Egyptian factions stage final rallies before referendum

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JapanViewer wrote:

How ironic, where the Islamist are using democracy to curtail democracy, a tactic used by the communists, who used democracy to take away democracy. And even if this is all fair and democratic, voting for an Islamic agenda is voting for an agenda that is Koran based, which in turn means no rights for any other religions or minorities or women. The Koran makes it the duty of every true Muslim to wage an eternal jihad until the entire world is converted to Islam, by any means, including force and deception, so even if the new constitution contains some references to minorities, its just deception, which is sanctioned by the Koran.

Dec 13, 2012 11:46am EST  --  Report as abuse
Crash866 wrote:

Ahhh the romantic Arab Spring brought to you by the Muslim Brotherhood, Facebook, Twitter and the Global Main Stream Media…

Dec 13, 2012 3:12pm EST  --  Report as abuse
reality-again wrote:

The Arab world has known similar periods or turmoil, confusion, and extremism in the past.
In the fifties and sixties they called it ‘Socialism’ and ‘Anti-Imperialism’, and it was sponsored by the now defunct USSR.

Sadly, the current Arab spring increasingly looks like another long ‘full steam ahead to nowhere’ journey.

Dec 13, 2012 4:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Mursi learned this from Obama, just ram it down their throats.

Dec 13, 2012 4:57pm EST  --  Report as abuse
dianaspivak wrote:

Let a nation decide what they need.Good majority and good minority will guarantee a just and peaceful country. The world knows what is happening, so let’s listen to our purest heart.

Dec 14, 2012 5:20pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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