Russia hits back at U.S. over rights legislation

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leesik wrote:

Why does the press continue to emphasize the “reset” policy as if it had some merit, or even success? It had neither. It was a complete and utter failure. It ranks in the same policy failure as Obama talking with the Iranians. What happens when Ahmadinejad doesn’t want to talk with you? Or when Russia sees the “reset” something they are not interested in?

Putin runs a thugocracy. He has no intention of changing anything. As the chief thug intimidation, extortion and outright theft are the major tools in his bag. He has fulfilled Gorbachev’s dream of perestroika – restructuring the state apparatus. Now instead of the Communist party controlling everything we have Единая Россия.

It would be nice to see western press wake up from their self-delusion about Putin sharing some sort of common western values. He has one value and one only – POWER!

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paintcan wrote:

@leesik – But the US is pursuing dreams of exporting democratic values the way Napoleon claimed he was fostering the aims of the French Revolution.

You are nobody without power, sad to say. Power is the one thing every country wants and all are ashamed to admit. It’s not a pretty picture.

Oppenheimer thought he was dancing with Shiva Natraj after the first detonation of the atomic bomb at the Alamogordo testing range.

If these men keep it up, we may all be dancing with Shiva before too long. It would be something if all countries woke up to their “self delusions” regarding a great many things, but if they did. they might not want to get out of bed in the morning.

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RandomMoto wrote:

Really, we need to lay off the “human rights” high horse until we have our own house in order and stop making excuses for our own abuses. Isn’t America the “Christian” nation? How about “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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RET_SFC wrote:

So long as they let us LEAVE.

Russia — the USSR, actually — is the land that said(1) American Communist Angela Davis was denied her rights when she was arrested(2) because guns purchased by her were used by his brother Jonathan Jackson when he kidnapped five hostages from the courtroom, planning to exchange them for Black Panther George Jackson, on trial there.(3)

(1) (IIRC) Inside the KGB, Aleksei Myagkov, 1976
— I recall reading that the author was incredulous, comparing her purchase to the right of *capitalists* to own firearms in the USSR.
(3) The Declared Enemy: Texts and Interviews, by Jean Genet

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RET_SFC wrote:

— RandomMoto wrote:

Really, we need to lay off the “human rights” high horse until we have our own house in order —

IMO, that insures no one improves until everyone has, a recipe for pernicious apathy. It’s Pratchett’s crab bucket.

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paintcan wrote:

Post communist Russia became a wild west overrun with thugs, con artists and robber barons. Putin may be the only kind of government the Russian’s respect. Over 1000 years of an aristocracy ruled by the Tsar has left such an indelible impression, it’s part of the architecture, the religion and may have even left its mark on the Russian gene pool. Not even communism was able to break the soul deep influence of the country’s history. People don’t live in social theory; they live in their culture.

I’m not joking about the gene pool either. History somehow gets “under your skin”.

Before too long, I suspect the Iraqis will have a Saddam like leader again. He was really only a latter day Sultan.

The indelible mark on the American psyche is harder to label. I think it is split between life in the wilderness or open prairie, small town life, and a life in an urban ethnic neighborhood. Americans aren’t as familial as the Russians or many other “peoples” on the earth. We do not all have the same basic instincts or expectations and consumer based social planning (and this country has had very hefty doses of it since the turn of the last century) has pretty thoroughly stirred the pot. That’s why we value equal rights so highly. People who think this country hasn’t endured deep and profound social planning are dead wrong. We hide it all within private enterprise.

People here complain that it is wrong for a minority to “rule” a country, but that could also be a way for a minority to be able to survive at all. People seem to be willing to accept that situation when the issue is “Zionism”. But even minority ruling elites have to remember that the government gets its legitimacy from the consent of the governed no matter what the constitution or legal basis of the country might say. If the minority becomes too arbitrary and heavy handed, the majority will make them suffer or wipe them out. Societies are living organisms and never go quietly into anyone’s “good night”.

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