Abe's challenge: Can he give Japan what money can't buy

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Janeallen wrote:

As the grandson of a politician in Tojo Government in WWII—
Tojo, the Nazi agent in Japan who fashioned the deceit and bombed Pearl Harbor, and continued the decades old horrific crimes against humanity programs in Asia with western help — Abe could do the right thing by condemning and expressing regret for ALL the long list of Japanese war crimes in history. Abe can choose to start leading Japan to behave responsibly, for the first time in 120 years.

Instead of hiding behind the egregious cover up by disseminating false propaganda to the west, to perpetuate the Japanese Aryan race myth, come clean with the truth of its continual atrocities in human rights violation daily in Asia, betting that the west will continue to side with its evil deeds against Asian human rights in exchange for the racist script that Caucasians and Japanese are genetically and morally superior.

Short of that, the world is going to see through every guileful, deceitful tricks Abe plays to further the policy of dishonesty, hypocrisy he has never stopped leading the Japanese people on, for all his career.

The declassified material, the exposure of Kaneko’s deliberate denigration of human rights of all non-Japanese Asians since the late 19th century, means that Abe only has one choice — to condemn the way Japan sold Asians under the bus in exchange for western support to push Japan up to the top economically, militarily and in influence of world decisions. Japan has not slowed, in fact has gotten worse in the violation of human rights of Asians in Asia and in the United States, as an egregious example of scuzzy morality, deceit, corruption and coverup.

Every day, NHK subtly defames all Asia, subtly distorts facts to whitewash what Japan is really doing, and disguises Japanese image as advanced, humane to the west. The under-belly will be exposed in completion. It’s better that Abe comes clean before the scandals bring the worst shame among the Japanese, when they have to face historical truths, and admit that their Government has been relying on nothing but lies and blind obedience of its people to govern, to motivate, to secure special favors in all the world economic & political forums.
Japan’s underbelly shows a very sickening, sexist, immoral society.

Short of changing the dishonorable ways, nothing will redeem Japan’s reputation, & its place in the world stage. The world already knows.
We are just waiting for the “truth bomb” to explode to signal the exposure of all deliberately covered up truths about the real Japan.

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