Special Report: Greece's triangle of power

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TheUSofA wrote:

The corrupt, powerful wealthy elites in politics, big business and media plunder and scratch each others backs while the people of Greece suffer.

With varying degrees, this is the state of money, power and capitalism today in general.

People think the media in America is biased this way or that way but they fail to realize that corporate media overall represents the status quo.

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VonHell wrote:

This err “nexus” is nothing new…
What is more interesting is how interested investors of the greek debt are about dumping it for a fraction of its value… they offered more than the gov will be able to buy back with the last 40Bi
Ofc… Greece will never pay it back, except by using the bailout money…
And this is the true nexus of lies… in a couple of years the debt will roll to the hands of the euro countries members…
And with that hypocritical smiles on their faces, the greek politicians will ask simply the debt to be erased as it matures… they would even bother negotiating terms for a bailout… and they will praise how keep Greece in the euro has became cheap … the euro members will just need to give a little extra billions a month to pay for its public workers to keep Greece as a member… the rest will be an act of forgiveness…
But ofc this is “illegal” and is a problem for the next german chancellor… because elections are near and Merkel and other heads already gave up…

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While I congratulate you for your article, I cannot miss to observe the political incentive behind it. One observation that should be made on your article thought – and I only make it cause it does not reflect the truth and by doing so it does affect peoples’ thinking about Greece, is your reference to the Transparency International report (Corruption Index). I am amazed to see that your article does not miss to do exactly whta Transparency International asks not to be done: compare the 2012 data with the 2011 ones and make assumptions and conclusions on that basis. As the organisation states out, resources, data and methodology used in 2012 is completeley different to the ones used up to 2011. Therefor, no comparaison is possible with the past. The Corruption Index will be used as a basis for comparisons to the future, not to the past. Therefor, the conclusion “Greece has felt 14 places” is completely wrong and misleading. I do not claim there is no corruption in Greece, but I do claim the whole chart is a new instrument of global propaganda, as it misses to highlight the corrupted status of the World Serious Corrupted States, namely US and Germany, who do corrupt the rest of the world, massively and openly. The fact “these countries address the issue of corruption” which serves as a basis for applauding from Transparency International , based in Berlin and massively US funded, cannot “balance out” the fact it is their companies and their policies that create the necessary framework and space for corruption in the first place. Just one example: while Siemens and Lockheed Martin get sentenced for Global Corruption Scandals and the respective German and US governments are completely involved with these “bad actions of the past”, these countries do not reflect a corrupted nature. Differently said, the corrupted nature appears on the receivers of the bribes, while the bribers escape the penalties. And while I can totally agree on the fact the “bribe-es” should not accept the bribes from the bribers, should I forget that bribers did bribe the bribe-es, or should I forgive them? Who set up the ground for the bribes to flourish during 20 years? Was it not US and German (mainly) Very Serious Companies, owned by Very Serious People, connected with the Very Serious States, who set up all together the Very Serious Neoliberal Framework that collapsed in 2006 in the US, spreading around and widening up the crisis to the rest of the world and taking that down all together? And now that the system collapsed exactly cause of the Casino Capitalism and the formal and informal bribes system connected to that, US and Germany want to set the new rules again, blaming the rest of the world for playing the game they had set in the past, so they take the guilt out of their shoulders. Well… ok, let’s make a better, less corrupted and more transparent world! This is exactly the target! But please, give us a break and do not try to take the blame on all nature’s disasters on “these corrupted poor bastards”, cause then I will also have to state out loud and clear: LOOK WHO THE HELL IS TALKING ABOUT TRANSPARENCY, CORRUPTION AND ETHICS! Please, give us a break!

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