Michigan unions to protest "right-to-work" measures this week

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Calling it “right to work” is a big lie. It’s about union-busting and no amount of doublespeak can hide that.

Lionel Gambill
Beijing, China (and yes, labor’s collective bargaining right is beginning to be recognized in China.)

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morbas wrote:

The people have lost representation, party line ideaology (social engineering) trumps the rights of people to form a (more perfect) union. This pervades state and national governments, indemic to our constitutional democracy. Just perhaps, 1)We need to term limit representatives to non-consecutive terms as to force exposure to whom they are sworn to represent (separated from party, race, and religion).
2) The represented should have the authority to over-ride the representative legislature on any issue that is so divisive across any party lines. 3) Representation of the people should shall not be party affiliated. Naming a few solutions at National and State levels of bureaucracy.

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dualcitizen wrote:

“…making union membership and dues voluntary in the private sector.” So, what’s wrong with this? Why should anyone be FORCED to join a union. More liberal hypocrisy.

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tkboxer wrote:

With “Right to Work” Michigan will see a influx of migrant workers, labor cost will drop significantly, Michigan products will become more marketable thus increasing sales. With increased sales will come manufacturing expansion and thus more jobs. Unemployment will be lowered, more taxes will be collected which will make the bureaucrats happy as they now have increased funds for education and infrastructure projects. Yes, the standard of living for a few may be lowered a little but the overall benefit to all Michigan residents will very positive.
Michigan, do not fret about Right to Work, it is a good thing.

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kanawah wrote:

The RepubliSKUNK party just keeps shooting itself
in the foot.

Shortly they will have shot their leg off up to
the hip, may be higher. (the sooner the better)

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kanawah wrote:

At the end of the second world war, the allies
wrote into the German constitution the permanent
unimpended rights of labor unions. It also
required universal health care.

You see the result of that. Germany has the most
robust resilient economy in the world.

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kanawah wrote:

After WW II, the allies wrote into the German
constitution the requirement that the German
people have unobstructed labor unions. It also
required universal health care.

You can see the result of this. Germany has the
most consistent resilient economy in the world.
They also make some of the best products in the

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