Connecticut school could not have prevented shooting, experts say

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katieo14 wrote:

what about a school security system where you need to swipe the card for access ????????? that would have prevented this… you sound so dumb when you state nothing could have prevented this……if someone could not just walk in how could they bring guns in and just start firing…. I paid a fortune for my boys to attend a small elementary school where they had keyed access and a camera to view who was ringing the bell for access. it’s the only way to go. I paid a fortune, not for a better education but for security…..every parent should demand it…let’s put money in to school security systems and forget about added red lights.

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paintcan wrote:

If no one knows yet what security measure were in place, how can any “expert” claim nothing could be done?

Why don’t you try this story again when someone knows something?

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amibovvered wrote:

So, the current version of what happened avers that the apparently lone gunman got into the school by breaking a window. Was there even a basic alarm system designed for this contingency? If so, why was it not working?

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Howzah123 wrote:

I know what could have stopped him

An armed and trained law enforcement officer stationed on campus

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judester wrote:

The sane trying to figure out the insane. Who’s to know what the insane think, it baffles the experts who credit themselves experts. One can theorize and be just as correct in analyzing this horrible event. We do seem to be chasing ghosts blaming something, anything. I think this has been building for years a drip at a time like the formation of an ice-cycle. parents and teachers have both changed in the last sixty years and during the 1960′s the defiant youth protested about the authority telling them they were not allowed to do what they wanted and the Hippy generation came into existence and eventually faded but those youngsters became parents and when their perfect little children acted like children they went to the schools demanding change in the programs to make them more fair, according to these x-hippies. Through the years the teachers hands have been cuffed and their mouths taped and the color of their pencils forbidden to be the color red. We now in NYS have teachers that qualify to be teachers by a certification meaning any teacher can teach any subject. The schools are forbidden to search lockers and punishment is just about unheard of. Google the rubber rooms of NYC schools where teachers are going and getting their paychecks while awaiting a decision of reprimand. More drips on the ice cycle.

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ibsteve2u wrote:

The school was built in 1956…back when schools – and teachers – were a valued part of the community. Back when schools were welcoming, and welcomed.

Back when America was booming, and her people partners with Corporate America and its shareholders, and education made Americans ever more valuable to Corporate America and its shareholders.

Now…now the American people and their children…their schools…their teachers…now they’re just “labor”…just “costs”…now the American people have been thrust into an economic pressure cooker, if they’re lucky enough to have a job at all; if not, directly into the fire of destitution.

And yet the talking heads – most of whom get astounding paychecks – are surprised when the occasional American literally goes ballistic? Whose mother – surprise, surprise – turns out to have worried about a collapsing economy? In today’s America, which prominently features a 24/7 cable news network that does nothing BUT preach divide and conquer? Which does nothing BUT preach the imminent demise of America UNLESS American turns against American?

What, are ye witless?

Dec 17, 2012 9:47pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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