A sick world: We live longer, with more pain and illness

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rossryan wrote:

And I, I consider that an improvement. We’ve gone from a world where cancer was untreatable, and child-birth a life or death situation, to a world where many of the inhabitants, at least in the Western countries, have so much food to eat that obesity is a national concern. That, my friends, is progress!

Now that we have people living longer, we can focus on having them living better. Diseases, viral or genetic, that seem to create burdens on society will, in the due course of time, become nothing more than footnotes in a third grader’s history book. There will come a time, when, humanity has striven forward so far that it will look back upon its history, and weep at what passed for dreams. I say this, of course, with the people who are crying for a depopulation or culling in mind; the heavens await us, and we have yet to fill even one continent on this planet to its carrying maximum. It is only through the mismanagement of resources that we will ever find ourselves in the grips of famine again.

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r.felder wrote:

The article reads: “About 12.9 million deaths were due to stroke and heart disease – conditions exacerbated by eating and drinking too much, smoking and taking too little exercise….”

Stroke and heart disease are not “exacerbated” by eating and drinking too much, they are CAUSED by it.

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scarr34 wrote:

Many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, type-2 diabetes, and gout, are caused by bad diet, namely, too much animal protein, too much fat, too much sugar, and not enough fiber. While this has primarily been a problem in developed countries in the West, it is now showing up in developing countries as well as more and more people adopt a Western-style diet. The answer…a low-fat plant-based diet with as little meat as possible. While there have been many modern medical miracles, the health care industry’s record in treating chronic diseases has been dismal. Doctors are not trained in nutrition and there is no interest (money) in making people healthy through diet change.

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jrj906202 wrote:

People have to give up this idea that doctors will fix what you mess up.The primary doctor should be your own body.Take care of your body and it will take care of you.Doctors can’t do that much to keep you healthy or bail you out,from your bad habits.This overinsurance and overuse of healthcare resources,is not the answer.

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leodavinci315 wrote:

It would be wonderful and a testament to good journalism if the authors of this article, Kate Kelland and David Stamp, would learn the difference between the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON IN SEATTLE, and Washington University of St. Louis. Please be more careful in the future.

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