Strauss-Kahn, NYC hotel maid settle civil lawsuit over alleged assault

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paintcan wrote:

I have a hunch there is some truth to Strauss Kahn’s assertion that the sex was consensual at first and became something more forced once he was heated up. Perhaps the Maid thought she would get a “big tip” in every sense of the word, (not to flatter the jerk). I don’t think she is at fault actually. A lot of people on earth are not died in the wool “puritans” and they can’t afford to be prudes. They are not ashamed of their bodies.

But this man is some kind of pig and very arrogant. I also have a hunch the world is very rapidly turning into a two class system where more “lords” are going to expect to enjoy the “Droit du Seigneur” or the nearest equivalent.

The maid should have kicked and screamed and ran out of the room. But perhaps she knew that no one would believe her or she suspected she would be fired for discomforting a good customer? I suppose it is also possible that maids could engage in shakedowns of single males when they need a supplement to their incomes? Some of these guys can spend in an evening they they make in a week. Couldn’t easily have left the room quickly when she saw it was occupied and there would have been no scandal or “perp walk”. Why didn’t she just walk out the minute she saw him standing there naked?

There was a very practical reason for all that “Victorian” propriety up until about WWII. The “haves and have nots” could have been at each other’s throats. Many of us that lived through the 60s and early 70s weren’t raised with Victorian etiquette derived form the era of fading aristocratic privilege. We were so innocent and the way so many lived in suburbia meant we had some of the most controlled exposure to life of any people in history. We were living with more personal privacy and control of our lives than even wealthy people enjoyed up to that time. We also grew up knowing the “the big one” meant instant incineration regardless of class or prestige or location.

That makes a difference in how one looks at almost everything in life even if we never quite admit it to ourselves. The Ancient Romans had their cross class orgies (as I understand it) at about the same time as the Republic faded into the Empire.

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Geetar wrote:

She won the lottery: she found a rich white guy

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i’d like to know how he does it. must be some kind of ‘super’ viagra,lol

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yutah wrote:

Come on, I agree he’s a dirty old man, however, forced her to have oral sex, I find that alittle hard to believe, I w/have hit him w/anything I c/get my hands on, sounds alittle fishy to me

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yutah wrote:

This is the kind of people they have in government, ugh!! wheres the morality in that country, course, then take alook at our own government, apparently these so called politicians think they can get away w/anything!!

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Overcast451 wrote:

Just goes to show.. if you have the cash, even rape can be ignored.

Of course, perhaps he is in fact innocent; but then why not fight the claim instead of a ‘pay-off’?

I’d think; in the end, this is even more damaging to him – if you consider one’s reputation as an asset.

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JapanViewer wrote:

As much as I hate this Bi-atch, with her lying conniving ways and thought she should have deported a long time ago, but if DSK settled and gave her a shi-at load of cash, she obviously had the goods on him. i.e. DSK was obviously in the wrong. He would never have settled for so much cash, had she had nothing on him.

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paintcan wrote:

@JapanViewer – no it doesn’t mean he was “guilty”. It only means that he is trying to bring “closure” to an ordeal that has already taken a significant tole on him. Look at the photo.

If you want a lesson in morality from all of this it may be – don’t go sticking your plug in strange sockets, especially if they aren’t self employed as professional “sockets”.

In other words: the maid was not a call girl or a geisha.

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Renox wrote:

Just a moral error??? pimping charges related to sex parties he attended with prostitutes

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