Hairstyles may keep some black women from exercise

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calivianya wrote:

If it’s really that common for people to put the appearance of their hair over being physically fit it’s no wonder the USA is so fat. I agree that exercise makes hair care an absolute pain (I have to wash my hair twice as often or more when I exercise frequently), but that is no excuse for being unhealthy.

Dec 17, 2012 7:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Newshead wrote:

Black women don’t avoid washing their hair more than once a week to AVOID messing up a hairstyle. If we constantly washed our hair every other day, it’d dry out and fall out (mainly due to sulfate in shampoo). It takes longer for our hair to get oily hence the reason we use hair oil during and after our hair is dried. It’s not about vanity. While I agree with upping the fitness part (and think it’s messed up to regard your hair as more important than your health), the “hair washing” rationale on Reuters original article (and the source used) is incorrect. There is this assumption that if you go to a hair salon less often, you would wash your hair more. If I wore my hair in a ponytail and then wore a wrap or stacks next week, I wouldn’t wash my hair more. I would still wash it the exact same amount and would still use hair oil the exact same amount.

There’s also an assumption being made about relaxers versus natural hair. From black women I know who wear their hair in naturals, they usually wash their hair once a week and sometimes longer. They don’t have the same concern about it being unstraightened. That does NOT change the amount of times they would wash it. It’s about texture, not style. And some women with naturals choose condition-shampooing instead of regular shampooing because of the drying chemicals in pretty much all mainstream shampoos sold in stores.

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northdog1 wrote:

Bob Marley exercised every morning right? Maybe dreads is the answer. What about not straightening your hair and not worrying about changing nature’s beauty. Dry shampoo is great. Would it work for this?

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