Obama: U.S. now recognizes Syrian opposition coalition

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DeanCollins wrote:

lol can you imagine if Russia said they recognize the Republicans as the rightful leaders of the USA and started funding the Klu-Klux-Klan to take over the Democratic “states”

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Reuters1945 wrote:

There is, of course, a certain “Alice In Wonderland” quality to the way the US and other countries are able to view quite similar Dictatorial regimes around the world and see them through differently tinted glasses and pretend they treat their populations differently.

Many of the Gulf States rule their populations with an Iron Fist and the concept of such a thing as the Popular Vote and/or even the faintest trace of democratic rights and freedoms is as far removed from the average man as is the distance from the bottom of the sea to the craters on the moon.

In many of these dictatorial regimes the King is not a mere figure head like the King and Queen of England, but on the contrary, an Absolute Ruler whose word is the Law of the land.

In so called sophisticated, modern Saudi Arabia a woman can be arrested and go to jail for attempting the “revolutionary” action of driving an automobile. And a member of the Jewish faith is not allowed to book a room at the Hilton Hotel chain which is, after all, an International Corporation.

The aspirations of the majority of the people in Syria are no different than the hopes and dreams of all people throughout the world.

It seems there is an invisible rule in the West that as long as a brutal and dictatorial regime in the world is able to stamp out any and all traces of potential political opposition, then the West takes a “laissez faire” attitude towards that nation at least in terms of getting involved in their internal affairs.

However, once the people trapped in a dictatorial regime rise up and begin to present such a major challenge to that regime that the balance of power appears to be approaching a ‘tipping point’, then the US and the EU as well as certain Gulf States, suddenly become eager supporters of the long oppressed underdogs yearning for their basic freedoms. The very same freedoms that all human beings have every right to expect in a fair world.

But who is to say that when the new wielders of power take over, there will not be just as much repression as before except the victims will be different.

Egypt is still a very open question as far as who will become the new underdogs in the new scheme of things. And if an extreme form of Islam ever takes control in Egypt and/or Syria, et al, look out Charlie.

The world will witness levels and forms of repression that will send those nations back into the Dark Ages as far as there being any chance of real progress for the masses of any kind.

When nations that have never existed under any form of true democracy where citizens can live without fear of being dragged out of their house in the middle of the night and never seen again, and then get a taste of freedom and individual empowerment, as we are witnessing now in Syria, the long term outcome is never a foregone conclusion.

While it appears all but certain that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be killed or driven into exile, beyond that all is smoke, ongoing deaths and devastation and confusion.

And there is no guarantee that what replaces Assad will represent an improvement just as many are far from convinced that an Islamic controlled Egypt will bring an improvement in the living conditions of Egypt’s teeming masses of poor who will continue to require assistance and aid of all sorts, going forward, into the future, as far as the eye can see.

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