Hungary's Jews face down new extremism

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Reuters1945 wrote:

“A leader of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party called for lists of prominent Jews to be drawn up to protect national security”.

We have seen this same scenario all through history. When evil minded people wish to grab and consolidate power, the first thing they do is identify a group they can tell the people is their “common enemy”.

Some people have their agenda written all over their face or stamped clearly on their forehead. Others chose to prominently identify their mind set via the use of a short, abbreviated black mustache just below their nose.

Only someone who is blind and dumb would have any difficulty figuring out who represents the historical hero of the Jobbik party.

Fortunately the Jobbik party is not likely to succeed in taking over the modern, enlightened nation of Hungary as did another party in 1930′s Germany.

Nevertheless, it is sad and telling that this party has mustered a large following among the under 30 age group. A situation that is a source of anxiety and embarrassment to all decent, honorable and educated Hungarians. As well it should be.

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lamchops wrote:

In Europe, “far right” means fascist socialism as opposed to communist socialism. Both are statist ideologies where the individual is subservient to the state. And both are the antithesis of the liberalism of the Enlightenment which is now generally called libertarianism and is associated in the United States with conservatives and the Tea Party..

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Hadolf wrote:

“Andras Heisler, a leader of Mazsihisz, the Association of Jewish Communes in Hungary, said Jobbik was a danger to Hungary.”

Funny how the leader of a Jew organization can call probably the most popular party of Hungary today a “danger to Hungary”, but when a member of that party calls Jews in the Hungarian government a danger to national security that is an outrage. Also interesting to note how no one with dual citizenship can hold office in the Israeli government but in Hungary no problemo.
Oh well, just laughing my heart out about all these funny stuff, while the Jews are robbing what is left of Hungary (not much …. :-( ), and we have to applaud them.. Now that is an outrage!!!

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PeterWestley wrote:

I love how the media spins this. God forbid a country wants to know where its politician’s loyalties lie. How many of our Senators and Congresspeople are dual citizens with Israel? How many have funneled favors and secrets via AIPAC.

The question is legitimate. Bravo to Hungary for being brave enough to ask it.

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tommhan wrote:

Lamchops knows nothing about the conservatives in the US or the tea party and evidently does not understand libertarians. Conservatives in the US believe strongly in capitalism and self sufficiency in able bodied citizens. They believe in strong military, small government and low taxes.

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Carlyle_ny wrote:

Nothing has ever puzzled me more than how anti-Semites go to church every Sunday and bow down before a Jew.

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JWMiller wrote:

I love how leftist academics have successfully taken some of the most vile and evil traits of far left big government and label it “far-right”. Jobbik is extreme, and otherwise this article is well done, but there is nothing “right” about Jobbik. They aren’t for limited government, they aren’t pro-individual rights. Racism and homophobia are not related to any specific part of the left/right spectrum. Fascism, which is essentially what Jobbik would be categorized under, is a big government ideology, just a different type. If you advocate for a powerful central government, not limited government, it doesn’t matter if you are an atheist, a secular dictator, or an ayatollah of a Muslim Theocracy, it’s all far-left ideology. The party that advocates for liberty and limited government is the “right” party, and that certainly isn’t Jobbik. Jobbik is simply another in a long line of this world’s far left political entities that seeks to rule over mankind. Hopefully their voters do the right thing and embrace limited government so that these extreme opinions can never manifest themselves in a way like they did in the 1920′s and 1930′s.

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boreal wrote:

The problem in Hungary is not that someone there is a devotee of the god fearing Jewish religion, or that exotic Harikrishna follower and each prays every day to his respective god. The problem is that for their negligible proportion too many Jews are in the parliament (who may have sworn allegiance to another foreign power, or at least easily convinced to serve 2 masters) and are in key government decision making positions, squeezing Hungarians where it hurts. To bring insult to injury, some hold dual Israeli-Hungarian citizenship which they try to deny at any cost, hiding behind that effective virtual firewall of liberty, racism, fascism, neo Nazism, and anti-Semitism that unjustly muffles any criticism.

Historically Hungarians have a rather bitter aftertaste in their mouth after terribly suffering from previous bloody Hungarian pinko crypto communist dictatorships. Notably: Béla Kun; (A.K.A. Béla Kohn), Mátyás Rákosi; (A.K.A. Manó Roth) regimes and their heirs; not the least that dreaded ÁVH secret terror police organization whose leadership ranks were filled again overwhelmingly with Jews who were eager to supply Hungarian manpower to the Stalin era gulags.

Members of parliament today in Hungary have to declare who they are, their education, language fluency, wealth, etc., but not citizenship to another country.

Even in Israel the Basic Law of Knesset stipulates if a Knesset member holds another county’s citizenship he must give it up before he can be sworn in. Furthermore, if a member of Knesset refuses to give up his other citizenship he is kicked out of the Knesset.

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Pedro07 wrote:

Being anti-semitic is terrible. It’s like being islamophobe. Just as bad…

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paintcan wrote:

Isn’t it an easier thing for the Hungarians to outlaw dual citizenship?

Perhaps only those running for public office can claim only citizenship in the country in which they are voted to hold office and no other?

That is not at all “right-wing”. The voting rights I enjoy in New Hampshire are dependent on me claiming this state as my principal residence. The oath of office in The United States requires the occupant of certain key positions – The Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court, to swear allegiance to this country and forswear allegiance to any other foreign government. After all, those people have the power to declare war on any other foreign government if required.

Israel plays a very strange game of granting a right of return to “Jewish” people without ever explaining what that term truly means. That question is not an invitation to revisit the purges of Hitler’s Reich. It is simply asking for a better definition of the term “Jewishness”. No other religious tradition that I am aware of attempts an identification of political and religious identity.

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ss31704 wrote:

I still don’t see how a persons religion or heritage is a threat to national security. But, I guess to the far right, any fundamental culture, Jewish or Christian is a threat. And if course, the minority is much easier and convenient to pick on.

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AlexJones wrote:

Pollard. Born in Galveston. Loyal to Israel. This isn’t without precedent. The creation of Israel was a mistake.

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Irishs wrote:

We in america need to face down the american jew who:
Made free speech hate speech
Stole ou right to print our own currency
Shot and murdered the unarmed 34 on the Liberty
Supports Israel who has a prime minister who stole american nuclear triggers
Supports Israel who stole and sold american nuclear and militart secrets. They then sold them.
Our govt is not good enough so they gave us the marxist UN
Passed the US-Israeli cooperation act which is a form of religious slavery
Passed into law that we the american taxpayer must give aid each year equal to what Israel owes us that year


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CountYob wrote:

The holocaust narrative generally ignores the communist terror that loomed over Europe in the post-WWI era. Hungary experienced an early taste of communist tyranny when it was ruled over by Bela Kun (originally Kohn) who, during his short but horrific reign, instituted the Red Terror. It’s a sad but historical fact that secular Jews were well represented in the leadership of the red terror. Given hungarians’ traumatic experience of the red terror and the punitive terms of the armistice that ended WWI, it’s understandable that Hungarians aligned themselves with the Axis powers in a bid to oppose the looming Soviet menace.

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RangerDan wrote:

For every drop of “Good” Jobbik thinks they may have done, they and those like them have have done a million times more evil, created hatred, and sentenced themselves to eternal hell. I think it’s time we turned the tide on them and created a list of their names.

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RangerDan wrote:

Gee (H)adolf, I think we all get where YOU are coming from.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Anti-Roma, Anti-Jew targeted desecration and some killing of the Romas – sounds like Hungary has a lot of anger and is looking for something to blame for their financial woes.

At least the Jews have the Holocaust movies, museums and vocal
descendents to beat the drums about how they were wronged in history.

Poor Romas are mostly homeless peasants who have no moral soapbox to stand upon to tell their history. You probably see them every other day in Europe and know not they suffered the most during World War 2 and are still being the most persecuted ethnic group in all of Europe.

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auntym wrote:

Let us hope that the powers that be come to their senses and do not back senseless anti-Semitism. Remember the words NEVER AGAIN.

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Billion003 wrote:

Obama demonizes various groups and classes here on a regular basis. Its one of the reasons he got re-elected.

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NogginAbroad wrote:

Ah, the Arrow Cross party rises again from the cesspit of National Socialism. Nazis in every thing but name.

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kiwibird wrote:

There will always be racism, it’s a survival mechanism. When you don’t have different races you get tribal warfare. It is very much a human failing that we need to rise above.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

It must be remembered that Janos Fonagy was a member of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party (the Communist Party of Hungary) until he “quit” in 1985. Of course, the “collapse” of the USSR/East Bloc were strategic ruses under the “Long-Range Policy” (the “new” strategy that all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West), and since Janos Fonagy has refused to warn the West of the Communist deception, and is actively taking part in the disinformation, including his recent anti-Semitic rants, that means he is an enemy of the West.

So why are Communists in Hungary spouting anti-Semitic rants, you ask? Simple, they are trying to maneuver Israel into a more conciliatory mood concerning Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza. In several years or so watch for Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza call for a “one-state solution” with Israel. By then, Israel will have no choice but to accept, which would mean the electoral defeat of Israel and the eventual re-absorption of the Jewish state back into the Arab fold.

However, there is one ploy that Israel will resort to in order to thwart the Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy against Israel: Provide immediate Israeli citizenship to all Jews living outside of Israel!

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patriciastarr wrote:

It is encouraging to see our fellow Jews standing up to those Hungarian Hamas lovers – I wonder what they would do if arms, weapons and explosives were being hidden behind their women and children as they are in the Middle East – Hungary has some wonderful history of music, art and literature – let us hope that sane heads prevail and the nutbar extemists are sent swimming in the Danube

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ibsteve2u wrote:

“Yuk”. Not a strong enough word…but I lack one that can convey the disgust it causes me when I see anti-Semitism.

The right…whenever I see bigotry of any kind, I know that any kind of bigotry is possible. Those who are attracted to being told who it is “OK” to look down upon/despise/hate may start with the unemployed or the poor…may start calling the former “lazy” or “welfare mommas” (you’ve heard it and read it)…but once those targets of convenience are gone, they move on to something new.

To whatever they aren’t.

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paintcan wrote:

And why shouldn’t Israel be absorbed into the “Arab world” or vice versa, absorb the Palestinians? Israel can conveniently use anti-semitism to treat itself to exceptions to the behavior of normal states or even ignore laws to it’s own advantage? The UN says that occupation of the West Bank or detention of all Gazans is illegal under international law and that is called “anti-semitic” to mention that?

Don’t get too romantic about Gypsies. They are stateless people and had a history of predation of settled peoples. One may not advocate the forced expulsion or them (an official UN position BTW) or extermination of them but one doesn’t have to be foolish or blind, either, about the issue. I tend to see Gypsies as feral. You can’t afford to be too trusting with feral critters. They have their own priorities that keep them alive. Treating them as an “outcast” class is another matter and we may even have some Roma in the US but they don’t have to live on crime, necessarily. It’s when states refuse to let them become absorbed because they are Roma and don’t trust them that is the problem. They are more settled now and still carry an historic stigma in some parts of Europe.

Israel seems to be the only state on earth that allows religious or cultural affiliation (whatever being “Jewish” really means) an automatic right of return and citizenship in a geographical area. It uses this right to displace other people not claiming that identity because of its own need for room to make way for more “Jewish” people. Why should Israel enjoy that exclusive right and the Hungarians not ask a question of it’s politicians; what it means to be “Hungarian” or what citizenship is most important to them and keep the ethnic or religious question out of the discussion?

BTW – Israel is trying to force the Bedouins of the Negev to settle in their wanderings. They didn’t pay taxes as nomads and they are something like “free range” human beings. Modern states find that a problem. Modern states tend to inventory everything within their territories and like to know where everything and everyone is. They would like them to be tax paying property owners like everyone else. That is also what irritates some Europeans about the Gypsies. They do not tend to make significant investments in the economic life of the state. Even that desire can be taken too far, especially if the state can’t afford everyone the opportunity to make significant investments in the country. In other words it’s illegal by the UN Universal Declaration of Human rights to force Roma to always be nomadic.

@patriciastarr – you talk like a “nut bar” extremist yourself in a “lite” sort of way. At least you love “the arts”. Have them swimming in the “Danube”? And what on earth did the argument about citizenship requirements have to do with Hamas? Hams – unlike many Syrian insurgents are actually residents of Gaza and presumably would be citizens of something whenever that something appears.

I have one citizenship. Why have more? 35 years ago I could have found I could have been drafted for armed services by two states. I would certainly have wanted to limit my liability then, don’t you think? Rahm Emanuel was drafted (or volunteered?) by the Israeli’s for the Israeli military. He wasn’t drafted by the US army to fight in Vietnam. We haven’t had a draft since Vietnam because he wasn’t old enough. If the last two wars in the ME had been filled by conscription, he would have had to make a choice or he could have found two countries might have wanted him at the same time. He’d have had to make a choice then wouldn’t he? Why should military service be more stringent about “duty” that political service, or offer fewer options?

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paintcan wrote:

BTW – I had a second uncle that was born in Italy but lived here since his early childhood. The USA drafted him during WWII and the Mussolini government drafted him because they considered him a citizen of Italy. He served in the USA army but I don’t know where he was sent. I think he was sent to France and Germany like my Father – his nephew.

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paintcan wrote:

I should have said – Why should political service be less stringent about “duty” than military service? Israel has compulsory conscription of both men and women. If every country started to do that again, the Israelis wouldn’t have such an exceptional “advantage”. If dual citizenship also means one is liable for income taxes in two countries, there isn’t much advantage to it either. I’m not well enough off or sophisticated enough to know all the ropes about these issues because they don’t really affect me.

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kahan wrote:

lets hope hungarian Jewish leaders dont become spies for israel the way jewish leaders in america are

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Resentment of racial minorities in Europe is on the rise, and guess who stokes this fire…….the politicians.

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lamchops wrote:
In Europe, “far right” means fascist socialism as opposed to communist socialism. Both are statist ideologies where the individual is subservient to the state. And both are the antithesis of the liberalism of the Enlightenment which is now generally called libertarianism and is associated in the United States with conservatives and the Tea Party..::::
Really! you are completely off target. Libertarians, Tea Party believe in a decentralized form of government. I. E. the American constitution. Read our Declaration of Independence, The Tea Party are anti statists. that’s why the media Defame them. You need to brush up on your Americana lambchop. Democrats. they are the Fascists! and the Republicans are socialist light. All thanks to the Progressives and President Woodrow Wilson. EggHead europhile.

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