Tom Cruise defends role as "Jack Reacher"

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Spinoza149 wrote:

I am one of the innumerable Lee Child ‘Reacher’ loyal book fans who will refuse to see the Reacher movie. A growing part of the population despise Hollywood’s casting preference of ‘star power’ versus reflecting the story and character. Reacher’s size is an integral part of his character as it is his size in the written stories that specifically affects how he fights, takes a bullet, and how he is interacts with others. How Reacher’s size and strength affects Reacher’s choices and fate consistently and directly is emphasized in each of the books. A short, weak, pretty-boy is the absolute antithesis of reacher’s image and character. Only when Hollywood receives low ticket sales for crappy casting choices along with the clear message why will they learn to cast properly.

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Gerard Butler needs a decent role, and he would be a far better physical fit for Reacher. I have seen trailers for this movie and they look trashy. Most of the books are excellent entertainment, but there is subtlety to them. Cruise is anything but subtle.

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TSpikeSmith wrote:

Sorry, I just can’t see or even think of Tom Cruise in a role such as this.

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billymatt wrote:

Studio: Hey Lee…Tom Cruise wants to play Jack Reacher.

Lee: No Way!! My Reacher is 6 foot 5″, muscular and tough, what’s Cruise?
5 seven 5 eight? He’s not Reacher! No way will I OK this. If you try to push it through I will go public and tell the world of my distaste for Cruise as Reacher. I will not stand by and let you ruin my character.

Studio: Lee…here’s a lot of money.

Lee: Tom Cruise? The number one box office star in the world?
Sounds great, I’m all for it! Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher.!!!

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redsox33 wrote:

Spinoza149 you are so right! I have read every Reacher novel, it’s my favorite series. And everyone I know that is a real fan of the books feels exactly like you do. Childs has really caved on this, and describing Reacher’s size as only a characteristic is bs. It is, as you say, an intergral part of his persona. Chris Helmsworth could have really been Jack Reacher. I won’t see it at the theaters, or rent it on DVD either. Tom Cruise is not even worth the $1.99 Red Box fee.

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Connie212 wrote:

Good luck Ms. Pike. I’ ‘ll stick with the books.

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maxam1 wrote:

Having read all of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels and being a huge fan of same, I can say unquestionably that I was extremely disappointed when I saw the commercial for the movie with Tom Cruise playing the role of Jack Reacher. As others have mentioned (better than I can perhaps) The size of Mr. Reacher in the novels is an integral-part of the character. No offense to Mr. Cruise, but it is my feeling that he simply cannot portray the character (size wise) and thus does not give the movie version credence. I will not see the movie myself as a result, although I do realize many people who are not familiar with the character through reading the books may very well enjoy it. IF it turns out to have great reviews and attendance, I may reconsider. I am absolutely a huge fan of the character and author, Mr. Child.

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Saristas wrote:

Come on Tom, we all know you’re reaching..

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MissRiver wrote:

Sorry, Tom Cruise is SO NOT Jack Reacher. I won’t see this film because I can’t suspend my disbelief to that degree.

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Animated wrote:

Being 6’2″ myself…I consider myself average-tall…meaning that most of the time I am looking eye-level or down at others. This doesnt seem significant to me until I run into someone 6’5″ (or taller) and have to look up at them. There is something about it that feels “uncomfortable”.
This is how I would expect the Reacher character to be in a movie. Sorry Tom, looking down at your 5’7″ (which is probably a generous guestimate) would not make me feel intimidated.

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mkm1781 wrote:

The real Jack Reacher would crush Cruise like a bug (okay, yes Reacher is a fictional character, I know… but…). There are so many other actors with star power that would be a better fit for this role. Plus, I think the whole idea of Cruise’s “star power” is way overblown anyway – he’s not that good. So who would I cast. The Gerard Butler suggestion was good. Hugh Jackman would be another good one. But if I were in charge of bringing this series to the big screen, I would have started with “The Affair” and cast Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as the younger Reacher.

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This kind of pandering to star revenue power over the art they claim film making is shows that it’s all about the Benjamins as the saying goes. This is the same kind of lack of creativity that cast Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman—an actress so unfit for the role that she needed multiple body doubles to look sexy in the scenes. Roberts hogged far too many roles while stunting the careers of too many more talented your actresses. Cruise and some others are doing the same. For instance, if I never see Shia La Boeuf in a film again, I won’t miss him.

Hollywood is becoming a cheap callow carnival—maybe it always was but we failed to notice when distracted by some of the great films that come along once in a while.

I never read to ‘Reacher” series but I will now. I’ll view the film on DVD from Netflix only—not going to be worth the price of theater admission. And Hollywood wonders why we don’t like high theater prices or buying DVDs when they put out such tripe.

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karojen wrote:

Reacher is 6’5″ and 235 very buff pounds and has blonde hair. I have read this description in every Reacher novel for over a decade. I always picture Dolph Lundgren… Cruise is mis-cast and even though the movie looks like a great action-adventure flick, he is not Reacher. I’ll see the movie anyway [probably] but it won’t be Reacher.

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arbitus wrote:

Casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is an incredible insult to Lee Child’s readers. What a joke, Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher… When there were so many other great choices, like Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, even TED would have been a better choice.

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JojotheJojo wrote:

I’ve read all the Reacher books………Tom ain’t Jack Reacher. Don’t know whether I’ll bother to see the movie……….likely not.

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Facebeater wrote:

My wife and I were extremely excited to hear this movie was going to hit the big screen, with probable sequels. Then the bomb dropped that Tom Cruise was to play the lead of Jack Reacher. We looked at each other and started laughing, I’m 6′ 3″ @ 270 ex military combat engineer. No disrespect Tom but I could pack you in my ruck sack and keep on Cruising. Sorry to say but we will keep our coin in our pockets, it had so much potential.

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johnb0311 wrote:

Geez! That the best they could do was pull that scientology creep out of the closet to be Jack Reacher. Hell he’s better off playing Chalie Brown. Sorry Lee I like your books , but no more for me . All I see when I look at Cruise is a little spoile control freak, it ruins any storyline he has a part in. Oh well Jason Bourne is still alive and kicking

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