Obama promises gun control action early next year

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mixkeyduck wrote:

Biden? Really? Osama picks a bumbling idiot to head up an important job such as this? Really?

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traumfanger wrote:

Oh great! Wasn’t he the one picked by our dear leader to insure the stimulus package was doled out fairly? How’s that working for you? Obama”s testosterone laden accolades of this grinning fool will surely drive another nut case out from under a rock to do harm to our society. Seriously, when will this administration look in the mirror and realize that their chest thumping, “government solves everything”, attitude is a farce and is eroding confidence in our government? Without a government to look to and trust, we become quarrelsome with opposing ideologies bent on each others destruction instead of working toward a common good. Check the blogs.

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CHL40SW wrote:

When someone commits a crime with a gun, the people who didn’t do are the ones punished.

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texoman wrote:

I’ve been a Democrat since 1965 and witnessed Republicans win many elections on this issue. The Silent Majority of Voters are not going to elect anyone promoting gun control! President Obama would not be President now if the people would have known that he would push to restrict gun ownership! During the election, He told us we had enough laws concerning guns and only needed to enforce them! Mr. Vice-President the Republicans will take back control of our government if the Democrats pursue this! Looks like President Obama’s gonna Cave-In on Social Security also? Enjoy the next 4 years, because your political careers will be over.

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cocostar wrote:

I’m all for gun control but I would like to state that a five shot clip will still kill 5 people. And 5 five shot clips will kill 25. It doesn’t have to be a semi automatic it could be a bolt or a pump action, or even your basic lever action.
No more than a 3 shot clip on anything over a 22 caliber. No more than 2 clips per owner.
All guns must be locked by the owner at all times. Every gun must be equipped with a trigger lock. No exceptions!
All or None!

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cocostar wrote:

I didn’t hear a word about gun control from this president before this tragedy. I did hear all kinds of stupid remarks from the NRA and the right wing on the subject about the president.
I have a whole gun cabinet full of guns. 10 of them to be exact. I would give up every one of them for 1 of these children. And possible even the killer understanding he was deserted by his father at 9 years old. No wonder he was nuts!
The NRA is over!

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LarryLinn wrote:

Nancy Lanza had a lot of guns, and she had training as well. It backfired on her.

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Dragos111 wrote:

Yeah, never let a good tragedy go to waste. They are about to go after our second amendment rights again. The problem is not the guns. It is society, the lack of morals, the entitlement mentality, etc. They are about to turn the US population into one huge group of victims who are unable to defend themselves.

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zotdoc wrote:

Every school should have several of its staff memebers take a gun training course and be armed at school. People with permits should be allowed to take their guns into public places. The damage from these mass shooters could be limited or stopped. You never see mass shooters go and attack a police station.

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zotdoc wrote:

The court jester will now handle gun control in the US.

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n0plb wrote:

It’s amazing to me when everyone list guns as the cause of such tragadys. Even if all guns were removed nuts would find other means. I guess we should outlaw anything that can kill, cars, knifes, swords ect. I see a major problem is the news media, stop them from showing every detail and maybe the nuts would stop with the shootings. Quit making the shooter or what ever famous! quit saying the gun did it.

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stlucifer666 wrote:

That is funny I was thinking the same thing, they are putting DUMB DUMB to head a gun policy that is too funny.

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0commonsense0 wrote:

So making guns illegal will take them off the streets? Maybe we should make Meth and heroine illegal too!

The shooting was an absolute tragedy, but if someone has the intentions to break the law, gun control laws aren’t going to stop them.

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Bubba77 wrote:

Does anyone know if Biden can figure out which end the bullet comes out of??

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Jim_Wright wrote:

This is absolutely ridiculous. Those kids are dead because of the stupid “gun free zones” shoved down our throats by liberal democrats. Gun control and “gun free zones” are total BS. The only thing that “gun free zones” do is make them a target. People who are looking to do something like this are COWARDS. They go where they are sure there will be nobody to stop them. They don’t care about your stupid “gun free zones”. If you want this to stop allow teachers, administrators, and others who are trained to carry and defend our children. Disarming law abiding people, like the leftist democrats want to do, is STUPID and a violation of the basic ideas in the U.S. Constitution. I know you leftist really don’t read or understand the constitution, but you might try looking at it.

Just for the record, most of the politicians who are so interested in disarming you are supplied with or can afford their own ARMED security, but they don’t care about you or your family.

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Broey77 wrote:

Here let me do it:

1. No one under 25 can buy a handgun, only bolt action rifle. Most gun crime is under age of 24
2. You must attend a 5 hour training class every 10 years. Your instructor will give you a certificate that must be shown before you can buy ammo or guns
3. Teachers are allowed to carry Tazers as no amount of gun control is going to stop a crazy. They’ll just switch to handguns. Takes 2 seconds to swap out a mag.
4. States are allowed to make their own rules. People in Texas might vote to allow full auto, why take away the rights of the states?

You really want to help children, both abused and murdered? ban the sale of alcohol after 8pm. That would DRASTICALLY reduce crime and abuse rates.

You would take away your 2nd amendment freedom, the right to defend yourself from multiple attackers (You’ll want a 30 round mag during Katrina and LA riots, and its going to get worse not better with more disasters) but you won’t touch Alcohol which has no constitution backing it up?

This is just politics not anyone actually trying to make a difference or show leadership.

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traumfanger wrote:

This is the same grinning fool that was to insure the stimulus package would be doled out fairly. How’s that working for you?

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Jose3 wrote:

Here comes the big dog to confiscate your guns and marijuana.

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Rimrock wrote:

I am not defending the positions of pres and vp of the US but you can make fun of those in office but guess what, they are the ones getting the nice salary and perks not you. Now who is the dumb one.

By the way, arming staff members in a school? What a DUMB idea. It takes months of training for a police officer to do his job and then he cannot always be sure he will be ready to aim and shoot his firearm at a person.

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CaliforniaUSA wrote:

…cold dead fingers.

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JeronimoDan wrote:

With Biden a certified idiot at the helm, we’re OK as he’ll shoot himself in the foot, before he’s even out of the gate.

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JeronimoDan wrote:

You know, Timothy McViegh killed one hundred and sixty eight people on April 19th, 1995. He never pointed a gun at anyone, but we can still buy fertilizer, we can still buy diesel fuel, we can still rent trucks. Non of these were ever considered to be banded.

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JeronimoDan wrote:

You know, Timothy McViegh killed one hundred and sixty eight people on April 19th, 1995. He never pointed a gun at anyone, but we can still buy fertilizer, we can still buy diesel fuel, we can still rent trucks. Non of these were ever considered to be banded.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@LArrylin – Nancy Lanza, was getting 250,000$ from her divorce to take care of her mentally ill son. The only thing they liked to do togather, was going to the shooting range. At some point, Adam went at Nancy with a knife, Nancy would then go to the bar, and tell everyone how her son scares her. Even though State law says if you have an unstable person that can get a hold of your guns, your required to lock them up, she didn’t, she left them out and readly accessible. AND TO TOP that off, Adam had his own stockpile of 223. Hollowpoints, at least 500 rounds. Thats a very expensive purchase for a 20yr old mental ill kid. That means his mother gave him at least 2,000$ to stock pile deadly ammo.

So wheres the national Debate about Parenting?

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jlhfreedom wrote:

So take away all assault rifles…. Will we all feel safe enough to send our children out of our sight now that the problem is “fixed”? NO! It would be equivalent to throwing a gallon of water on a house fire.
The problem is not an inanimate object such as guns or knives. The true root of the problem is with the behaviors of our culture and our willingness to step up and address them.
Lets take a look at the violence in video games and movies. Lets look at how we look after and support those among us with mental health problems.

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FrankOtheMT wrote:

Uncle Joe will go door to door and put all guns in his mouth.

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AlkalineState wrote:

You republicans lost. Get over it.

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plang1 wrote:

is obama’s complete failure to improve america’s economy the real reason for the growing number of mass murders in america? are more people simply giving up hope and going crazy?

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

So, a kid with mental issues finds out his mom was trying to have him committed; he steals her guns, kills her and goes on a horrific rampage.

Seems to me there are 2 problems here.

1. The mother didn’t have her guns properly secured, knowing her son was a potential danger to himself and others.

2. The mother had difficulty getting the kind of help needed to have her son evaluated and committed.

Not sure what either of these issues has to do with caliber or model of gun. Just as much damage could have been inflicted with any readily available hand gun. Would be looking to ban target pistols if he had committed the savage act with that?

It’s a horrible incident by a mentally disturbed individual. We should be looking at more effective ways of dealing with mental health in this country. The real debate should be whether we should be looking at violating 2nd amendment rights (which has never been effective anyway), violating individuals rights to due process if they’re suspected of being mentally unstable (which is a slippery slope), or accept that these things happen in a free society that has lost it’s sense of personal responsibility and morality.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Wonder if Biden has a personal firearm – I’m SURE his bodyguards do.

Will you be the first to disarm yourself and your guards Joe?

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AnotherNobody wrote:

We should all thank GOD that we have a Republican controlled congress! They will promptly block any new gun control legislation! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

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AlkalineState wrote:

If Congress really believes that gun control does NOT work…. why does their building have metal detectors?

If they really followed the NRA model, like they expect the population to, wouldn’t they just arm themselves and their secretaries and their interns and their janitors and wait for the biggie? Turns out, that’s not what they do.

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ballsy wrote:

With Biden in charge, I feel a lot easier.

The 1994 Federal Assault Weapon ban included the TEC9 and TEC9DC which was used in the Columbine massacre in 1999. You see, the ban didn’t stop a thing.

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CF137 wrote:

This is good news for gun owners. Barry putting Biden in charge of banning guns is as good as doing nothing at all.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Jameson4Lunch, Hi, i live in Newtown, and theres something the “media” isnt reporting ( or perhaps overlooking), concerning point number 2. In Newtown is the FairField Hills. Its a Complex consisting Dozens of buildings with inter-linking underground tunnels. It was used to help mentally ill patients, but it was closed down a while ago becuase the State doesnt take the mental health issue seriously. I was speaking to a Nurse that used to work there and she said that Fairfield Hills could have helped Adam Lanza. When i asked about if there were other facilties that could have helped, she responded “what other Facilities?”

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bemore2day wrote:

I am a little shocked by the sheer number of pro-guns comments here today. It seems the desire to possess and amass weapons (for many) is more important than general personal safety and the lives of these young children slain on Friday.

Why it is so very important to you to keep your vast stores of firearms? Particularly rapid fire weapons and large capacity clips! Aside from their being fun to use at the shooting range I see no legal use that make any sense.

I hear and understand your arguments of protecting your rights and freedoms, but I am not seeing any meaningful suggestions on how to fix the problem.

I do see a lot of cheap pot-shots at the vice president. At this time of national grieving over these tragic deaths, I fail to see the humor in demeaning our vice president.

A Look at The 2nd Amendment:

September 21, 1789- The House voted to accept the changes made by the Senate, but the amendment as finally entered into the House journal contained the additional words “necessary to”:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) was adopted, having been ratified by three-fourths of the States.

The meaning of this amendment has been debated dozens of times in our high courts since 1791. But, I (personally) look at the times in which this bill was written. It was a necessity to have an armed people for protection in certain situations as was considered by delegates in Philadelphia in 1787:

- Interstate arbitration processes to handle quarrels between states

- Sufficiently trained and armed intrastate security forces to suppress insurrection

- A national militia to repel foreign invaders

This was a time of muskets, gun powder-horns, flints, and bayonets. There is no way our forefathers could have ever anticipated the high-power technology of todays weapons, or considered the effects these firearms would have in the general population.

So, aside from overthrowing our government militia style, or protecting yourself from the Zombie Apocalypse, please tell me why anyone needs to have, or should have the “freedom” to own anything other than a hand gun or a hunting rifle with a limited clip capacity???

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