greece’s biggest economic crisis and the resulting psychological, moral etc crises. Obviously many of these people were planning to go through Greece to other European countries but are stuck here and (Dublin II treaty) and Greeks with all the problems cannot cope. It’s also a ridiculous geostrategic game: Turkey turns a blind eye, de facto facilitating the thousands of Asian and African migrants crossing to Greece thus contributing to the “western neighbour’s” destabilisation. But there is also a mystery. How can disinherited people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria etc can amass the $6000-$10000 needed to pay the illegal immigration traffickers?

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beli3636 wrote:

“Macedonian” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop trying to make this about the lies that the govt in FYROM has taught or paid you to disseminate, which some of the most senior and respected acedemics and past politicians on your OWN COUNTRY have openly admitted are lies which simply reflect an agenda to steal cultural history which isn’t your own. To say “Ancient Macedonians didnt speak Greek” is showing how ignorant you truly are by making such a perverse and retarded claim.

Ancient Macedonians spoke their OWN DIALECT of GREEK just as Pontians of Pontus, or Ephesians of Ephesus, or Athenians, or Spartans. Using your illogical argument, would be like the people of New Mexico, USA, laying claim to Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and claiming it as their own. How ignorant would it sound if you heard someone say “Ancient Mexicans didn’t speak their own language, they actually spoke New Mexican”(despite the fact that New Mexico speaks English and was established MILLENIA after the unique history which led up to the formation of modern Mexico, which New Mexico has nothing to do with and can never hope to lay claim to).

Can you even start to look at this issue objectively and realize how insane what you’re trying to do is? Any historian the world over, including many whom are in your own country, will tell you the same thing.

If you truly believe that your Slavic state has ANY claim whatsoever to ANY of Greece’s cultural or historical legacy, then you deserve pity and extreme disdain for actively attempting to steal another people’s historical legacy which has been long established and is irrefutable, to use for a nasty agenda which your leaders have been bribed into engaging in. You and others like you allow yourselves to be used as pawns in a dangerous game and agenda which aims to make you into enemies of Greece when in fact there is absolutely no reason to be, and which serves to harm the interests of both peoples.

Slavic peoples entered the area LONG after the days of Alexander the Great. This is HISTORICAL FACT, period. As such, every argument that exists which attempts to lay claim to an historical and cultural legacy which has absolutely NOTHING to do with you or your people is MOOT.

How about Aristotle? Was he Slavic too? Did he, according to you, also not speak Greek? Aristotle is one of Ancient Greece’s greatest thinkers and his work resonates to this very day, and guess who was one of his star pupils? Alexander the Great, along with some of his closest friends and others from the court of Philip of Macedon. So I guess you’re going to try and convince us next that Aristotle also didn’t speak Greek? I suppose it makes no difference to you either that Alexander and other Ancients from Macedon worshiped Greek Gods?

Try, just for a moment, to understand the following: In the Classical World, the dominant language was in fact Greek, similarly to the way English is today. Greeks living in different areas spoke different dialects and/or accents of Greek. Just as English speakers today speak different dialects of English depending on where they are. In some cases the variances are subtle, others more pronounced.

There is plenty the Slavs have to celebrate within their own culture, without being duped into being made enemies of those who they have traditionally been friends with by allowing themselves to be used as cultural and historical thieves against Greece in order to make enemies out of you where in reality no reason exists for it.

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