Quiet Connecticut town rocked by mass shooting at elementary school

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auger wrote:

The ‘firearm culture’ is woven across all America – from Garden City, Long Island, to Gardenia, Ca. We have interpreted this as our right. Those who forget that rights come with responsibilities will never call anyone culpable after a horror like these shootings.

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americanguy wrote:

We need to build mental hospitals and start putting crazy people back in mental institutions for their own good and the good of society. Ever since the US Supreme Court let almost all crazy people loose on the streets forever, these things have been happening. One day a crazy person does not take their meds that keep them from becoming murderers, then something horrible happens.
Put crazy people away where they belong. I run into them on the street every day (craxy homeless people as one example) they are crazy and violent, and belong in a mental institution. Then there are the “troubled teens” who everyone knows will kill someone but no one does anything.
Who the **** kills 5 year olds? A psycho killer, that’s who.
Bring back mental institutions.
Now I wonder if the mother knew the guy was insane but did nothing.
I guess it will all come out.
Guns aren’t insane, people are insane.
“Mutsuo Toi (都井 睦雄 Toi Mutsuo?), a 21-year-old man, killed 30 people,[1] including his grandmother, with a Browning shotgun, Japanese sword, and axe, and seriously injured three others before killing himself with the shotgun”

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EthicsIntl wrote:

What a tragedy !
Our hearts go out to the victims & their loved ones.

This is turning to be the worst nightmare, and we still don’t seem to know what do about this horrendous killing epidemic.
How about licensing every gun, as we do with motor vehicles, with insurance & annual psychological tests.

You want to own a gun ?, then you better be prepared to accept the responsibilities that come with it.

Personally I have always believed that all fire arms should only be in the hands of experienced professionals, the military, police, etc.


Hunting is not a sport or a necessity in this day and age,
and we are the only country without strict fire arms regulations.

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EthicsIntl wrote:


With all due respect, you are barking up the wrong tree. Fire arms are just too easy to get, because they are very profitable. Just look at who is funding the NRA, the gun manufacturers. That’s capitalism for you.

We as a society bear the responsibility for all our predicaments.

There are countries five times our size and they don’t have this problem, that’s right, China. Despite their many shortcomings they have a very peaceful society, and do not believe what you read or hear in our media. I have been going there for ten years and have lived there all year round for four years. Chinese police DO NOT carry fire arms or any weapon, not even clubs.

I lived in NYC for 40 years and I feel much safer in Beijing, and I’m not the only one that claims this, the hundreds of westerners that I have met here also agree.

It is our dysfunctional broken up families that produce such unstable youth, 50% divorce rate in the US. Parents now days don’t care about their offspring’s upbringing like they used to. They are too busy working or shopping, or looking after their personal interests.

There can’t be enough mental institutions to care for the millions of emotionally unstable people in our country. You have to go after the cause.

And of course our even more dysfunctional government is useless and a big joke.

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