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americanguy wrote:

Like all terrorists who plan murders, Colleen LaRose should be put on trial, and if convicted (yea, I know she is guilty), executed immediately. In fact, a sword should be used to chop off her head as is the Islam custom.
Why should terrorists be given a break in a criminal sentence, when they sentence innocent people to death?
America needs to get over this “let’s treat terrorists like common criminals” thing.
If US soldiers are authorized to gun down and kill terrorists, then why do we give terrorists special treatment in the US?

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Robert76 wrote:

I have to wonder if they have co-ed cells at Gitmo. This woman certainly sounds like she deserves to be locked up while we decide what punishment is relevant for this kind of treason.

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Renox wrote:

There is an old saying: The enemy of my enemy if my friend. And desperate people do desperate things. Who is America’s raw model? The womanizer Petraeus, the Warmonger Obama, or the war criminal George Bush who was found guilty of War crimes by a Malaysian Court? No holiday for him in the Far East, that is for sure!
No need to believe every single word written in this article. Al Qaeida,or the Boogieman are just a bunch of sheepherders trying to convert a rusty faucet into a pipe bomb.If they exist as a cohesive entity, they have been a miserable failure, incapable of fighting off the Israelis in their own back yard. But they are a perfect tool in the hands of the Western media to spread havoc and fear in the hearts of law abiding citizens. There will always be mentally unstable people who will do anything for a few bucks. This article should not be in a political column, but in a Psychopath forum.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I prefer that we do it in the form of another Islam custom. Bury her up to her head in the ground and let the US citizens throw stones at her head until she dies.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“or the war criminal George Bush who was found guilty of War crimes by a Malaysian Court?”

Who cares about a Malaysian court? There are jihadists and terrorists in Malaysia. It is 61% Muslim. I am sure they don’t think much of any of our Presidents or our lifestyle. Their bible telss them to convert or kill us. Again, who cares about a Malaysian Court. They can worship a pedophile all they want, I couldn’t care less.

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paintcan wrote:

@americanguy and Robert76 – This women can’t really be accused of treason, and maybe not even attempted murder of a foreign citizen. And she didn’t carry through, so didn’t even attempt the murder. It seems the most one could accurately say was; she “plotted” to commit a murder. You could almost say that about Agatha Christi, but she never bought a plane ticket or had a real victim in mind. It sounds like date night with a rough crowd.

She really didn’t do much of anything except get her life story, in embarrassing detail, broadcast on this and other news sites. The real question is does she qualify as mentally competent and just how much of a punishment she should receive for being too “romantic” and potentially lethal?

She wasn’t even paid for her involvement in an assassination (plot) and there are state supported agents with more fervor who engage in “extra judicial” killings that are a lot more accurate, and just as illegal but they get away with it.

This story is pure romantic infotainment feeding on war fever for the consumer crowd: Jerry Springer type stuff with religious fervor and a beautiful woman. There are people who get involved in premeditated murder that don’t get this kind of coverage.

She looks like a woman I know and she’s a little flaky too. Her last name is a little like mine so it caught my notice. What people will do for love and maybe a lay? You could call it all: Romantic girls gone wild.

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Sonnyjc9 wrote:

Reading this article it seems to me the tone is one of admiration for this traitor. She promised to defend and kill for Islam and the press seems to think this is worthy of praise no matter how faint. No wonder we are in trouble our own press is so biased they praise our enemies and slant the news to their own outlook. And if I defend our Country and our Constitution then they say I am the biased one and need to change my outlook. I don’t think so! All you liberal idiots and especially the ones working for the press need to start LOOKING and UNDERSTANDING what the people you are praising are up to. Get your heads out of your collective backsides and start defending our Country instead of trying to advance your own ignorant and anti-American agenda.

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Neurochuck wrote:

“tone is one of admiration” – seems more like a forensic “autopsy” of the case to me, but I’m not a right wing American.
I don’t want to upset the FBI by booing their “victory lap”, but it seems that isolated people with economic, social and psychological problems that have to connect across the Internet, and want to shout their new Islamic sense of identity and belonging, prior to selection for serious crime, may not be the biggest problem.
In large Australian cities, and maybe in Europe, there is the problem of “middle eastern crime gangs”, which combine an “islamist”ideology and ethnic affiliations with drug and weapons smuggling and sales, extortion, truckload scale stolen goods, etc. Turf wars involve drive by shootings, ambushes at the family home, etc.
This creates “professional” abilities in evading police, organizing and communicating; and potential selection of terrorists for major crimes based on skills and “track record”, beyond the capabilities of these “pitiable” amateurs.
But the counter-measures have to be down at the more humble level of the local police, community and local political leaders, general association with the neighbors, etc.

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MrEthiopian wrote:

Jam them in jail for 20 years hard time,take away any money or possessions and then when their done with jail deport them (Regardless of being a citizen or not)and send them to the scummiest third world Muslim scum hole to live out the rest of their pathetic America hating lives.
Its simple payback, you turn on us and you can never be trusted again.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Couple of things come to mind. Big Brother in the USA is very much a reality, where misguided thoughts or plans – be them real or not are being watched and analyzed with large computers to look for whatever key words or phrases are spoken or written.

So far this – would be Allah nut romantic is only guilty of stealing a passport. How far big brother prosecutes her – we will never know – since Big Brother can whisk her to Gitmo with no day in court.

It almost makes me want to join some kind of vigilante group to fight the all oppressing Big Brother. Be it just an American roots war to get freedom back – it matters not – I am a terrorist in the making just by thinking it and will soon be on a watch list.

Secondly – what is more interesting and maybe worth a second article is how is this type of person being penetrated and influenced by these religious nuts. Does she hate the Western World for some reason? Is she off balance? Or… is this a typical pattern being exploited with 100s or recruits right now – most of whom are smart enough to leave no trails.

I am all for terrorism if it’s aim is to protect my freedoms. I am also all for another form of terrorism – to penetrate and destroy those religious nuts who are so rigid in their mind – it is their way or death. Perhaps in my ramblings I answered my own questions why this Big Brother form of loss of freedom is warranted.

Big Brother will not not come after me – no matter how many blogs or anti-USA speeches I might dream up. It’s when I cross that line that shows very high probable cause I will act on a criminal plot that I will be plucked away – to protect the freedom of everyone else in our joined nations of sorts.

Just give everyone who plots and plans without actually acting on it – their day in court – or Big Brother will be deemed a terrorist of the most dirty kind. Hiding behind freedom. This I and many others will not tolerate.

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VonHell wrote:

God…the weekend and the total absence of interesting economic, political, war or mideast issues for the headlines…
it is the only explanation for this… 3 huge texts about: the complete detailed history about the most pitiful err… terrorist err… plot? attempt?, plan? ever err… solved? prevented? avoided? by the FBI involving an american troubled housewife…
ops my mistake… i think that the case involving the FBI agent disguised as a pumped gym instructor trying to recruit young kids for a “jihad” until the kids themselves demounced the FBI agent to the FBI is still more absurd…
And while the FBI was in this interesting messenger-twitter case… the embassy in Bengazi was being bombed on 9/11 by the real dudes… killing the american embassador…

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Renox wrote:

NewWorld wrote: “There are jihadists and terrorists in Malaysia. It is 61% Muslim”
What are you implying? All these people are there to get you?
The Malay Kingdom existed before America was discovered. Have you ever been to Malaysia? Your binary view of the world with Ostrich policy is totally misguided, my friend! Have you ever considered that there are other countries out there, not just the corrupt US Cleptocracy? If you are so keen on judging people, you need to listen to what others say. But we all know: it is the good old American double standard. Yapping about how the environment must be saved, blaming all countries, yet the US is one of the few countries who did not sign the Kyoto protocol. But this is how it works, isn’t it? Say one thing, do another! Write a story about a troubled housewife and suddenly 61% of the Malaysian population a culpable for supporting terrorism.

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