Boehner says stalemate persists in "fiscal cliff" talks

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AlkalineState wrote:

Stalemate persists? Good. The fiscal cliff is what we needed anyway, and it kicks in automatically in January if ‘stalemate persists.’

Let the bush tax cuts expire, raise revenue, cut spending across the board. It’s what we needed to start 8 years ago.

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flashrooster wrote:

The only way we can adequately cut spending in healthcare entitlements is to reform our healthcare system in a way that takes the profit out of it. Otherwise, we’ll have to keep coming back to these fiscal cliffs as healthcare costs keep rising. In the meantime spending “cuts” mean nothing more than cutting benefits to Americans who need those benefits.

We need affordable healthcare. Politicians are always saying that government’s #1 job (when it’s not getting rid of Obama) is to protect the people. They are failing miserably on the healthcare front. Death is death, whether you’re dying from illness or from a terrorist attack. We need to do better, and save ourselves a lot of money, both as individuals and for our government.

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jaham wrote:

I’m starting to think the GOP should do just as Rand Paul suggested: a “strategic retreat”

Let the Democrats craft and implement whatever tax increases they want; don’t tie it to the spending cuts or entitlement reforms we need or anything else. Let them go to the extreme: If they want to tax the rich at 90% and triple the capital gains rate, fine, let them own it.

The GOP will vote present in the House and No in the Senate and Obama, Reid, and Pelosi can craft a tax increase on a stagnant economy and own the externalities and fallout from it.

If this is a battle of two polar ideologies and the public has been steered towards a farcical focus and desire for taxation, let them have it. Let them see what the liberal economic philosophy (if you can call it that, LOL) will bear…then the GOP will have more solid footing to espouse a feasible and logical economic strategy based on liberty, conservatism, and the constitution.

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jaham wrote:

@flashrooster said: “The only way we can adequately cut spending in healthcare entitlements is to reform our healthcare system in a way that takes the profit out of it.”

Fear not, PPACA is here and is supposed to do those exact things, no? I don’t get an overwhelming sense of confidence from you on that notion…that’s probably because PPACA was only able to extend the life of Medicare to 2024 and Obama has no plans to revisit the issue as it would be politically unpalatable following on his legacy legislation.

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jaham wrote:

@Alkaline…I agree that the sequester is better than no action on the fiscal front and much better than Obama’s bogus proposal…but doesn’t it concern you that our politicians can only manage to unintentionally handcuff themselves to fiscal reform legislation that cuts more like a chainsaw rather than with the precision of a scalpel; is pragmatism in addressing our debt and deficits too much to ask?

Why do we elect representatives and “leaders” into office who can seemingly manage only to do the right thing by accident?

Perhaps I am young and naive but I expect better….

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