Hamas leader vows never to recognize Israel

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paintcan wrote:

Is Hamas trying to snatch defeat from a stalemate, so far?

What do they expect the Israelis to do or where would Hamas have them go? The modern world would not welcome another Diaspora. I doubt it would allow another genocide. And it can’t really come to the aid of every intractable civil war without risking them in their own territories.

Go for full civil rights and autonomy and the ability to keep your house in order. Everybody but the Chinese and the Germans seem to be in hock to their eyeballs. That’s what a state in the modern world really gets you. It isn’t clear anymore what “sovereignty” of states in the modern world really means anymore, either. None of them can really live on their own without losses to their quality of life that are hard to estimate or anticipate. Population levels alone, world wide, will probably ensure that. Buckminster Fuller’s “Spaceship Earth” could make everywhere feel like Gaza, or the Middle Ages, if violence is a constant threat.

A glance at Google earth the other day was a shock. The widest part of Africa, down to the Ivory Coast countries, seems to be turning into a desert according to the latest photos (2011 for many). I think it was a whole lot greener even back in 2005. The Levant can’t be getting any cooler or wetter.

Global warming, for whatever reason, may not cause the oceans to rise above 3 feet, but desertification seems to be spreading anyway. The climate could turn into the greatest enemy of all.

Both sides of the dispute may need a lot more mutual cooperation or that region could become a lot harder to live in, even without the threats of violence.

God may be great, but he/she/it isn’t answerable to a soul on earth either. That’s what they told me when I went to church. Now I don’t want to, they’re all so “clubby” and I’d rather furnish my own head myself. It’s always face-to-face with something when you finally die. The congregation doesn’t tend to make the last step with you. With the exception of suicide bombers; everyone else does it the long drawn out way. I’m not sure who suffers more.

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fromthecenter wrote:

What an idiot… The man has no job so one would ask, where does he get his money? Do you think that Iran is providing him backing and probably even the speeches he gives? When you have leaders like this on BOTH sides is it any wonder there will never be peace between the people. The last thing Iran and the other jihadists want is a two state peaceful solution. That would cost them some of their best material to continue to have their people and followers forget about their own troubles and focus on a perceived common enemy.

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Adam.Smith wrote:

“Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, making his first ever visit to the Gaza Strip, vowed on Saturday never to recognize Israel and said his Islamist group would never abandon its claim to all Israeli territory.”

“Palestine is ours from the river to the sea and from the south to the north. There will be no concession on an inch of the land,” he told a sea of supporters at an open-air rally, the highlight of his three-day stay in Gaza.

Hasbara, right?

So can we finally cut the BS about how the Palestinians want peace?

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paintcan wrote:

@AdamSmith – you say “So can we finally cut the BS about how the Palestinians want peace?”

No, because the Israeli’s have their own government employed equivalents to Haniyeh and Meshaal. The Israeli’s have a more accountable governmental structure, at least, within their own borders, wherever those are.

Why is it that so many people can’t see that there is a difference between being a citizen of a country and a fighter for that country?

Isn’t it funny that both sides have their big “bear” politicians? I can just visualize them off camera pounding their chests like big old silver back gorillas. Where are the Chimpanzees, the Orangutans, and the macaque in world politics? They just don’t get the respect. But the Chimps and Orangs are smarter.

Voltaire was a Macague.

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valwayne wrote:

More hate, threats, and promises of terrorism and Genocide from Obama’s good friends in Hamas!

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paintcan wrote:

@valwayne – Grow up – no countries with the ability to export mass death and destruction (when none had actually existed prior to their arrival) and show such eagerness to export their influence, don’t really have the right to preach about “hate”. We will use it – with limits and more control – when it suits our own purposes. We just claim it is a superior form of hate.

Hamas and others like them are merely the less well-developed “nation state”. They are guilty of little more than being not quite polished or finished enough for more sensitive tastes. They are not masters of makeup and keeping up appearances. They also have very little to work with. They are not rich! And they are fighting con men and hypocrites.

The last ten years was actually therapeutic for the West. It served as a vent for domestic frustration. The causes of the frustration have not diminished one bit and, when the rest of the world has developed its own antibodies to our influence, that will leave those of us in the temporarily superior position to have to suffer that enormous frustration and pent up rage within our own borders. And those we claim we save will have the last laugh. And they will tend to be no more sympathetic to our deaths and suffering then we were to theirs.

Armchair generals and patriots should warn themselves: “the furniture you sit in is extremely flammable and the country you live in is a house of cards”.

Actually most of the developed world is a house of cards, built on spec and designed to last just about as long as the mortgage. This is now an environment where assets have little more durability or value then the funny money they were built with.

Those most equipped to survive times of stress may actually be those living in the most stressful conditions already. The people in the developed world tend to confuse self-imposed stress brought on by their own ambitions, for the kinds of stress that can’t be escaped. That’s what people in Gaza, the West Bank and many other places in the world, are living under.

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