Former South Africa president Mandela admitted to the hospital

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TomMariner wrote:

One of our most deserved, humble, honored leaders — ever. He was imprisoned for 27 years and took no revenge on his former tormenters, but served all the people of his nation, then refused to run for a second term. As a result his country is a prosperous bright spot in personality led African politics, although more is needed to be done with a large part of the population.

Contrast that with Cuba, where a patriot overthrew a repressive government 53 years ago, and the guy’s ego and bitterness still has him in power, and his country a pariah in some circles. Castro will be remembered as a small tyrant who wore out his usefulness 40 years ago, while Mandela is a larger than life hero to everyone.

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randburg100 wrote:

I suspect Zuma is getting nervous – whilst Mandela is no longer President, his words carry weight & probably holding SA together. When Mandela goes – it could get messy – accelerating the onset of Zimbabwe Mk2

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