Japan scrambles jets as Chinese plane flies over disputed isles

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WJL wrote:

This is hilarious. 8 F-15 to combat a single unarmed marine surveillance plane who has also left the area. Looks like Japan is trigger happy and biting its nails. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Please take note Ms Clinton (hilarious)

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americanguy wrote:

China and Japan have tension?
Well that hasn’t happened before, except for the past 1000+ years.
Does China really want Japan to kick their rear AGAIN?

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Cybersapien wrote:

China is the largest country on the planet and I suspect that it will not be long before they represent the largest economy as well. They are returning to the glory days of Chinese strength and their assertiveness will only increase as the years pass.

We can only hope that the world will be able to maturely handle their ascension to the world stage – and, of course, that China will not shoot itself in the foot on its journey upwards.

Great things can happen in our future if we are able to work constructively with the Chinese. But if these kinds of disputes are some sort of indication of future relations and they escalate into military confrontation, I fear there will be no future at all.

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watchers710 wrote:

“hope Japan blows China‚Äôs planes out of the sky”? yeah, keep on hoping, and hope only. The Japanese are more foxier than you are.

“Does China really want Japan to kick their rear AGAIN?”? Yeah, the Japanese might have in the past “kick the rear of the Chinese, but do NOT forget they did not kick Americans’ rear but sunk your entire fleet in Pearl Harbor. If the nuke was not used, America might have been eating left-over Sushi all day long today.

C’mon, want a showdown? put it all on. Before you folks put up such ignorant comments, look to the mirror first.

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lensmanb wrote:

It wasn’t a Nuclear weapon. It was an Atomic Weapon and even without it the US would have defeated Japan on teir main island. It would have cost, by estimate, one and a half million American lives to defeat them by invasion. Yes the Chinese do in fact need to be taken down a notch. Japan should have forced it down and held it for ransom it like the Chinese did to one of ours.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Watchers, even without the Bomb, Japan was going to loose to whomever landed on japan frist, wether it be US Marines, Or the Russian Red Army. Would have been a tough fight with how the imperial army set up there defense, but still would have been a loosing battle.

“Before you folks put up such ignorant comments, look to the mirror first.” – Nuff said

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JapanViewer wrote:

This provocation by China will continue and become the status quo, even to the point where China will complain that Japan is hindering its “regular flights” over the islands. You’ll see. Japan won’t do anything, since it doesn’t want to go to war with China, and China knows this. But at some point Japan will lose its patience and respond with force and a new status quo will be born.

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DominicPaz wrote:

China has invaded: India, Tibet
China threatens to invade: Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam for the purpose of taking land away from them so that they can extend there already ludicrous claims of territorial waters that wrap around their neighbors far away from China.

China has no intention of stopping ever. They are 200 years late to be colonialists, but they don’t care. They’re going to start a new round of colonialism after the rest of the world has already decided it was the worst thing ever.

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watchers710 wrote:

Well, as if Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria are not enough, trying to pick more fights are your choice, but I do not believe that’s what the world wants, and not the whole of America wants. Look back: every time in the past couple of decades America went for a war, what did you actually got in return? Vietnam, a good example. It is easy for you guys to drum it up here, maybe you did not lose a son or daughter. The second question is, how many wars you can still fund? If you can’t even win in small countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, imagine fighting China. Focus on your own economy first, get back on your feet before you start talking more wars.

I think the key issue here is what determines that these islets really belong to Japan, or China for that matter? This is at least arguable. Read the papers in the news. American government has in various occasions stated that it is NOT taking sides. For anyone so anxious to pick another fight, please enlist yourself to the Japanese army or navy now. I am not.

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DominicPaz wrote:

@watchers710, It’s always cute when pin heads confuse defeating a country militarily with successfully occupying it indefinitely. Thanks.

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PPlainTTruth wrote:

I don’t know if Reuters is biased or ignorant, but it is
omitting the key piece of information for this news.

The time the China jet flies over the island is EXACTLY at the
moment of silence observed for the memorial commemorating
the notorious Nanjing massacre of 300,000 civilians by Japanese soldiers.
Countless rapes of innocent women and young girls were committed by the notorious Japan army — all done while Japan was the official leading ally of Hitler’s, executing Hitler’s plan of dominating the world only with Aryan races.

We looked the other way and some even cheered as cruel, sadistic souls, until almost 5 years later to the day, the Japanese, emboldend by their ravaging of Asia, bombed Pearl Harbor.

December 13th is a day for commemorating the suffering of a billion of Chinese victims and their descendants under Japanese sadistic militarism, just like Dec 7 is a day of commemoration for Pearl Harbor in the United States.

It’s atrocious and absolutely distortion of history on this blog, to omit such a crucial fact.

The truth will come out. And we Americans will look ludicrous in
supporting Japan, not only in the coverup of Japanese historical
war crimes of killing 30 to 50 millions Asians by unprovoked invasion
of Asia during WWII in the Japanese textbooks, for an entire Japanese generation but a deliberate, egregious effort to spread
false, whitewashing Japanese propaganda all over the western press, unremittingly for 75 years.

This year’s anniversary is especially poignant because Japan has openly paid tribute to the war criminals who ordered the sadistic massacres.

Most of the western press is on the wrong side of truth.

Omitting this key fact changes this historical fact completely.

And those who demonize the country which is reminding the world that
the deaths of 30 to 50 millions Asians at the hands of Japanese militarist leaders, should be a lesson for all people in the world.
The Japanese sadistic military leaders were not only Nazi allies, but trained by Nazis, in military skills as well as propaganda methods —
you guys are either completely stupid, or deliberately propagating
Nazi philosophy with fake and immoral pretexts, disguised
behind high sounding rhetoric.

You folks are in the tradition of the Brits who conquered, looted,
then kidnapped and sold African slaves to America, while lying to themselves that they are “carrying the white man’s burden”.
They plundered, raped, robbed, killed, created apartheid and said that they were spreading the gospel, the “good news”!

You folks are all from the same tradition.

But if you are a true Christian, or believe in authentic Christian principles, or authentic Buddhist principles of respecting all lives, or the Asian principle that there is karma and justice over many generations though not in any one generation, or retribution because of an all loving God, you should look into the mirror and admit that all this China-bashing is a disguise of the inferiority complex resultant from the debacle of the Iraq war, of American crooks who brought down the world’s economy in 2008, of our feeble, hypocritical Government which did everything to bail out the big banks as well as the personal fortunes of many crooks at the head of the big banks, and ignored the ideas that would bail out the little guys, the Smiths and Jones on the streets. China bailed us out— so what did we decide to do? We need to distort the truth, demonize them, so as to make believe that we didn’t get bailed out by them.

This kind of scapegoating rhetoric is popular in the American Congress and Senate(with the sole exception of Ron Paul) because most of those legislators are too eager to blame a foreign country which is not allowed to respond or speak to our legislature. Yet, history will show that most of the ridiculous comments here, as well as the infamous scapegoating and irresponsible rapacious rhetoric, will make history treat our legislators as harshly as the crooks who lied to make money. These American lawmakers are worse— just like they lied to start a war after 9-11, they are lying to start warmongering rhetoric with ideas like “pivoting”, a term adopted by Nazis and Hitler himself in his idea of Lebensraum.

The Nazi geopolitical professor, Haushofer, whose ideas Hitler relied upon to write Mein Kampf, actually personally trained Japanese in the Nazi ideology. It’s exactly these Japanese war criminals that Obama’s Administration, the Government I helped elected, are indirectly supporting, by actively assisting in whitewashing this history.

For many years, I didn’t understand why such obvious an event as the Armenian genocide could be whitewashed and denied by Turkey. Now, I see and read with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, that my own Government, and the news reporters whom I have relied upon for news for decades are writing news that, on its face, slant the facts by omitting key background, and hype the whitewashing, I am sobered by how this world is placed at much greater risk for war by the Japanese warmongers and our own American warmongers politicians again, at a time when neither of our economies can afford it.

Obama’s rhetoric of pivoting to maintain American power is an atrocious idea based on nothing by a double standard of treating non-Japanese Asians as compared to Caucasians. There is no other justification that stands up to scrutiny. Many are the excuses, rationalization, but there is only one justification, plain and simple, a double standard supported by Japanese longstanding propaganda to pit Japan as the leader of Asia. Japan does not deserve to be the leader of Asia, just as Hitler did not deserve to be the leader of Europe.

May God bless American and opens the eyes of our people and politicians alike.

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PPlainTTruth wrote:

The reporter’s name is Takenaka!

Of course, the report covers up that Dec 13, is the day of the Nanjing masssacre, which killed 100 times more people than Pearl Harbor, but is not allowed to be told truthfully in Japan.


OF THE MEANING OF DECEMBER 13th, will be made known to the world.


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StillUK wrote:

Very good post. Reuters has lost my respect as a news agency for a while. Unfortunately it’s not just Reuters but many of the western media outlets.

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Janeallen wrote:

In response to the “update”, inserting the irrelevant Vietnam conflict, I must point out that the persistent bent on omission exists. According to NTDTV, which is a station banned in China, and widely known to be sponsored by the United States of America, here in the United States, the Diaoyu Islands were indeed historically part of Taiwan. Not only had the islands always been used by Taiwanese fishermen for fishing, they were initially returned to China after the first post World War II international conference. Of course, by all reasonable argument and logic, at that time, the Nazi-allied Japanese Government had been defeated after brutally killing a total of 30 to 50 millions Asians, mostly civilians, causing untold famines for almost a decades, and by the unprovoked nature of Japan’s repeated predatory attacks in Asia from the 1890s till 1945, illegally occupied land must be returned to the victim Asian countries, Taiwan or China. However, the United States, without giving any reason publicly, overrode the initial arrange of the international postwar conference, and gave the administrative rights to Japan because the islands were deemed strategically important for the defense of Taiwan against Communist China. Under the mutual defense treaty between the United States and Taiwan, the U.S. was, and still is, obligated to defend Taiwan. However, it was anticipated that the Nationalist Government of Taiwan would never be able to recover mainland China, as the U.S. intelligence already knew that mainland China had also developed nuclear weapons.

Therefore, the administrative rights were handed to Japan. And since Japan was to be demilitarized, it was not anticipated that Japan would use military force to fight Taiwan over the islands. AND JAPAN FULLY KNEW THE REASON WHY IT WAS GIVEN THE ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS — not because the islands rightfully belonged to Japan, but because the rightful owner, Taiwan, was at great risk of being taken militarily by China, or to be considered part of mainland China, perhaps in the near future. While China was an adversary of the United States during the Cold War, the U.S. gave the administrative rights, but not rightful ownership to Japan. This sparked a worldwide wave of demonstrations of overseas Chinese in front of Japanese Embassies and Consulates, world wide. Many of such demonstrations occurred in the United States.

This position of the United States, according to NTD, was even more strengthened, as Taiwan was kicked out of the UN in the 1970s, declared part of China, while the United States still retain the obligation to defend Taiwan if mainland China attacked.

Japan, which is fully aware of the reasons of its role of administrative caretaker, did not tell the ordinary Japanese people the honest truth. When natural gas reserve was discovered, the Japanese Government tried to further persuade the United States to give the rights to the natural gas to Japan. When the United States did not, the Japanese Government started lying to its people that any other country’s claim over the territory is an infringement of Japan’s sovereignty and an act of aggression, lying through its teeth, officially to the Japanese people, and on NHK, to the west, about the circumstances of the original agreement under which Japan acquired administrative rights, but not full rights to the islands.

Japan needs to come clean to its people and to the western media.

Its lies will only discredit the Japanese Government even further than it has already, for more than a billion people who know the truth.

The cat has been out of the bag for a while now. The United States seemed to have instructed the NTD, pro-falungang, China-banned station, to fabricate news that all the protests against Japan were “manufactured” by the Chinese Government. The American Chinese dissidents all knew that if they said it exactly as the Americans forced them to do, it would backfire among many overseas Chinese, who were predominantly staunchly anti-Communist Chinese Americans, quite devoted in bringing awareness to the whitewashing of war crimes they personally suffered under the Japanese Nazi alliance in WWII. That is because Chinese Americans have consistently demonstrated against the giving of the administrative rights to Japan, along with persistent, uncountable demonstrations against the way the Japanese Government had been whitewashing its extensive World War II war crimes in Government designed Japanese textbooks for Japanese children, as well as on NHK for the western media.

The whitewashing of history, and the status of Diaoyu islands, to most Chinese Americans, were the same issue, because they were never told honestly by the American Government the reason, or the pretext for the transfer of the administrative rights.

That’s the plain truth of how the mess was created; that’s why the United States say they do not take sides as to who owns the rights to the gas reserves, yet, at a glance, seems to be self-contradictory in reaffirming the right to defend Japan. Affirming the right to defend the islands is part of the ongoing plan to deter Communist China from using the islands as a stepping stone to use military force to take back Taiwan. (One look at the map, and it should be obvious why the islands might be important for the defense of Taiwan.)

Now, everything is crystal clear. The Vietnam situation is drastically different, and is irrelevant. NHK, particularly, Katherine Kobayashi, has been famously creating clever lies, and inserting jarring comparisons of this very clear issue, with other utterly different issues. Forcefully inserting that into the article in an update, after Reuters was busted for palpable bias, omitting crucial historical background of the anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre is just extremely lame, and looks even more guilty than at first glance. At first glance, Reuters could have been ignorant, as the Japanese reporters(don’t know the person’s age), could have been an ignorant victim of the whitewashing of the Japanese textbooks growing up. Now, the update only makes Reuters, looks like it has been caught even more red handed, and scrambling, lurching, grabbing at straws to patch up, hide its obvious bias in reporting.

Yet, to be fair, did mainland China choose to fly over the islands this year, because it cared about Chinese Americans’ sentiments over their sufferings under Japanese war crimes. Or does mainland China want to ride the honest sentiments of overseas and mainland Chinese citizens’ grievances against Japan, to promote stability within the Communist Government? I do not doubt that the latter is a stronger motivation than the first. Nonetheless, the reporting is biased, misleading, and unfair to Chinese Americans who have frequently been falsely accused as something bribed by the Communist Government for pointing out the whitewashing of war crimes by the Japanese Government.

Anyone who believes in justice, must side with the most informed Chinese Americans, who, either themselves, or their parents or grandparents, were victims of the Asian holocaust brutally inflicted upon them by the Japanese militarist leaders, whom the Japanese ministers recently openly worshiped and whitewashed on the shameless, and completely propaganda-filled NHK.

Chinese Americans do not deserve to be victimized for the fourth time over this — the first time, under the heinous war crimes under Japanese invasion in WWII; the second time, under the lack of, or limited representation within the United States of America, and under discrimination influence by Japanese post-war sham pacifist rhetoric, and fanning of red scare, to whitewash historical truths; third time, under the lack of fair representation by either the Nationalist Taiwanese or the mainland Chinese Government over their interests in speaking about the historical truths under the Asian holocaust in WWII; and the fourth time, now getting censored often within the United States of America, and many American media, particularly Huffington Post, Wikipedia, and Reuters. Chinese Americans are not only getting their 1st Amendment rights under the American Constitution violated, but their reputation as honorable voices of conscience, is getting defamed by American media in an atrocious manner. Reuters has turned its eye on blatant truths, and banned the voice of conscience of Americans. Its report is dubious and contains half-truths, deliberately placed out of context, and juxtaposed against irrelevant issues, to hide their guilty trail.

This fourth time victimization must stop. The truth must come out.

Also, once all these truths are exposed, and the opportunistic nature of the Japanese Government, and the deceitful way the Japanese Government has misled Japanese citizens, are glaring.

Finally, there were many loose ends that don’t fit together in original, as well as this updated report. Once the exposure of the lies of the Japanese Government to its own people and to much of the western world, as well as the opportunistic nature of both the Communist Chinese Government as well as the Japanese Government, is complete, all the curious loose ends make perfect sense. By common sense, anyone who wants to stand up for true human rights, and for world peace, and not let either of the two big Asian economies lie to the world any more, let’s get the true news out, and not the biased versions. The only way to do it, is to hold Reuters, biased Huffington Post reports, and biased Wikipedia censors accountable for victimizing over and over victims of Japanese war crimes under World War II, as well as the same victims who had suffered and were displaced by the Chinese Communist Government in search for freedom.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Cybersapien wrote:
“China is the largest country on the planet”

Have you ever seen a map of the world? Russia is the largest, by a long way.

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PPlainTTruth wrote:

Reuters censored truth again.

After i pointed out the obvious bias, Reuters did 2 things that showed that the bias was deliberate, and that Reuters wants to cover it up actively.

(1) Reuters took out the original reporter’s name, and inserted others that included some Chinese name. Of course, anyone who wants to keep the job must allow their post be edited by Reuters’s biased editors.
Many need to feed their family.

(2) It inserted irrelevant, China Vietnam conflict, and omitted that Vietnam bribed India by offering to given profit from extracting mineral resources that were under dispute with China.

That was inserted to distract from the deliberate whitewashing of Japanese war crimes of at least 50 million Asians, dating from Japan’s unremitting invasion of Asia an Russia since 1890s. Reuters cover up, block all that, but keeps reporting the mere thousands killed under the Atomic bomb dropped by us. Without the Atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima an Nagasaki, Japan was on track to kill millions more, but that part is always covered up. SHAME ON YOU REUTERS.

(3) Then the link to this news report is wiped off from the Reuters main page after I pointed out the glaring omission of the background of the date and time Dec 13th.

If somebody commemorated an event in Europe that dates back from WWII. And the news was reported to a group of naive readers who had not heard of D-day and June 6th, and neo-Nazies like Abu distorts the commemoration as warmongering, whitewashing, denying the role of how Nazi war crimes and illegal occupation led to the D-day operation, wouldn’t that reporter be fired! No. Not only does Reuters fire it, but it included, in more glaringly biased way a reference of China’s conflict with Vietnam, but not China’s peaceful border relationships with other countries, and the fact that JAPAN IS IN BORDER DISPUTE WITH EVERY ONE OF ITS NEIGHBORS— KOREA, RUSSIA, CHINA. ALL ARE RESULTANT FROM JAPAN’S FAILURE TO COME CLEAN WITH ITS WAR CRIMES, AND ITS STEPPING UP OF ITS EFFORT TO LIE TO GULLIBLE JAPANESE AND WESTERNERS WHO NOT PERSONALLY WITNESSES TO THE WAR.



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PPlainTTruth wrote:

Neo Nazis should be banned on Reuters.
Why does Reuters promote and support the likes of neo Nazis in their propaganda!

No wonder Adolf Hitler was once nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize— there are the likes of Reuters editors who like their support of war crimes and racism, and distortion of history.

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PPlainTTruth wrote:

More than 30 million Chinese murder victims are deprived of justice by Japan. And the Japanese government fan red scare around the world to achieve that.

That’s what this is all about. McCarthyism, stepped in multiple logarithmic folds by Japanese Government release, to Reuters’s Japanese reporters, and then further supported by Reuters’s editors, recruiting Chinese reporters to put their names to buff up the biased report. Spread it all over the world.


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Spacetime wrote:

abulafish, you are again spouting bs here. What u say here is just a low level joke, which everybody can see. The people of republic of China inherited all rights and obligations from ROC, and the gov of PRC is the sole legal gov who can represent China – this simple fact is recognized by the UN, by the Us, by Japan, and all the more than 170 nations in this world. Making more bs doesnt help you, making more lies doesnt help you, and it only reveals you China phobia face.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Spacetime wrote:
“the gov of PRC is the sole legal gov who can represent China”

Yes… from 1949 onwards.

Do you know when WW2 ended? I suspect not. It ended in 1945, and the PRC did not represent China then, because the PRC did not even exist. You PRCers pretending you have existed for thousands of years is ridiculous.

Let me teach you a little Chinese history. From 1644 to 1912, there was the Qing Dynasty. Notice how Qing Dynasty is *not* PRC? The Qing Dynasty, amongst other things, gave the Senkaku Islands to Japan, by signing the Treaty of Shimonseki. Note that the then government of China signed a legally binding treaty. Note that China *agreed* that the Senkaku Islands should be Japanese. As China agreed, and signed agreement, then the Senkaku Islands were not ‘stolen’ or any of that other nonsense you wumau keep trotting out.

In 1912, Sun Yat Sen declared the Republic of China in Nanjing, which lasted until 1949 when the ROC transferred to Taiwan. Notice how the ROC is not the PRC, and that the ROC still exists? This means it was the ROC that was attacked by the Japanese, not the PRC. If Japan had to make any war reparations, it would be to the ROC, because the PRC didn’t exist in WW2. Japan has never gone to war with the PRC.

This is not rocket science. This is simple Chinese history. You too should try stepping outside China and learning some real history instead of ridiculous PRC propaganda.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Spacetime wrote:
“Peoples Republic of China inherited all rights and obligations of China according to all international laws and treaties, as recognized by UN, and by your master Us And jap gov.”

No they didn’t. They got a seat on the UN because they had de facto sovereignty of the region called ‘China’ – in exactly the same way that Japan has de facto control of the Senkaku Islands and has had since 1895.

It is really, really obvious that PRC did not inherit all the rights and obligations because the ROC still exists and has jurisdiction over Taiwan, along with all the attached rights and obligations. I know your government pretends it has sovereignty over Taiwan, but you really should learn the difference between “The PRC says so” and reality.

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