Exclusive: U.S. seen extending Iran sanction waivers

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LargeToolJnr wrote:

I am no admirer of Iran and I am extremely fearful of that country and others of similar persuasions having nuclear weapons. But I am keen on the truth – especially in news reporting and journalism. Also I get concerned at the increasing propensity of the government of the U.S.A. to seek to apply their law extra-territorially.

You report that “The United States has worked this year with all of Iran’s major oil buyers in an effort to rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions … “.

“Worked with” or “working with” are the most appallingly over-used euphemisms but in this case, as you well know, “worked … with” is a travesty of the reality – which is that the U.S.A. is threatening other countries with financial sanctions unless they adhere to U.S.A. policy. So why not say so?

Every time governments and their mouthpieces deviate for the truth in favour of ‘weasel words’, unproven assertions, convenient propaganda or journalistic laziness, they reduce the trust of their populations, undermine the very cause they pursue and make it less likely that they will be believed in future.

Additionally, I don’t think that you appreciate how arrogant the following excerpts from your article (to quote just two) make the U.S.A. appear to us ‘foreigners’:

“The United States will likely give on Friday another six-month reprieve from financial sanctions to India, South Korea, Turkey and others”.

“On June 11, a number of countries, including Taiwan and South Africa, received their first round of reprieves to a sanctions law signed by President Barack Obama a year ago”.

The governments of the U.S.A. and my own country (Great Britain), amongst other, seem to fail to see the irony (or the annoyance it must engender in other countries) of justifying their own vast arsenals of nuclear (and other) weapons of mass destruction yet asserting that other countries shouldn’t have them. We should put our own houses in order in parallel.

In any case, after the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ debacle how can anyone feel confident that the U.S.A. government is correct in asserting that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons?

The Iranians don’t do themselves any favours by obstructing international inspections but does the USA open all of its defence (defense) facilities to similar international inspection?

One day it could be China is powerful enough to treat the rest of the world as its underlings – how will the USA feel then?

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