Analysis: Japan's Abe gets second chance at loosening limits on military

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ShiroiKarasu wrote:

The issue is a very complex one:
1. My generation (I’m 24) was sold on the idea that one must get a college degree in order to be successful in life, sometimes by people who never got one and therefore had no idea that a diploma was not some magic key to getting an 80k/year job

2. My generation is the generation of torrenting music, media and other things for “free” (read: stealing) without any problem. We treat Uncle Sam similarly and don’t take our debt seriously. Neither do we have any respect for banks or lending institutions, in my experience. “They’re all crooks anyway,” we say, “so who cares if we don’t pay them back?” Anecdotally, I know people who intentionally avoid repaying their loans, and considering that I’ve been faithfully doing so, without forbearance or deferment, despite having an income of less than $25,000, those people can kindly go die in a fire.

3. In my time in college, I have noticed a tendency in left wing thought that education is its own reward, and that has A LOT to do with why some people get a degree- as opposed to seriously pursuing their own job. People just want the adventure of college, but not the practical value a degree brings- that’s more of a bonus. We’re lulled by wistful 40 somethings telling us college is, “The best days of your life.” so we see college as the end instead of a means to one. Considering how much debt people get in to go there, that has to be one of the most stupid ideas ever. I’m a hypocrite, of course; I bought into it, too. Even to this day, I would still say that even if I hadn’t gotten a decent job (finally 2 years after walking I’m on my way to having one), it would have been worth it. But I’m lucky… I stayed in-state, my mom busted her butt to pay for my1st two years, and I had significant FAFSA aid, so I walked with only about 25k in debt. I could have stayed longer- I changed majors 2 years in- but I decided it was wiser to walk and spend a working year or two maneuvering to get what I want in the real world rather than diddling away more time and money for a piece of paper that was more precisely what I wanted.

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Chaya_Choka wrote:

Japan have never officially apologized for the Pearl Harbor incident. Their school text book even state that Japanese actions at that time was the right thing to do (something like “Japanese was try to liberate Asia from evil westerner”). Deep down inside they’re still angry about Hiroshima Bombing and occasionally demand apologize from US.

Now, Abe want to abolished the Article 9th of Japanese Constitution to revive their “war-time glory military might” without recognizing their past bloody actions. Good luck to all of us.

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Kailim wrote:

Japan’s leaders never forget militarism. Ongoing paying homage to Yasukuni Shrine and distorting text books prove this.

Japan’s military might is currently one of the strongest in East Asia. They just want a legitimacy to fight outside its borders. They don’t need that if they choose to do so.

Whereas Germany had outlawed and banned Nazi.

Again US may have chosen a foreign policy it will deeply regrete.

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