Insight: Making France work again

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usagadfly wrote:

As with so many political entities, people confuse a governmental organization with a people. Is France simply a chunk of arbitrary real estate in the possession of a group of companies and bureaucrats? Is there more to France than that? Or are there a unique people we can call the French, other than those issued papers by those bureaucrats and companies? Do those people have a right to exist themselves? Do they have a right to their traditional culture, religion or society? Or is the State supreme?

It is no longer possible in this world to presume that “Peoples” are self-governing. People do as they are told in the vast majority of countries, and many, many Governments have a policy of eliminating the cultural and ethnic groups that gave a country its “name”. We are ruled now by “corporate states” with little allegiance to the people they rule.

Nationalism is politically dead in the West, but not elsewhere.

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