Funerals begin for Newtown victims as schools confront tragedy

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Nwoah wrote:

I don’t disagree that we do not need to have assault rifles banned as a standard purchase in this country. However, a 30 round magazine is not “high capacity”. It is an modern standard. Most AR-15 owners are going to have something like a 30 round MagPul. I think that it needs to be more expensive and tedious to own them. This has proven very effective with our historic weapons/machine gun laws. You can’t just get them on a whim when you’ve got to invest time getting through bureaucracy, your money, and years of clean dealing. I’ve never heard of a class 3 gun owner killing someone with their weapon.

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IraqVet wrote:

Nwoah: Why stop there…how about mandatory cavity searches at the airports, schools and shopping malls, mental health screenings for everyone and government run mental asylums for those that fail, government controlled spoon feeding at government cafeterias…personally I don’t care how or what you choose to defend yourself and yours, but please spare me you hypocritical philosophy on gun control while your government is shipping illegal guns to drug cartels in Mexico and dropping drones on women and children non-combatants in Pakistan.

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Nwoah wrote:

you are blowing what I said so out of proportion you make yourself look ridiculous. I don’t agree with our mexico policies or drone policies. I just that commented that on another article. I’m not going to condemn the wrong things my gov’t does in EVERYTHING I SAY. What’s wrong with investing some of your life into getting a high level weapon? It’s called earning not some fairy watch over your shoulder non-sense you speak of. Anyone can go get these. It just makes it so you can’t grab them at a whim. I’m also not saying it has to be AS hard as class 3 ownership. Just done with the same template. Face it those kind of high level owners don’t commit crimes. There has got to be something to that. I know plenty of people who own AR’s. I know 4 members of my local militia that have actually recently invited me to shoot. I don’t disagree with the right to have these. I believe that I could make the kind of commitment I’m speaking about if I decide to make that a hobby after I go on this shooting trip. It seems like you responded to me out of a defensive need to lash out your fear of losing your rights. I don’t lash out but I’m just as worried as you are. That’s why I’m taking the time to put my thoughts out. You need to think before you act.

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This gets weirder all the time.

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Amhlair wrote:

My heart is broken along with my fellow countrymen. But I’m haunted by the large number of civilian deaths, including many children, caused by American drone attacks in several countries. I wonder if my fellow Americans have any idea how many little children are killed suddenly in our name by our president and military with these drone attacks. Don’t these parents and grandparents and community mourn as much as we do when their children are killed mercilessly out of nowhere?

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CitizenKaneA wrote:

What is being ignored in this travesty is the giant elephant in the room, which is the lack of society to adress people with mental illness. The common denominator is every one of the heartless, cold blooded killers is that they where mentally ill. They were people generally with high IQ’s and left to their own devices to pursue their twisted fantasies on the internet often fuelled by violent video games, movies and television. When I was a child growing up, these individuals wer institutionalized for their own safety and the safety of the public. Today society puts them on anti-phsychotic medications and push them aside. They often become a problem to the police, homeless or in this case Phsycopathic murders.
We can pass laws that eliminate guns, knives, sticks and stones, but these sick individuals will ALWAYS find a way to carry out their sick evil fantasies.
In countries like Mexico, private owenership of guns by the common citizens is illegal, however the gangs and drug cartells hold the people and the law enforcement at bay with the guns they own illegaly. The citizens are defenseless and the police can not protect them. I have worked in this country and can personally attest that this is the truth. The citizens would fight back but they are law abiding and defenseless.
If the United States Government wants to stop deranged citizens from having guns they will come to the conclusion that ALL GUNS MUST BE TAKEN OUT OF CIRCULATION ALONG WITH THE AMMUNITION. This is the end game to gun control.
But this will not stop the carnage from the deranged, they will find other ways. So the next logical response is for the Government to monitor the behavior and movement of each and every citizen electronically to ensure they are not a threat to the society. If they are a percieved threat they will be dealt with swiftly. Folks, this is where we are headed. It exist in many countries and it is comming to you…
You must encourage your represenatives to go after the mental health system and not the average law abiding citizen before it is to late.

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JackThompson wrote:

All I wanna know is this, How did he get into a secure school that requires you to be buzzed in and if the school was supposed to be really safe then where was the armed guard?

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richmo wrote:

Its not the GUNS. The weapon used was an assult style semi-auto rifle. people only show their ignorance when the call this weapon a high power automatic weapon. Calling the gun an assult weapon is only to demonize a style of gun Its the same thing that was done with those nasty SUV’s. A sedan and a SUV are both a style of automobile one just as deadly as the other. I also always see folks writing that this style of weapon isnt used for hunting which is false many hunters use these guns for hunting not that it should matter. More laws and banning weapons are not the answer. Laws are only for the law abiding the criminals in society don’t care what law is out there.

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Dontthinkso wrote:

We have here is an psychologically ill child who was raised by an psychologically ill mother. This child is a direct product of his environment: mentally unstable and ready to explode.

The mother showed absolutely zero accountability to herself, her son or society as a whole. When told she should seek professional help for her son she became the Queen of Denial: “My little Johnny would never harm anyone. There is nothing wrong with him.” As we know all too well at this point in time, SHE WAS WRONG! DEAD WRONG!

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victor672 wrote:

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the President’s speech was the level of irony, if not hypocrisy, when it comes to his views concerning the murder of beautiful children yet to be born who have “their entire lives ahead of them: birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own”

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james1611king wrote:

Guns are not the problem. Proof? Are there school shooting in Israel? No. Is it because the teachers are armed? It’s a no brainer for sane heads.

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Vegdad wrote:

To the top chef…. As a Buddhist I normally do not partake of these conversations, however I find it ironic you pick on Atheists whenever the NRA has not tweeted once and has taken down their facebook page…. For your information 25% of the American public are agnostic or atheist, 35% are various other religions and only 35-40% are Christian…. Before you bash other Americans please realize that this is a diverse nation and peace is our only option….. I am also a former law enforcement officer and I can tell you more guns does not = less crime, every study ever done points towards it merely giving killers better tools to work with…… Jesus and Buddha both preached peace and understanding and in the end we should all seek that within ourselves…..

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AZWarrior wrote:

Obama is still looking for his “Reichstagg Fire” to rule by decree.

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nixonfan wrote:

The 2012 body count in Obama’s hometown is now 484, including many children. He couldn’t care less.

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Timbuk3 wrote:

@askthechef, the answer to your question about why atheists are not suing, is not because we don’t really believe our beliefs, which is absurd, it is because like most all Americans, our hearts are broken over this tragedy and we mourn with and respect the parents and survivors. What kind of person uses this event to mock and criticize someone’s religious beliefs? Apparently you and the WBC.

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Benderover wrote:

We don’t need any more gun laws, when will people get it through their heads that guns are only the tools of a killer. Look at china a knife killed 12 people lets ban all knives. Put a gun in all law biding citizens hands with open carry. instead of 26 shot maybe only 1 or 3 would of been before someone would of shot him. Proven fact that there is less crime in open carry states.

My heart goes out to these parents no child should ever be harmed or killed.

But do not turn this into oh we need to ban guns or have stricter laws..

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taxcorps2 wrote:

Lt. Vance said: “We have the best of the best working on this case. … Our goal is to paint a complete picture so that we all know and the public knows exactly what happened here,”

If you have a brain you already know what happened. Another mentally ill young male who had access to guns capable of quickly firing many high-powered rounds, decided to join the club and go murder as many innocent people as he could, especially little children. Now, as usual, we have some other sicko’s using this as an opportunity to bash the man who has twice been elected president of the United States by a majority of the population, rather than giving some credence to the fact that we as a nation are sick. We are sick in the persistance of not acknowledging that mental illness exists and it is something that if we want to call ourselves responsible and civilized, we desparately need to do something about.

This is about easy access to guns and ammo by people who should not have those guns and ammo, but it is also about acknowledging the truth that continues to be ignored and belittled by many, and continues to cause mass murders of many innocent people. That truth is that mental illness needs to be understood and dealt with as much as any cancer or degenerative disease does.

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fromthecenter wrote:

It never fails… whenever we have a mass shooting the gun toting christians come out in force. What a scary bunch they are!

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ronlsb wrote:

Obama’s comments on this whole tragedy are simply a farce. As an Illinois state senator he voted repeatedly to allow doctors to kill a living, breathing, child who left the womb alive from a botched abortion. So much for protecting the innocent among us. Not to speak of his pushing to allow every abortion conceivable, including late term and partial birth abortions. As always with this man, look at what he does, not what he says.

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boonteetan wrote:

Each time there is a shooting massacre, the question of gun control would be raised. Yet, time after time, there had been no amicable solution. In fact more and more guns of all kinds are available freely. How ludicrously preposterous. May god save America. (mtd1943, vzc1943)

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LtScrounge wrote:

Israelis had a problem with Palestinian terrorists attacking their schools with fully automatic weapons. They took the more logical and effective approach of training and arming teachers who volunteer for the training. It only took a few terrorists ending up in body bags to stop the attacks. If guns were the problem, why aren’t there ever any mass shootings at gun shows or police stations? There are lots of guns and ammo at both of those. One article on this talks about the shooter having “hundreds of rounds of ammo”. Well considering that pistol ammo is sold in boxes of 50 or 100 rounds, how hard would it be to have a couple of boxes. For that matter, most outdoor shops like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop, and even Walmart sell ammo in bulk lots for people who shoot a lot. Those bulk lots save money and normally contain 200 – 1000 rounds. It’s very easy to fire hundreds of rounds if you want to become proficient with a firearm.

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LtScrounge wrote:

Israelis had a problem with Palestinian terrorists attacking their schools with fully automatic weapons. They took the more logical and effective approach of training and arming teachers who volunteer for the training. It only took a few terrorists ending up in body bags to stop the attacks. If guns were the problem, why aren’t there ever any mass shootings at gun shows or police stations? There are lots of guns and ammo at both of those. One article on this talks about the shooter having “hundreds of rounds of ammo”. Well considering that pistol ammo is sold in boxes of 50 or 100 rounds, how hard would it be to have a couple of boxes. For that matter, most outdoor shops like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop, and even Walmart sell ammo in bulk lots for people who shoot a lot. Those bulk lots save money and normally contain 200 – 1000 rounds. It’s very easy to fire hundreds of rounds if you want to become proficient with a firearm.

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just a question to ponder.
How do we protect our children when we cant be with them 24-7?
the Risk factor increases with distance, we all agree I assume.
Maybe take some of that powerball prize which is just a lil too much for just a few, and utilize the funds for cameras & increased security for schools. just a thought!
but wait, I don’t have kids, oops

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It never fails… whenever there’s a shooting spree, the gun-phobic liberals predictably go after the rights of the law-abiding people WHO DIDN’T DO IT.

Obama mumbled something about ‘meaningful action’. Of course we know what that means to him: disarming every American. OTOH…

Meaningful action: arm teachers, administrators and custodians who are willing to train, and to protect the children for whom they bear responsibility. Parents of school children should DEMAND this.

Meaningful action: ELIMINATE “gun-free” zones – aka “nut-job shooting galleries” – where there’s an implicit guarantee that NO ONE will be capable of stopping an attacker.

Meaningful action: STOP BLAMING GUNS and start examining how the mental health care system in this nation is completely and utterly broken. Here in CT we have **NURSES** prescribing STRINGS of PSYCH MEDS for people Lanza’s age and younger – not based on the result of brain scans or extensive testing, but based on what they look up in a book. THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE.

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ejhickey wrote:

Ironic that Obama says he will help stop the violence since he was the one who authorized the killing of two US citizens in yeman with a drone attack. thee was no trial arrest, hearing or evidence presented. just a sudden drone attack and two US citizens were dead on the basis of rumors. then he signed a law giving himself the power to do the same thing inside the US. this is the guy who is going to make it safer for us?

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Anthonykovic wrote:

Why is Obama’s face in every news report on this event?
This is a by far and large a local matter – one sick puppy and 26 innocent victims. Would the Great Obama be on every network news report if it were 26 homeless latinos who were gunned down? I think not.

To put things in perspective 43,000 Americans die very year in road accidents, about 120 a day. Has Obama shed even ONE TEAR for ONE MINUTE on national TV for those poor souls? No, only for cute kids.

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smacman4027 wrote:

Vegdad, Hate to tell you this but you should do better research. All peer reviewed research on guns shows that more less guns equal more crime. It is people like you who take the statements put out by the gun banners and spout it as fact that make the world a more dangerous place

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olepcola wrote:

Gun rights? We have a right to bear arms. That does not translate to grenade launchers or tanks. Why? Because we aren’t that stupid. No one goes hunting game with an assault rifle. That is what it is, that is what the “ar” stands for you mope. These are not recreational in nature, they are meant to kill people, lots of people. If we can’t be rational now then we can never be rational. I hunt. I own rifles. I do not own weapons. Shooting a person is not an option. That is the problem. We have weaponized our society and now we see no solution but more weapons. God help us all.

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hillsdale wrote:

There has been 15 mass shootings in the last 4 years. There were only 9 shootings between 2000 and 2008. The president has created economic uncertainty domestically and uncertainty internationally by abandoning our allies. The turmoil and decisiveness that he creates are making the individuals on the fringe less stable. I believe this is leading to an unstable weaker United States with less wealth and influence. Obama’s plan is to level the playing field at the United States expense.

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CowboyPenguin wrote:

Phew, I love guns. They are fun, and responsible people should be able to use them.

Lots of people argue that they are tools, and that they don’t kill people, people do. That is true. It is used alot when there is ONE shooting. But the thing that never comes up, is that Guns just make it so god-damned-easy to kill. It’s a lot harder and more time consuming to kill 18 kids with a knife than with a glock.

I think I am willing to let responsible peoples hobbies suffer to make it harder to kill 20 people in a room on one day. =\

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dmanning wrote:

Stricter gun laws are not the same thing as banning guns. In the face of these slayings, this awful massacre, to claim that a stricter policy on attaining weapons and ammunition in America, isn’t something that should even be considered, is to my mind, ludicrous. Of course it should be considered. Of course it should be debated. And I hope it is considered and departed on a level far more significant that a Reuter’s message board.

I agree wholeheartedly that it was Lanza and whatever evil and insanity had twisted his brain that caused the attack on that school. But a semi-automatic weapon made his attack savagely effective. In another situation referenced on this board, a man in China the same day also attacked savagely attacked school children. 22 of them.

Those children lived. The children in Sandy Hook never had a chance.

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lawgone wrote:

The problem isn’t guns, its the parental units as the cone heads once said. If families sat down to the dinner table and talked and kids weren’t allowed to play violent video games, watch violent movies, listen to violent music, surf the Internet hanging out on social sites and parents cared about what their children are doing we would not be having these problems. We didn’t have these types of problems when I was growing up, why? Because we had dinner at 6pm sharp, the 19″ black and white TV was off and no one answered the rotary phone if it rang during dinner. The problem now is we have cell phones, video games, Internet and a slew of other things and no one sits down at the dinner table anymore. It isn’t guns, it what no one wants to talk about, the real problem. We had less gun laws and fewer shooting sprees when I was growing up, in the 70′s you could buy a .22 revolver at the drug store for $25 bucks it was known as a Saturday night special and in 1986 the government placed a ban on fully automatic guns. Obviously you can’t buy a gun at a drugstore anymore and few people can afford a machine gun but violence has gotten worse, why? Because in todays day and age people are constantly being bombarded with violence either through the TV, movie theater, computer, mobile device or video games and families are distant.

Let me explain so the thickheaded people can understand.

My 11 year old daughter’s favorite movie is the 1965 classic The Sound of Music, when we do play video games its a family event, we play bowling or other family games on the Wii. We eat dinner together every night at the table and talk about the days events. She does her homework either before or right after dinner. She has dance class twice a week and has for 7 years. We spend our weekends doing things together as a family. She has a laptop computer but only uses it for homework, not surfing the Internet or social networking, she has a smart phone but only uses it for calling us, taking pictures and playing non violent music. We take a family vacation together once a year. She likes us and being part of a family…

Do you get it now?

Until families start acting like families again and care about each other and parents know what their children are doing and who they are hanging out with we going to keep having this problem. Obama knows it, the politicians know it and you know it, we all know what the problem is but no one wants to admit it. Why? Because its EASIER to blame a gun!

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whatsnew wrote:

A political propaganda speech just what mourning parents want to hear.

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apaeth wrote:

Bring back the jobs. Give these kids more of an opportunity to succeed. Quit playing fiscal lord by devaluing our currency and handing profits over to the banks and corporations. Spend some money on mental health awareness instead of 130 overseas military bases. Try working to get the costs of basic necessities back in line with incomes and for gods sake please enforce the existing laws.

That is all…

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Michae-MX wrote:

With his hands dripping with the blood of “beautiful little [Pakistani] children,” Obama wipes an imaginary tear from his left eye as he mulls the most effective means to disarm the American working class as his deadly drones continue their handiwork on Pakistan.

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whatsnew wrote:

Maybe the President should have blamed an offensive video

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Juan_One wrote:

All you libs that claim you believe in the “Bill of Rights” especially the part about “Freedom of Speech” need to wake up. I do believe in all the rights it contains not just the ones I am partial of and I for one am willing to defend it in its entirety not just the parts my control freak lib friends favor.

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TxCharlie wrote:

Here is something that NRA members will accept, I believe:

1. Design a gun that only allows the owner and people that the owner programs in to use the gun (an electronic RFID actuator for the gun lock built into most consumer firearms). Would need a failsafe design to ensure the gun is operable despite blood, dirt, sweat, and other contamination as well as temporary enables for guess. All this would prevent children from firing the guns except when the parent is present. IT WOULD ALSO PREVENT THE GUN FROM BEING USED AGAINST THE OWNER – cops would buy into this technology in a heartbeat if the technology is reliable, such as with implanted RFID chips in the officer’s forearm so no removable jewelry is involved.

2) mental health exams and tests to be included in carry permits.

3) make it a crime for a parent to allow their children to play video games and watch movies with ratings above their age.

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dmanning wrote:

To lawgone,

I understand what you are saying. I too believe that there has been a decline in good parenting and that many children are not being raised properly.

However, I would be willing to bet that many of the parents of the Sandy Hook victims were raising their children in just the way you advocate–and those children were slaughtered. Those values we both believe in could not and did not protect them from a sick maniac armed with a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

There is no one answer to these massacres, as there is no one answer to the problem of violence overall. That is why I believe you look at every conceivable remedy: better parenting, a resistance to violence portrayed so indiscriminately in our culture, a painstaking evaluation of our treatment of mental illness, and yes, more stringent gun laws. Everything should be on the table.

P.S. In my previous post, I typed “departed” when I meant to type “debated”. I criticize others for typos in their messages, so sorry I messed that up.

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ksyxx wrote:

I am sorry for the loss of all of those innocent children, plus now the ones that lived are most likely scarred for life after witnessing that. But what is also sad is that as soon as this happened mikey bloomburg and diana fienstien want stricter gun laws. The guns are not the problem, the nutbag is the problem. I live in Pa and own several guns yeah I know I’m the devil. I guarantee that my guns did not kill one of those poor kids, so leaving me defenseless would have protected those kids how exactly? Last I checked it was illegal to have any type of wepon on school property, yet this nutbag brought several guns onto then into school property! Please enlighten me on how taking my guns and leaving me defenseless would have made this jackass obey the gun free zone aka sitting duck zone aka defenseless zone aka easy target zone and saved those kids? If you don’t like guns fine stay away from them, or better yet move to Mexico where no one is aloud to have guns, but somehow have more gun violence than America. And as far as mikey bloomburg claiming that there is somekind of loophole that allows private citizens to sell guns without paperwork or backround checks. That’s BS I’ve sold plenty of guns and every one of them the person bying it needed to pass a backround check and both the buyer and myself had to provide State issued ID and fill out about 3 pages of ATF paperwork apiece.

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Timbuk3 wrote:

When you gun nuts have the urge to use Israel’s policies regarding the Palestinians as an example of how to create a more peaceful and safer America, please stop yourself. Last I knew, rockets were being fired at their schools.

I support the 2nd amendment including the rights of patriots to own hh powered guns, I believe this is a mental health problem even more than a gun problem. The conversation needs to be about how we care for the seriously mentally ill young people in this country. Observe, recognize, and treat. Don’t just add more guns to the shootings.

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lawgone wrote:

@dmanning…You didn’t get it…We already have over 20K gun laws on the books. I wasn’t referring to the children’s parents in Sandy Hook. My post was about the person that committed the crime. Perhaps, if he had a better family unit he would not have committed this act. Do you get it now? More gun laws will not do anything to stop violence.

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americanguy wrote:

If you have a mentally ill person living in your house or visiting, lock up your guns.
It’s that simple.
It is the mother’s fault.

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b3njam1n wrote:

“No one goes hunting game with an assault rifle. That is what it is, that is what the “ar” stands for you mope.” olepcola
Most people can’t afford an assault rifle, which, by definition, is a fully automatic weapon, and requires significant government paperwork. Lot’s of people hunt with semi-automatic rifles, including AR15s. By the way, the internet is a wealth of information, and this piece of info comes from the ArmaLite web site, the company that invented the AR15, then sold the rights to Colt. “Colt’s retained the AR-15 designation on commercial rifles. To this day Colt’s has a model designation with the letters AR, which stands for “ArmaLite”. AR = ArmaLite, not assault rifle, mope.

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flashrooster wrote:

boonteetan: “Each time there is a shooting massacre, the question of gun control would be raised. Yet, time after time, there had been no amicable solution. In fact more and more guns of all kinds are available freely.”

It’s because of the NRA, the very powerful gun lobby. They’re extremely effective at 2 things in particular: 1) They threaten our elected officials if they even talk about passing any legislation that might interfere with the gun industry’s profits, i.e., gun regulations. 2) They’re very good at propaganda.

Look at a lot of the posts on this thread. Take AGoyAndHisBlog’s post, for example: “Obama mumbled something about ‘meaningful action’. Of course we know what that means to him: disarming every American.” The gun lobby has this poor guy believing that the government is planning to take away his beloved guns. Wayne LaPierre has made himself a millionaire leading the charge for the NRA. Look at the title of his latest book: “America Disarmed: Inside the U.N. and Obama’s Scheme to Destroy the Second Amendment” He’s made himself rich spreading lies and paranoia, dividing this country on gun issues that don’t even exist.

What angers me most about all of this is that it’s all about profits. By convincing gullible Americans that the government wants to take away their guns, they buy more and are more defensive about passing ANY reasonable gun regulations. The real reason is because regulations cost the gun industry profits, but they’ve convinced conservatives that they’re defending the 2nd Amendment.

America’s conservatives have become so easy to manipulate that all the industries prey on them to back any position that helps increase and protect their profits. The right has forgotten how to think for themselves, and the savvy folks representing these industries are very much aware of that. They can get these people to believe ANYTHING without even offering any evidence. And it’s all about the industries’ profits. The gun industry: the federal government is planning to confiscate our guns. The fossil fuels industries: global warming is a myth. The defense industry: you can never spend too much on defense and any cut in defense spending means some politician is weak on national security. The healthcare industry: America has the best healthcare system in the world and any change amounts to socialism. The banking industry: any regulations are bad and will hurt the economy. And America’s rightwing swallows it all hook, line and sinker. And all the industries really care about is their profits. It really is frustrating because our conservative countrymen are so stubborn, uninformed, and so certain they’re right.

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Timbuk3 wrote:

Eating dinner with your kids has not been shown to prevent schizophrenia. Mental illness is not such a simple thing as family dinner and video game denial. There is no sccience that shows a connection between games and mental illness and i researched this carefully before i let my teenager play these games. As far as keeping high powered guns in the house to prevent crime, i would say this horrible catastrophe proves that theory horribly wrong. What if every family suffering through mental illness had more guns, and the schools and neighbors and coworkers and teachers did too? Do gun rights advocates even imagine how this proposed “solution” sounds to people who want less guns on the streets?

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DannyDan wrote:

Assault rifles should be locked up when left at home unattended. The mother definitely should have known of her sons mental health and not have allowed any possible access to the guns.

We should have armed guards at every school at beginning and end of school.

Schools should have doors that do not open from the outside. Someone in the office should decide whether or not to push the button and let them in if they have a reason to be there and look safe from video cameras. Obviously they shouldn’t hit the button if the person is carrying an assault rifle.

Every public school in the nation could have an full-time armed guard with a salary of 40k at a cost of 4 Billion/yr.

There are certainly things that can be done that actually prevent these tragedies from occurring without restricting guns any further.

Since criminals are always going to have access to guns in the black market, the only way to protect the kids are through security and armed personnel.

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CleanFun wrote:

Aurora and Newtown connected! It’s over.

The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.

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ONTIME wrote:

Yes according to the reports he did indeed have a lot of ammo he intended to use and not one person in that school with it’s new security had a weapon to defend those kids, no one could fend off the nut, the wolf the school let thru it’s new seccurity because they recognized him and thought him harmless was not playing by their rules…..the reason lib brains are so crudgy and filthy is because they take them out and play with them and drop them in the sand box.

Now the libs with all this fact and logic still think that no guns for anyone means we are all going to be safe, so we all wait around for another shoe to drop, more folks unable to defend themselves from a criminal die and everyone gets punished for letting them die, again.

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dmanning wrote:

To lawgone,

Of course I “got it.” I am not stupid, and your posts are not complicated. Whoever you keep excoriating in your messages for being dense is not nearly so dense as you keep assuming. Because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I’ve missed a point…I get the point and still disagree. I knew very well you were referring to the parents of the killer. What you had not thought of is that my children, your children, are in the line of fire. It is great that we are hopefully raising them in a way that they will be law-abiding citizens, and certainly never commit anything like such a terrible act. And what I am saying, and you aren’t getting, is that all our teaching and values is not going to protect them. It isn’t. It didn’t protect the children in Sandy Hook and it wouldn’t protect ours.

By the way, I own a gun and am proficient in using it. And I live in a gun-heavy southern state. Hunting is big here, as is sport shooting, target shooting, etc. For all the surplus of gun laws you say we have on the books, I will tell you this. So long as one doesn’t have a felony record, you can register for, purchase and walk away with a gun of most any make or calibre within five days. Lanza wouldn’t have needed his mom’s gun here. He could have come up with his plan on a Monday and been shooting by Friday morning.

And another point to gun laws. Law enforcement agencies, from Federal to local levels, are almost unanimous in their support for tougher restrictions for firearms. They are on the front lines, they know more about this than you or me. I will follow their suggestions.

So I get it. I comprehend everything you said and know. And much, much more beside.

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Abulafiah wrote:

It is very revealing that instead of concern about protecting the right to life of the victims, so many right-wingers are more concerned with protecting their ‘right’ to play with guns.

Out of the advanced states America has the highest number of gun deaths, *and* the highest rate of homicides, currently at 4.2 per 100,000. For comparison, the UK has 1.2, France and the Netherlands 1.1, Sweden and Australia 1.0, Spain and Germany 0.8, Norway and Austria 0.6, Japans 0.3. Notice how they are all much lower than in the USA?

Clearly, if you look at real-life rather than wishful thinking, gun-controls do reduce crime, and letting everybody have guns does not reduce crime.

The sad this is that this will happen again. Probably within a month or two. Why? Because the right-wing doesn’t give a damn. They don’t care if it happens again. They wring your hands. They pretend to be full of sympathy. They mouth empty condolences. But they make sure nothing is done to prevent another mass killing. They ensure that it will happen again and more people will die.

The hypocrisy on display from the right is nauseating.

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dmanning wrote:

To lawgone,

Also, it is worth noting that the 20k gun law factoid you offer is total myth. It has been often-repeated, for years and years now, most famously by President Reagan. It isn’t true and never has been. In truth, if you live in a state like mine that is friendly to gun ownership, as a purchaser of a firearm you are subject to two laws: the minimum Federal statute and a single state law for ownership. My city nor my county has any local regulation for owning a firearm, whether that be a revolver or a semi-automatic rifle. And this is increasingly true of cities and counties throughout the country: it is far easier to get a gun now than it was twenty years. Successful lobbying by pro-gun groups has stricken many older, common-sense guidelines from the books. And our violence worsens…

I don’t think guns are at all the only reason for a increase in these horrible slayings. But they are certainly a factor.

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unreeluknow wrote:

Want to stop violence? = Step 1 – throw everyone out of jail or prison who is not in there for violent crimes. Step 2 – Work with states to pass strict mandatory minimums for violence. 5 years minimum for 3rd degree assault. 5 years minimum for any violence in prison or jail. Step 3 – Mental health evaluations for everyone charged with a violent crime.
Step 4 – Execute all murderers rapists and pedophiles as soon as possible. Nothing inhumane about this, but it deals with the problem. Drunk driving kills more than guns in America each year, why are we not talking about banning alcohol?

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raywill99 wrote:

The wars Obama continues kill one hell of a lot more children than that every month and those killings are every bit as deliberate.

Guns are not the problem. The first shot fired in this situation was the vaccines that caused the autism. Don’t believe the propaganda that it does not cause autism, there has never been a case in an unvaccinated child and the US government conceded on 140,000 cases to keep the evidence out of public view.

Next the anti-depressants are linked to 66 different school shooting. Big pharma killed those children and they kill more than that every year with their 6 in one shot from reactions.

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doxa wrote:

As one who can suspend all social practices and systems of belief, I would only comment that there is a need for citizens of this world to adopt the best part from the best constitutions around the world spread across all countries. It is not that difficult an exercise. A country where there is least violence and sensible people around ought to have a great constitution. We, the world’s citizens must rise now and act – and agree that the experience of life can be traumatic if we prefer to live with a distorted constitution. Lets work and use maybe Mayan Calendar to overcome our own limitations.

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edgyinchina wrote:

Unfortunately President Obama, you are wrong… We will continue to put up with this madness… Largely because of the Supreme Court decision of 2008, but also because the NRA gives millions of dollars every year to pols who will support their positions…. Which can largely be defined as “guns are good for your health, why buy one when two is better”…
No Obama, nothing will be done because the gun owners all condone this kind of activity, and mask it in the name of the 2nd Amendment. So just like all other banana republic’s we will be forced to live with this kind of terrorist activity walking among us…. Guns, Guns, and more guns…

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coldair wrote:

first off, a few hundred rounds of ammo for a semi auto is normal as they come in 20 round, 100 round, 500 round, and 1000 round boxes. the .223 is nothing more then a high power .22 and it is not powerful round as the media portrays it to be. a 30/30 hunting round is much more powerful and that is on the weak side of hunting rounds.

what we need to do is harden schools to make it more difficult to gain entry to them, which would make them double as storm shelters. we also need to get a better control of the over mind altering and mood altering prescription drugs what seems to be a common thread among these mass shooters.
changing the weapons they just to something more dangerous like the devices used in the worst school massacre in our history will only cause more causalities.

another thing we need to do is secure the borders. we most likely have terrorists already in our country now why let more in with our open borders. the deadliest school massacre happened in Beslan [of early September 2004 lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),[5] ending with the death of over 380 people

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BobDR wrote:

Finally intelligent people are coming forward and talking about our violent society – gangster rap, slasher movies, violent video games, etc, etc. I saw a military psychologist this morning who was saying that some of these video games are an excellent training aide for people to commit massacres. Not to mention parental supervision – most of these nuts live at home. What parent buys their crazy kid an assault rifle and hundreds of rounds AND lets them sit around playing violent video games all day long.

I fear nothing effective will be done. Obama is certainly not going to go after his show biz friends who profit handsomely from all the violence in the media. SO, we’ll get some water-down, totally ineffective bill to restrict future sales of some weapons and accessories and we’ll blame all parents making it more difficult for them to parent. Meanwhile, assault rifles will be everywhere in the drug culture, Mexican cartels, and street gangs. A huge black market will develop for these items (Look how good the war on drugs is going.). AND in the end nothing positive will happen and the average joe will be less safe than he was before.

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lawgone wrote:

@dmanning…No, you still don’t get it. If you think more gun laws are going to save your kids or mine you’re sorely mistaken, that is the fundamental problem with your way of thinking and everyone that thinks like you regarding the issue of gun control. In fact, I’m of the belief that more gun control would actually put my child’s life in greater danger, not less. I’m located in FL and own more than 10 different types of firearms ranging from pistols, semi-auto handguns, rifles and shotguns including some of those “scary” looking rifles that gun grabbers like to label as “assault” rifles and of course they would label me as a “gun nut”.

If a person doesn’t have a felony record, certain misdemeanor records such as domestic violence or they have a history of mental illness, then, a person has the right to own a firearm(s), what type of firearm really depends on the state and even as to what capacity magazine will also depend on the state a person resides. In FL we have very few restrictions, unlike NY where few are allowed to own a handgun except the privileged, NY also has restrictions on magazine capacities, just like CA. Since I’m a strong supporter of the Constitution and I agree that the people have the right to own firearms. They don’t just hand firearms out on the street corner to anyone that wants one either.

Its a right, not a privilege unlike drivers license which is a privilege. If a person falls under one of the things I mentioned above they forfeit the right to own firearms and I agree with it. A perfect example of how very restrictive gun control laws work you need look no further than Obama’s hometown of Chicago, where no one is allowed to own handguns but yet the crime and murder rate are very high.

I know many police officers both active and retired, I worked with law enforcement officers for many years and all advocate that the citizenry arm themselves. Law enforcement officers will be the first to tell you that they cannot protect you or anyone else and that it is each individuals responsibility to protect themselves, not theirs, because they get to the scene after the crime has already been committed.

I will clue you in on something else. Unless you’ve been in a situation that required the use of deadly force then you will never understand until it happens to you. I have, so I can speak from experience, without going into the whole incident, I’ll just say that if we didn’t have an armed citizenry, things would have turned out very differently and not in a good way and I’ll leave it at that. Of course you never hear about those type of incidents in the media and it happens on a daily basis, but that doesn’t make for “shocking” headline news now does it?

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spiveyjean wrote:

The Newtown killer used his moms guns. No amount of new gun
control would have stopped him. His mom was the legal owner
of the guns. She would have passed any new gun control laws
with flying colors. So now what? Also, the same week in
China, a crazed man stabbed 20 kids with a knife. So no, we are
not all in agreement about new gun control. Love to know
where reuters came up with their faulty survey.

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murrrdog wrote:

Despite Gun Bans in UK “Culture of violence: Gun crime goes up by 89% in a decade” Mail Online‏

Gun crimes soaring despite ban brought in following Dunblane

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deerecub1977 wrote:

encouraging learned helplessness is morally corrupt, now back to the fiscal cliff

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Poalima wrote:

One way to limit this kind of killing – stop glorifying the killer. Get the press to agree to not publish the name, history, background, or other aspects of the killer. Get the fools off the air who ponder the killer’s soul and motivation. These killers want fame, and they want people’s attention.
Focus on the victims, the tragedy, that stuff, and stop plastering the face of the killer across the nation. Instead, talk about what a loser this anonymous killer was. Make the act as unattractive as possible.

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Heretic2011 wrote:

The parents need to find out who made these schools a gun free zone and demand criminal charges. Liberals did this.

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I’m sorry but this is just too bizzare. There are so many conflicting stories and accounts and stories changing, now they politicize this to come after guns, I smell criminal rats!

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flashrooster wrote:

For the conservatives who believe that more guns is the answer, it’s worth recalling that our country has already tried that back in the 19th century. The result? There was too much gun violence. A slew of gun regulations were passed and gun violence was greatly reduced, and in its place we had a much more civil, family-friendly society. Conservatives always seem to forget the past, and are therefore doomed to repeat it.

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ksyxx wrote:

I have read a couple of comments on here about all the special paperwork needwd to own a class 3 full auto gun, that because of the money and time involved in getting them class 3 owners don’t kill people. Tell that to the Mexican drug cartels they didn’t get the memo, that because they have full auto rifles they can’t kill people. Tell that to BP officer Brian Terry’s friends and family. He was gunned down by Mexican drug runners illegally here with rifles supplied to them by his own government. That’s right Obama supplied Officer Terry’s murder with the rifles to kill him with.

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deerecub1977 wrote:

but drone killings are o.k.

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deerecub1977 wrote:


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moonhill wrote:

All of the recent attacks have occured in gun free zones. States with the tighest gun control laws have more deaths due to gun violence. In states with right to carry, you have fewer instances of this because criminals don’t have the upper hand. More gun control laws will not solve this problem, it will only make it worse.

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flashrooster wrote:

moonhill: More to the point, all of our recent attacks have occurred in a country with the most liberal gun laws in the world. If what you’re suggesting was true, that more guns would mean less gun violence, then the US would have the least amount of gun violence in the world. This is obvious. Sad that you can’t see it.

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hoxfan wrote:

Thank goodness for the unassailable logic of gun-lovers in the wake of these massacres. Hopefully we can provide these people the power to make their vision of the Second Amendment a reality, and finally have a program where first graders can trade in their backpacks for AK-47′s.

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