Washington state bar owner tells pot smokers to light up

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Smoking pot could be a fashionable trend once it was being banned for some years. I’m concerned about how its impact will be on the folks of the Washington State, and even those come down from Canada. It’s because even the drawbacks from smoking are not easy to deal with for most folks at all. Particularly, for those if they are under a certain mood swing, the supposed to be “one-time shot” of smoking pot might have become a “habitual” and or even an “additive life-style,” it will take a huge toll to those who might want just to enjoy their own “AUTONOMY” over their lives. I guess, the balance between “constructively managing” one’s life style in a healthier means might need WISDOM and DETERMINATION so that one can say “no” whenever situation of being “DARED” one’s “courage” might occur. It’s like those who keeps getting married and divorced, again and again, unfortunately, they still don’t even have clues what truly made/make them still feel EMPTY from within. For those who have engaged in all types of addictive “means” will SURELY KNOW what I mean here. Thus, a proper SELF-LOVE is to know 1) WHO we really are and 2) what do we truly want to obtain pragmatically and step by step thru all legitimate means and 3) to acquire concrete and solid knowledge and skills and even personal preference in life, such as a hobby to help one getting both the tangible and intangile accomplishment might bring a relatively True contenment in life than keeps hanging out with folks in bars and YELLS and SMOKE and FLIRTS….

My huge concern is under what situation that we, human beings need “external means” to feel contented from within?

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