Doha climate talks throw lifeline to Kyoto Protocol

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MrSirGareth wrote:

Plush vacations; wining and dining at world class resort spas and all on the taxpayer dole.

The trick is to find the right “crisis” to “study” and discuss endlessly. The “global warming crisis” has lost its panache. Events to revive is under some new ‘nom de plume’ (“climate change” “climate disruption” “too much rain” “too little rain” “too warm” “too cold” “too dry” etc) have all failed miserably. Lets face it, it’s all now more boring than bomb shelter plans.

We have seen this in the past the bomb shelter sales people of the 50s had to find a new line of work; they all became “climatologists”

In an effort to keep the taxpayer paid plush vacations for bureaucrats as an ongoing “perk”, there is a desperate search for a new hobgoblin with which to frighten the superstitious and ignorant.

Since bureaucrats (climatologists) have as much imagination as a broken alarm clock we need to help them develop a brand new crisis.

Here are some they might wish to try:

1) The cauliflower shortage “crisis”
2) The not enough places to store unwanted pennies “crisis”
3) The Hollywood actor’s lack of enough crises, “crisis”
4) The Hotel beach towel shortage “crisis”

This is just a modest offering and perhaps all of these “crisis” can be worked together to provide a “perfect convergence” of unimaginable terror.

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FactualBasis wrote:

Claim made in this article: ‘Recent growth has come mostly from emerging nations, led by China and India.’

Fact Check: India’s per-capita emissions are among the lowest in the world, still less than a third of global per-capita emissions.

2011 per-capita emissions estimates (metric tons per person): World: 4.9, CHINA: 7.2, US: 17.3, INDIA: 1.6, Russia: 12.8, Japan: 9.8, Germany: 9.9, Iran: 5.5, South Korea: 12.6, Canada: 16.2, South Africa: 7.2. EU-27: 8.57. Data Source: EDGAR database (EU).

The fastest growth in emissions is coming from China (whose per-capita emissions now exceed global per-capita, coming from large amount of manufacturing exports) and the middle east (where both population and per-capita are rapidly rising, doubling the impact on co2 emissions from that region.)

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