Egypt opposition to protest against "invalid" constitution

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dianaspivak wrote:

Let the Egyptians determine the future of their own country. Their leaders, from any side, will surely be alert that the world watch them and notice the chronology of any Egyptian affair so that they will surely pay attention to the international codes about the rights of the minority. Egyptians, enjoy the democracy.

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paintcan wrote:

It would be so helpful if Reuters could find a translation of the proposed Egyptian constitution and post a link to it somewhere here, so that readers could actually see what it says.

I just took a peak and saw only a mention of “sustainable strategic planning” for the UAE. Otherwise, I saw about a half dozen mentions of “constitution” for a search of “proposed Egyptian Constitution”.

We are missing out on the era of constitutional construction for the 21st century. About five years ago I was able to find all past Iraqi Constitutions going back to the Post WWII years and the pre Saddam monarchy (three of them) and they were interesting reading. Iraq’s second constitution actually gave Saddam Hussein and the Baath party the full powers he was using. He truly believed he was a constitutionally responsible political leader.

He didn’t worry too much about the quality of the constitution the Baath party gave him. It gave itself all the powers it wanted.

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