Michigan Legislature OKs separate "right-to-work" bills to curb unions

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rokid wrote:

The United Auto Workers (UAW) was instrumental in building the middle class in Michigan and across the country. Do you think South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee auto workers will maintain a living wage once the UAW is gone? Good luck, but not likely.

Dec 06, 2012 9:22pm EST  --  Report as abuse
fromthecenter wrote:

Just another brick in the lower wages law. The job creators have won. The only way we can create jobs here to compete with people living on 10,000 a year in low wage countries is to make our wages just as low. Unless the work can only be done on our soil… Unions have been finally beaten.

Dec 07, 2012 3:52am EST  --  Report as abuse
Whipsplash wrote:

Clearly Governor Snyder is spineless.
The only representation the working class (middle class) has in Washington is/was lobbyists for the unions. While the wealthy and corporations have numerous lobbyists in Washington including the chamber of commerce.
When union haters figure out that their own wages are directly or indirectly based on union scale it’ll be too late. Unfortunately it’s popular to hate those with good pay and benefits, and conveniate to buy into the right wing brain washing that the problems in this country are due to unions, when in fact all the right wing is concerned about is hurting any power unions may have in elections.
Welcome to serfdom America.

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Sensibility wrote:

Wonderful news for freedom, equality, and the middle class!

Dec 07, 2012 9:20am EST  --  Report as abuse
PKFA wrote:

It’s true that the UAW has been instrumental in creating American jobs, but not in the way that most people may believe. Its negotiations for highly lucrative wage and benefit packages among the Big 3 paved the way for the Honda, Toyota, BMW, Daimler, Suburu and countless Tier 2 suppliers to locate manufacturing facilities in right-to-work states in the South. There is no question that KY, TN, AL SC and other states owe a debt of gratitude to Rust Belt hubris.

Dec 07, 2012 10:44am EST  --  Report as abuse
avocadotree wrote:

Looks like Michigan is finally coming out of the dark ages. people ought to be able to keep unions out of their wallets, and still work at any open job.

Dec 07, 2012 2:04pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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